1. they fell for infinite growth meme and not oh hey we are doing pretty good lets stabilize everything before continue building up.

  2. If they had cracked down before they increased prices then they may have gotten away with it for a bit. I cancelled with the latest price increase after having been a subscriber for a lot of years. It just wasn't worth it. I don't share my password. So they lost people like me with the increase and are going to lose a lot more when they crack down. Their content is crap so it's just not worth it.

  3. The corporate mindset of expecting continuous and never ending growth drives me insane. It’s okay to hit your peak and just coast.

  4. It’s the absolute worst every time a company decides to put making money over keeping customers satisfied. Things were great when it was 8 or so bucks a month. At 20?! For what exactly? All the good shit has gone and what’s left are things I could sub for a month and be done with it.

  5. Right? They havent put out a new season of any of the shows i watch from them in over 2 years. They gave me half a season of grace and frankie and didnt even say when well get the other half. They announced stranger things season 4 like 5 years ago now. Then i log in and see my sub price went up. Instantly cancelled. What were they expecting? They literally took shows from me they dont have half the classics i would stream for background noise anymore and no new shows but they decide they have the value to increase price?

  6. "We have to crack down on these illegal password sharers, even though they won't subscribe anyway (because if they were going to they already would), and sure, at least right now they're Netflix customers at heart, which realistically might help us someday, but it's not doing anything for us right now, even though tbh if they're watching Netflix for free at least they aren't watching our competitors, but nevermind that, let's cut them off with some righteous language in case it somehow helps our profits."

  7. Why does every company have to grow all the time? Is it just unimaginable to maintain being one of the biggest companies in the world without some arbitrary growth goal decided by some greedy assholes on a board??

  8. Netflix will soon learn that the password sharing is why they didn’t lose subscribers. That is one of the things that made them sticky with their subscribers. If they crack down on sharing they will be less sticky and people will leave for other streaming platforms. This is what happens when you let spreadsheets run your company.. it gets run into the ground.

  9. The thing is, they definitely must have known about password sharing all along. It's basically a meme. It's in a Lil' Dicky song. Everyone knows about this. It must be also have been obvious from their server logs from the beginning, when a given account is signing on from many geographically distant IPs all the time, on multiple machines, etc.

  10. Their competitors have matured and actually offer good content nowadays. I'd say Netflix' quality is about on par with the rest if you heap everything together. Their shows aren't special enough to warrant a subscription which is 2 or 3 times as expensive.

  11. Netflix needs to realize that they fall into a category of services where the last thing they should want is people thinking about them. The minute they make subscribers consciously evaluate their value prop, they're toast.

  12. When they started charging $20 a month, I started re-evaluating them after having been a subscriber for about 10 years. Then, when I heard about the potential password crackdown - I actively asked family members I'd been sharing with if they used/needed it.

  13. Happened to me with YouTube TV and their 4k upgrade. I added it when they had some free promotion and forgot about it. When they started promoting it again and raised a ruckus about the value it provides (hardly anything is offered in 4k) it reminded to check that add on.

  14. 100% This news made me go cancel Paramount+ and switch to Peacock Free since I'm not actively watching anything but still had active subscriptions up.

  15. Yeah, been thinking of canceling Netflix since there’s nothing good currently. This post put the nail in the coffin. Bye bye Netflix lol

  16. Maybe that was rhetorical, but their math must suggest that the average account is shared between X number of households on average, say 3.5 which is completely made up, which pays $16.49 (I am in Canada bear with me). According to wallstreetbets they have 220 million paid streaming subscribers per quarter. Maybe that is $220 million but it doesn't matter for the example. That would be $3.6 billion in revenue (220 mil * 16.49) to service 770 million households (220 million * 3.5 households per account).

  17. Their plan has been public for a while--they want to charge an additonal $5 or so for the option to share outside a household. This would work better if they hadn't been aggressively raising prices for the last 8 years. Anyone subscribing to a multi-stream tier probably feels like they've already been paying for the right.

  18. There will be a proportion of people who will start paying instead of sharing. Their hope is that they will convert a lot of those sharers into payers.

  19. I did indeed resort to piracy for a few shows because it was on some random other streaming service and not on Netflix anymore. Before that it must've been a good 7 or 8 years where I didn't pirate at all anymore.

