1. I get your confusion. My spontanious impression without knowing the context is that you've been putting a lot of energy into this situation and you're being asked to slow down. Not necessarily to move on, but stop trying to enforce the result you desire. the Ace of Wands represents the essence of this creative/passionate suit, and I'd just read this reversal as doing the opposite, depends on how you personally handle reversals though because the one conducting the reading is always the authority. Similar with the 6, you're trying to get unstuck, but focusing on that directly won't gain you anything at the moment. Would that make sense given your situation? I'm imaginin it to be an attempt to make progress career wise, or to rekindle a relationship.

  2. Guidance reading second opinion, no spread just shuffle and wait for 3 cards to fall out individually. No reverses.

  3. I did a reading using Celtic cross. I asked “how does he truly feel about me?” And then I got confused how would I proceed with the reading. Should I read the rest of the cards as if he was the querent?

  4. Well, the way I see it, it could be good and bad if you go. The clarifying cards are saying it will be emotional, and that you’ll need to stand your ground.

  5. Hey loves can someone please help me. I’m new to this and a few weeks ago I asked about someone’s feelings towards me. I got cards such as the star, the empress , 10 of cups, the lovers, the queen of pentacles , the empress, - I viewed these as positive cards.

  6. With that many cards, that’s a plausible answer that there’s another woman, which isn’t exclusive of them liking you. I mean, 4 cards out of six cards depicts a woman, and the other two are relationship cards.

  7. I wanted to know more about possible work/jobs. I was thinking about looking for a job in nursery, taking care of kids. I pulled 6 cards, following a spread:

  8. What I’m not seeing in your spread, except for the Q of Pentacles in responsibilities is how profitable this would be if financial security is the aim. Caregiving is one of those thankless jobs where the demands are high and pay is very low, apart from the fact if you need to invest in getting certified first.

  9. I have been asking about a guy I dated recently that ended up breaking it off with me due to extenuating circumstances but we have kept in touch as friends and I still talk to him a few times a week. When I ask about his intentions, future of the connection, what he wants, that sort of thing I keep getting The Chariot. The other cards can vary but judgement, six of cups, and four of wands are common to come out with it. He is a cancer rising so I’m wondering if this card represents him as a person rather than what he wants/actions/intentions? My readings I think have shown that he is interested but sort of guarded so I’m wondering is the chariot the hard exterior that protects the soft interior of his feelings? (Like a crab lol) would you consider this card that indicates he might want to come back? What’re your thoughts on the chariot as his action/intentions? I’m sorry I know it’s hard to interpret without the picture of a spread but I’m more so interested in that specific card and what it means if it keeps showing up rather than a spread as a whole.

  10. The Chariot shows someone guiding his life in a direction of his choosing. I think, if this card represents you guy's intentions, then you're seeing them. He wants to be "just friends" as the situation currently is.

  11. I need guidance interpreting the following. The question was “give me 5 cards to know what is he feeling about me” (it was a love reading) and I got the following:

  12. Hey folks. I’m very very rusty with my deck, but I’m in a serious crossroads right now and I finally picked up my Thoth deck. While shuffling I dropped three cards on the floor, and when that happens I always think they’re “jumping out” at me. They were the 3 of Cups (abundance), The Lovers, and The Hermit. I then drew the reversed Hanged Man. My only thought when drawing was “please please give me a hint”. There’s a big decision I need to make and those are what I drew/jumped at me. I can look up the cards themselves sure, but I’m not so used to figuring out their relations between each other. Anybody got a minute to shed some light?

  13. I do wonder why you have to break up since you're in polyamory, is your desired partner monogamous? Or does work and location make contact impractical? But onto the interpretation. Just as the Lovers imply an amorous relationship, it also implies the dilemma of choice, as it is not a simple matter to decide your fate alongside another. Abundance certainly invokes a prosperous future, but the cups are made from pomegranates, the fruit so sweet that made one lost in the pleasure. You shouldn't lose your rationality, whatever path you choose, nor should you wallow in the past, except for bringing up the same energy that made you enjoy the present. The Hanged Man, in this case, I feel represent the gift of wisdom and the sharing of that wisdom, just like Odin hung on Yggdrasil tree. It inspires clarity and confidence in moving forward, as the he hopes we move on by shackles unfettered. The word of sin is restraint, and you've holden back for too long. With that being said, I feel that, if you choose to follow your heart, you should come clear with the man you're currently with, I think with how much you've both invested in this relationship, it is basic courtesy even if things end up ugly.

