1. For mice and humans to effectively develop hair, the dermal papilla cells must produce activating chemicals. Dermal Papilla cells malfunction in people with androgenetic alopecia, drastically lowering the typically plentiful activating chemicals. For this study, a mouse model with excessive hair and hyperactivated dermal papilla cells was created. This model will help researchers learn more about the regulation of hair growth.

  2. Sounds like this is specific to androgenic alopecia as a mechanism of hair loss. Yeah, male pattern baldness is pretty damn common, so I guess it could be a potentially powerhouse drug.

  3. So, how hard is it to get on these medications and is it like the other meds ( I think Parkinson's or something) where you need to get regularly tested for side effects?

  4. Isn't the issue with male pattern baldness that once it develops past a certain point your follicles get too scarred to grow further hair?

  5. Can a drug like this be engineered to target specific areas or is it just generally going to regrow hair everywhere?

  6. I'm confident the "cure" for baldness will become a reality when I'm in my 80s, just in time for me to have long hair before I die.

  7. I’ve been waiting for a “cure” since I was 19 and I’m 56 now. If this does come on to the market in 4 years as OP suggests I’ll be 60 but I’ll try it anyway. I’d like my wife to see what I look like with hair.

  8. Right?! I would have wanted this so much more badly in my 20s. We might get it by the time I’m in my 40s and 50s and would have looked more normal with no hair.

  9. There is a video time lapse of a guy with a shaved head growing hair back with no time stamp. Think I'll jump on this bandwagon with my special Dr. Pepper hair rub. It magically grows your hair back after you cut it, but cheaper. $10 a can if anyone wants some.

  10. Is amplifica holding group publicly traded ? It s the fund that s gonna pursue the test and probably fund the med

  11. My receding hairline and my bald spot spent years trying to meet in the middle. I eventually got around to just buzzing my hair off every couple of weeks because it was looking bad. That was 13 years ago. Even if i could start growing hair in those bald areas again, i wouldn't bother. It is just so much easier taking care of my hair this way, and a lot cheaper. It's something i wish i would have done at a much younger age.

  12. Not everyone is blessed with a beautiful dome they can polish up like a bowling ball. Some of us have to cover up those dents we have from being dropped on the head as children.

  13. Same boat. I noticed my bald spot at 25. Spent a few weeks losing sleep, then just shaved it all off one day. I've never looked back and I couldn't care less anymore. I think I look better with hair too but my dating life has been better since anyways 🤷🏻‍♂️.

  14. I'm the same way, but if I could regrow my hair fully, I would. It'd be nice to be able to go just a few days without shaving.

  15. Start early, and never stop until you plan to shave it all off, if you do. Topical finasteride is an option as well.

  16. honestly it's stupid, if the problem is genetic we should locate the role of the "balding genes" and use a genetic editing tool to fix them, remove them, or adding a new functional one

  17. It would be stupid to wait for or only accept the perfect solution. Also this is targeted, where genetic editing might have unwanted consequences. BTW, There is a SCUBE3 gene.

  18. Thank goodness. I cant stand bald boys. Whenever I see one, it reminds me of the time I was accidentally sewn into the pants of the giant Charlie Brown float at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

  19. If you’re a bald man with a bad a dick, we got you fam. If you have cancer… did I mention we have dick and hair pills?

  20. The shaved head look is sexy anyway. I love my bf's shaved head. Although I do kinda wish he would get the micro pigmentation that looks like dots to separate head and forehead, y'know?

  21. I wonder what it’ll do to my earfro and nose hair. Don’t want that shit to turn into dreadlocks but with a nice head of hair on top.

  22. You missed the bit about implanted dormant human hair follicles. They implanted human hair into a mouse and found administering the molecule revitalised both the implanted follicles and the mice hair.

  23. I assume you are referencing the photo of the person showing hair growth. I would hope you knew by now that articles use a top image that is illustrative.

  24. I wonder if the future freaks of the world will add that molecule to their armpits to have extra hair. So long they could braid it and style it. It’ll be the hottest thing since duck lips.

  25. Hair loss is something that most men go through and has been found to be a source of depression for a lot of men, therefore decreasing their productivity. Reversing this would in fact help a lot of men achieve more with their life. So yeah, I am happy that our money is going somewhere useful, smartass

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