  20. This right here. All these companies were trying to combat piracy for a long time. Devoted so much energy towards it. All they had to make it was too convenient for a person not to pirate at an affordable cost. And they just couldn't keep it going for long enough. Arrr....

  21. Literally, I would pay a single subscription completely fine without pirating, but add 10 more subscriptions and pirating looks mighty fine.

  22. I know people that use pirate apps like Weyd and Syncler just so they can see everything in one place with a consistent interface. The user experience of pirate apps is now FAR better than nearly all the legit ones.

  23. I pay some dude in Canada like $7 a quarter to access his Plex server and it's just like having Netflix back in 2009.

  24. Also Netflix is still insanely profitable, but that’s not enough, there must be growth every quarter. If there isn’t sufficient growth then it’s seen as a failed business model.

  25. I pay some Bitcoin to some Usenet services every year and get all the tv and movies that exist, it’s pretty good

  26. I did the math and I spend $700/yr on streaming. It's gotten to a point where its stupid. My brother set up a VPN for torrenting and gave streaming altogether. Honestly...as the the convenience factor wanes the yo ho ho life makes more sense.

  27. What fight? Netflix obliterated Blockbuster. And now, Amazon, Apple TV, Disney+, and HBO Max will kill Netflix. The first three because they have infinite money to keep throwing away until the crappier services die off. HBO because it actually has most of the best original content and a pathway for movies not produced by Disney/Fox or Amazon.

  28. The whole reason I pay for Netflix is because my mom uses my account and she wont subscribe to a service on her own. If I cant let her use my account, I wont have an account

  29. Same boat, I’ll dip in occasionally, but I only pay for it so my mum can watch as a small ‘thank you’ each month from me.

  30. Same here. My mom religiously watch Netflix with my account. She's the only reason I keep subscription. If she can't use mine, I have no reason to keep it. It's been a while I have seen their original contents.

  31. Same. Its for my family, and I travel for work. The second this causes me an issue, I apologise to my family and cancel my account.

  32. Living in Canada, I've had zero trouble torrenting everything I've ever wanted to watch. I usually prefer older shows and movies anyway, and Netflix pretty much just shows garbage.

  33. Oh they didn't have to beg me. Better than torrenting is pirate streaming sites. Works just like a paid streaming service except it has everything, even stuff in theatres, for free. Just make sure you have some good adblock.

  34. I torrented new Better Call Saul today and after watching one episode, I realized it was on Netflix. I'm already ready for a crackdown.

  35. Got a seedbox and hooked up sonarr, radarr, plex and a couple of other services. And guess what? I share the account with friends...

  36. Streaming isn't worth it when I can pay $100 a year and have access to damn near every show and movie ever made.

  37. I 'upgraded' to the two sceen package for a little more. One for me, one for my dad. You literally charge more for more screens.

  38. That's probably the 'decoy effect', they don't want to sell you the single screen pack so they make it less desirable.

  39. This is the issue I dont understand, if 20$ gets me 4 screens simultaneously how do you determine a shared password vs another screen? I pay for it, and I put it on my dads TV too so he can use it, does that mean I'm apart of the issue? It makes no sense

  40. We can only hope. Otherwise, everything they do is justified. I'm pledging to cancel if they crack down on households. For the record, I only have two households and only one family member in the other household.

  41. Same. I already pay for a plex server (Netflix is more ux friendly so I keep that for my mom). If they decide to crackdown then I’m just gonna teach my mom to use it and save my ass $20 / month lol

  42. Yeah, I don't really get it. You pay for some number of concurrent streams. If you go over that limit then boot off the last person. I've actually seen this happen before so I know they've been doing it.

  43. I pay for my Netflix and I share my password. If they prevent me from sharing my password I’m just going to cancel my subscription. I hardly ever use it and Netflix is probably my least favorite streaming service.

  44. Netflix is the ultimate pop culture streaming service. If I’m trying to deep dive, I rarely find anything. Canadian Netflix FYI

  45. Same here! I pay for 4 tvs just because while my dad was alive but already sick he spent a lot of his time on Netflix and so did my mom and if I wanted to watch Netflix I needed the 4 (or is it 5?) Tv upgrade. My dad passed last year, my mom tries to spend as little time as possible at home and my kids really dont care about Netflix anymore. If they crack down in sharing passwords I will absolutely cancel this.