  14. Best course of action, 7 of Cups, yes, it’s about options. Since there are several I would say don’t lay all your eggs in one basket. Look at different streams of income. Start investing your money so that it grows, for example. Out of all the Queen, the Queen of Pentacles is the one with the money and resources. That’s your cards basically saying you’ll get there eventually.

  15. I don't see these cards answering that question explicitly, rather, they seem to be suggesting you examine what's going on between you and work out what to do.

  16. I feel I’m on a cross road in my life at the moment so I asked my guides “what is the best advice for me”. I normally shuffle and wait until some cards jump out. Oh well, the first one was The tower, quickly followed by the Death card and the Wheel of fortune.

  17. I’m a reader but I’m too attached to the outcome to reliably get the right answer. I just woke up from a really weird dream. Will I ever see Alec again?

  18. Hello kind souls — I am just getting into tarot and had my first reading done in Thailand. My reader didn’t give me a lot of interpretation on the cards, likely partially because of language barrier, so I would really appreciate a second opinion!

  19. I'm a total novice at tarot, so take with a grain of salt. But to me, it sounds more like you are influencing each other and the cards are reflecting that. So, it's not exactly a case of your cards picking up his energy instead of yours, it's that your energy is different because of your experiences with him. Does that make sense?

  20. I asked regarding what the man I’m pursuing dating thinks about me with: “what does he think of me today?” Can somebody help me interpret?

  21. hi there!! so i'm very, very new to tarot and i've been struggling with being able to interpret my spreads. i wanted to try doing a spread about my ex, but i don't know what to get from it, please help!

  22. For me, the Hermit says you'll be more working on your own rather than as a member of a team. The Knight suggests your boss will be a bit of a hard-ass who will make your life miserable. The Queen suggest how you will deal with this, by being calm and letting the quality of your work speak for itself.

  23. I need a little help determining what these two cards mean in relation to what I asked. Today, I ended a relationship that wasn't working out for me specifically, I wanted to know what would flow out of the fallout of the situation.

  24. The Six is often referred to as the Lord of Victory so I guess that means it's satisfying to have taken the initiative and ended things on your terms. Temperance, for me, is about moderation and balancing passion with reason, so I guess this card is telling you to reflect on your recent relationship and take a more measured approach with your next prospect.

  25. Hello everyone. I have a situation that’s stressing me out and I’m not sure how to word this properly but I essentially asked for the opinion of the cards on how to handle said situation with a specific person.

  26. Didn't you mention you've already talked it out with him? There is no need to say it twice. But if you didn't, it doesn't hurt to try. I commend you for your willingness to help, but it is not your place to interfere if he doesn't welcome your assistance. 8 of swords implies bad luck, things align in a way that make it hard for you to achieve your objectives, and the chariot can be viciousness in defending your own ideals, be it from your viewpoint or his. There is resistance. That aside, this kind of bullying is still on the healthier side. You were tempered in the heat of the battle, so you know better and won't fall for this scheme in the future, but the same can't be said for the kid. It is better if he learns some things now in school, even if it is a bitter experience, than later on and be dragged into a deeper pit.

  27. Was The Chariot reversed? The key words you listed suggested this was the case. Right way up, The Chariot is often about control, taking charge, and confidence in reaching goals.

  28. Hello, I am seeking help with a spread I used from Ethony's Modern Love Tarot deck with the included book and using the Modern Love Tarot cards. The spread is the Find "the one" Tarot Spread. Underneath each description are the cards I pulled and my attempt at interpretation underneath the cards.

  29. I agree with the 1st replier in that it’s pretty vague, however, if I were to pull those cards I would think that maybe you could be in the process of dating someone and you’re feeling very fond of that person, but you’re waiting on that person to let you know that they feel the same way about you, too. This could be a person from grade school or your recent past with the 6 of hearts jumping out later. I don’t know your situation, but that’s what I get from that “spread”.