  46. literally the only reason I keep paying for netflix even though I don't watch it much is that my sister across the country has been using it while she's attending college and I like that I can help her in some way without it feeling like it's something just for her or that she owes me anything for it. but if that ends--netflix is gonna be a load off my credit card so quick!!

  47. Same, me and my siblings pretty much "share" all the big services. One pays for Netflix, one pays for HBO and the other D+. Netflix cracking down on this isn't going to make us pay for Netflix it will just make me drop it. When Netflix started they had pretty good originals, then they started quantity over quality. 90% of their shows are shit and there is no point in committing to most of their shows because they cancel them anyway

  48. Basically the same here. I pay for Netflix and share my account with family, so if they stop me from being able to share then I'll just cancel my subscription. The family I'm sharing with won't subscribe either, so I'm not sure what they're trying to achieve with this.

  49. Right? It’s funny how at this point I’m mostly subscribed because my friends and family use my account. Crack down on password sharing and I’m sure to get rid of it.

  50. This is what people should be paying attention to. Either it's a "household" and I can have multiple streams from the same IP without paying extra or it's per user regardless of where they are.

  51. I literally thought this meant 4 people could use the account till I read this. I had no idea you have to LIVE with the person. In my case. My family members. Why would we all buy Netflix when we could just share. It's just 3 of us 😮‍💨

  52. I pay the Netflix in my family, used by my parents and two siblings who live outside the city. I barely watch Netflix, but I pay for it because they watch it. If they can’t benefit from my subscription, then what’s the point for me to keep my subscription?

  53. You might check with them to see if they actually watch it, you might be paying for some shit that is split between 4 different groups that is being watched by none of them.

  54. This is a common theme. Netflix doesn’t know it’s own customers which is shocking. A lot of these 100 million people benefit from an account someone else isn’t using. Why are they reminding people they exist? It’s easy to pay that $20 and say it’s for my kids and grandparents. It’s worthless otherwise.

  55. Netflix has a horrible track record of cancelling shows too early because their view data tells them there’s a huge drop off in views for most shows after season 2. It makes for a self fulfilling prophecy where people won’t start watching Netflix shows “until they’re done”.

  56. I'm sharing with my family, and if and when they crackdown I'm never using it again. They cancelled Mindhunter right when it was about to get really good and I'll never forgive them.

  57. Netflix fundamentally misunderstands that they are a network effect business. They should be focused more on social sharing with family and leaning in to their network of connected accounts. It’s what makes their service unique. Being able to talk about what’s on Netflix was what fueled their growth.

  58. Your 3rd paragraph is key here. So many executives and board members fundamentally don't understand the industries or markets they operate in.

  59. Are they sure they want to do this? We don't have a lot of money, not enough to afford ALL the streaming services out there... So I pay for Netflix, my sister pays for prime and my brother pays for Disney+, we share our accounts.

  60. Thats the thing i think they really fail to see here, most of us have 3 or 4 services whether shared or not, and its not 2012 anymore, netflix is by far the worst one now. Everyone will cancel netflix over any of those services.

  61. This is bullshit. I pay a premium for multiple screens simultaneously, I'm not aware of any stipulation in terms of the locations of those screens.

  62. 4.2. The Netflix service and any content accessed through the service are for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared with individuals beyond your household.

  63. It's expected they will lose 2 million in Q2 so maybe this is what they are taking into account when they estimated that number

  64. If they go some sort of static IP route, this is going to be a nightmare for them. I use netflix on my phone, my laptop, my roku and my desktop. I like being able to take my laptop to say, an air port, and watch netflix. That's part of why I pay for this service, if they degrade that, I'll probably just cancel it.

  65. That‘s not gonna work anyway, whether you have a static or dynamic IP is highly dependent on your country and ISP. Over here in Germany you usually have dynamic IP for consumer class internet plans that changes whenever your router reconnects. There is also a forced reconnect every 24h, so that‘s the longest my IP can remain stable.

  66. If you invest in this dying company i feel bad. Its about to crash so hard. Raising prices with doodoo content, and expecting people to not share the overpriced to hell service. Get rekt netflix

  67. Yep, their content is not very good, has been declining for a couple years now, i don’t see this ending well for them

  68. I think alot of the entertainment industry has forgotten about what they are actually doing it for, to entertain. I'd rather have one really good show that takes me on a journey from beginning to end than 10 shows that arnt that good and your not sure whether to get invested in because they might get cancelled or die a slow death with the content and storylines declining to such an extent you stop caring.

  69. HBO Max is coming to dethrone Netflix. $15 for 4k content, no ads, & movies that are in theaters

  70. Not all family members live in the same house…. Im in college so why cant i use my family’s Netflix in peace?

  71. My sister is also on campus. Mom pays the Netflix FOR my sister. And I pay Disney+ and Hulu FOR my sister lol. Idt any of us would care if my mom decided to cancel. Netflix is digging a grave.

  72. I was thinking that I won't be able to watch while I'm at work anymore.. definitely going to cancel. We pay for the extra screens for this exact reason.

  73. Oh good. The only reason I have my account is because my mom uses it. Please, Netflix, I’ll cancel today then.

  74. Well, well, well, the time has come again. Lower the eye patch and raise the flag! Time to set sail on the open seas!!

  75. Man is worth 3.7 billion and is worried about people (including family’s) sharing their passwords. What a complete joke of a billionaire…

  76. Nooo you don't get it, if people weren't sharing passwords he'd be like 5 billion or more!! This is honestly very worrisome.

  77. It has to do with shareholders. Public companies have a duty/responsibility to increase revenue for the people who own shares

  78. See this is why rich people are idiots. They constantly yell “double or nothing” instead of being satisfied with the ridiculous amount they already have. Like jeez dude, just go on a monthlong safari or BASE jump out of a private jet or something instead of whining about all the extra money you’re not getting

  79. Right after the announcement that they lost subscribers for the first time ever this quarter. Netflix looks to be on a warpath to defeat itself.

  80. How is it that the company that invented this whole digital content streaming thing is also the worst at it?

  81. I have kids and they share my account across multiple video game consoles, computers and phones. Are you telling me my kids need their own accounts. They must be smoking something.

  82. Account sharing has been a problem since Netflix started, it's not suddenly causing them issues; Netflix doesn't want to admit they have more competition and they've continued to raise prices despite the value of their service going down in a competitive market.

  83. Imagine if it ain't broke / trying to fix it, everyone is raking in money, wanting for nothing but still quite literally chasing a problem that doesn't exist..

  84. More like a global exodus. I recently cancelled my subscription because they are raising the prices again and I don't really use the service enough to justify yet another increase. They want us to pay that much AND add this limitation on top? No thank you. The era of Netflix as a disruptor is definitely over.

  85. They're gonna find out the hard way that people can make better use of that subscription fee. Where I live, the money saved from cancelling my Netflix is enough to upgrade my wifi to GB/s download. That's a 1080p movie off pirate bay in a minute flat. See ya later Netflix.

  86. Business only care about profit. They don't see us as equal humans, or even as human as they do. Their actions disprove their words.

  87. Netflix is trash and they’re original content isn’t even all that I will cancel in a heartbeat if I can’t share with my siblings

  88. I can tell you one thing, if they crack down on their password sharing a vast majority of those accounts won’t be subscribing because of it. I share my password with my mom and grandparents. Fuck me if that’s considered too much.

  89. I’m a single person. I use my dad’s account right now who is single. That’s 2 people on an account even thought two diff addresses. If a family of 4, can share an account but a household of 1 pays the same??? I’d be so pissed

  90. If they think punishing subscribers for sharing their accounts will increase their profits, and that losing subscribers is due to sharing and not due to a decrease in content quality, they're up for a rude awakening.

  91. I'll cancle my account and T-mobile pays it already. I'll just do it to make sure they don't get paid. Fuck you netflix.

  92. I don't even watch Netflix. I share my account with my disabled BIL and my older mom, who both use it most of the time. The only reason I am subscribed is to share it with others who otherwise wouldn't/couldn't pay for it.

  93. And if this wasn't enough they're also planning putting ads in the service. It's baffling how the executives think that becoming like cable is the way to go.

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