  30. “Is there something I should know” as a question is extremely vague. It’s better to ask about something. As your reading stands, clubs are related to batons/wands, and where I learned, work. Then you go with numerology with 4 being stable, and 3 about growth. Your Jack is between these suggesting there’s a step back.

  31. The Empress is guiding you away from a page attitude, and towards a knight attitude. The Knight quests, acts. The page (in this situation) stumbles around - with enthusiasm but not much direction. I think this says to parent yourself - be compassionate but do urge yourself forward, to "grow up" a bit emotionally, and to /move/, take steps, make decisions. You said you're "bad at" feeling your feelings. Maybe that's something to work on. But the general message seems to be about acting compassionately. So to bring it back to your question: the problem is lack of emotional skills. The solution is to go get some, like you ideally would have gotten them while growing up (hence the Empress). If I may recommend a resource - the book Running on Empty by Jonice Webb has a nice set of exercises for building emotional skills/filling those gaps.

  32. hello! i did a reading for myself & i’d like a second opinion on the interpretation. i asked three questions and pulled three cards for each. all three questions relate to my ex (they broke up with me) whom i’ve been in no content with. other readings i’ve gotten have suggested reconciliation between us & patience, but i wanted to be certain.

  33. I'd like to ask for comments on this spread I received. I am a beginner. I cast a circle and asked the cards to tell me what I need to do/what is holding me back from being better at focusing my mind--because when I do try to focus on something, like my breathing, my mind scatters in a million directions and I wanted the Tarot to tell me if it's just my own lack of skill or if something is actively working against me.

  34. Hello there, I did a twisting path reading about to do something (RW deck) and I would like an opinion, I´m kinda confused about. thanks the cards: Lower Left: Ten of swords Far left: the lovers (reversed) Middle: Ten of cups (reversed) Lower right: Nine of wands (reversed) Top: Five of pentacles (reversed)

  35. hi! I'd doing free readings (just want to practice my intuition). I've been intuitive my whole life but more so in the past few years. just DM me! and make sure you're live on the chat. I prefer to do readings while the person is presently in the chat to tap into his/her energy.

  36. Hi, are you still doing readings? I would like a second opinion on a question that I read for myself, I’d be happy to give a reading back (still practising tarot)❤️

  37. Hi everyone! So I always have a hard time reading for myself which I think is normal if anyone is interested can anyone give me their interpretation of this My question was: how my relationship is going to go once my partner starts his new job (currently long distance)

  38. hey, new tarot learner here last night i was carefully shoveling my cards for the night and four cards flew right out: queen of swords, king of swords, four of cups reversed, five of cups & the hang man reversed.

  39. I would take this as the answer isn't available right now as you don't have all the facts. Information or communication is being withheld and you need to decide what you want to do for yourself.

  40. I'd read temperance to mean they're indifferent - not negative, but not especially drawn to you either. The hopeful Star seems to imply "the relationship" is just a wish, no concrete cards grounding it in reality in this spread.

  41. The cards point out that you've lost it somewhere related to how you make a living (if you work from home, or has anything related to your income at the place). Or if you have some hidden stash, who knows. It is hidden pretty deep, probably underneath something. Friends or acquaintances from work might have some relation to that place, and it appears to have some bittersweet memories hovering on it.

  42. Second interpretation on my daily guidance reading. I just shuffle until 3 cards individually fall out and I don't read reverses.

  43. Passionate, engaged and thrilled about the future. Might boast of the relationship if it succeeds, will be disheartened if doesn't receive your attention, it plays a critical role in attraction. I also feel that this person might be insecure and will only become active when there is some assurance.

  44. hello! I have been wanting to move out my state since adolescence, but never got the chance when college rolled around. Im in my late 20s now, have a great job and good friends, and feel content enough where I live currently. Despite that, I have recently been obsessed with the idea of moving cross country, to a place where I don’t have any solid connections, just friends of a friend. Right now, that friend is tossing the idea of moving with me, but cannot commit yet to the idea and wouldn’t be able to evaluate it until next year, likely. I am trying to decide if I want this enough to commit to moving without someone doing it with me. I am a planner, so I know if i committed to this idea, I would be as prepared as possible for it. But i am also an anxiety-haver! I worry about the impact financially (moving is expensive), and mostly I worry about not having the ability to build a new friendship network locally, since I am a homebody and would likely be working remotely and living alone if my friend cannot make the move.

  45. Hi, based on what you wrote, your interpretation of slowing down is correct. It seems that recalibrating your energy and thoughts is the best course of action. The overall answer I would interpret from this is "Not right now, there's so much more to do."

  46. Those cards don't give you the security you need in your life. If you move, you have to be prepared to distance yourself from many people, some relationships might incur hurt due to that, there is no guarantee that you will do well in this regard elsewhere. You will end up drying your finances more than you were prepared for, and though you will be happy with the move, how much you've sacrificed will be a stone in your heart, which will put an ill colored lens on what you will experience there. I also infer from the hermit that it's more likely for you to be alone there, so maybe your friend won't be able to commit.

  47. I use the Hedgewych system for pip decks where “8s are about changes”. So 8 Cups might be suggesting you swap out the old people for some new blood. The Hanged Man is sometimes seen as a traitor in older decks so perhaps be prepared for backlash if you do this.

  48. I would like to request a reading. I lost my husband almost 4 months ago and I would like to know what’s gonna happen and if my husband is around. If anyone could help me, I would be really grateful 🙏 I am really hurt by the loss so please I am asking only those who are willing to help and don’t want to just play around. Thank you.

  49. I did a reconciliation spread pleaseee help. Does it look like there will be a reunion? What does the wheel mean for significance of relationship? And what does 3 of wands for action/advice mean?

  50. I'm sorry but taurus and scorpio can be a very difficult combination. Sometimes opposites attract but that isn't a hard rule for everything.

  51. That’s certainly a valid reading you can draw from 1 card like that, but I would have drawn more to see if it’s likely the case given your existing knowledge of him and the circumstances of the break-up.

  52. I have about six years of experience in tarot and will be doing some free readings. Tips aren't necessary but are appreciated I won't ask for tips before, during or after a reading and they aren't expected. I'll be answering follow up questions about the reading you receive if you have any.

  53. Hi! Would love to hear an outside interpretation of my reading I got as I need indepth understanding of what the cards are telling me about my situation and clarification.

  54. I'd like to request a reading. I hope its okay to ask. I've never once tried having a reading done. I was never interested in tarot before, but I'm so far gone into lifes issues, any kind of insight would be valuable. There are only 2 questions I have. Please, and thank you for reading.

  55. Would love to hear outside interpretation on a love spread. I have recently been talking to someone and it is so wild how much we have in common and have talked about how we feel like we are in high school again. Just totally smitten right now.

  56. Ah I wish you would of left out that last part of info lol but it’s what I picked up on so You as of nine wands will have your guard up like treading lightly him reverse ace of swords, which swords to me are usually quick but in the reverse the action will be slower so he might be slower to communicate or take initiative at this time For the current state it might become challenging to get things moving and your cards are all wands which represent fire (Leo, sag, Aries) so I’m thinking maybe you embody this firey energy where as he might be a little more reserved and future outcome the emperor that is a tough one but emperor resembles structure authority stability etc. so I think the overall message is to be patient with the process

  57. Can someone help me with interpretation? I did a spread to understand myself better. I drew cards: Who I think I am / who others think I am / who I truly am. I pulled out: 1: 5 of wands 2: the lovers 3: the moon reversed

  58. Anything relating to family - maybe you have some connections you could tap into - broaden your influence or get more resources through family, maybe it's about marketing it more as a "family business" sort of thing. In broader terms I'd think "fulfillment" and "elevation", but I'm not sure how to apply that - which part of the job is most fulfilling? Can you expand on that part/introduce new products/tiers of services etc

  59. Interpretation help? I've done a few readings about my love life (recently went through a breakup) and keep seeing the Page of Cups in action and outcome positions. If I don't pull him, he's always nearby in the deck, at the bottom etc. I pulled him out of my deck and pulled a few cards to ask why.

  60. I'd say you need to heal your optimism/idealism about romantic relationships? The Sun is the problem. I take the Pages as still learning their suit, so maybe this one is calling you out? Wanting to believe instead of observing your true feelings. If it was just the Page as outcome/action I'd take it as advice: be more like the page, but with the context of the spread I'm thinking it's about their shadowier side.

  61. The 7 of Swords would confirm that there’s some shady stuff going on. As a court card, the Queen of Cups is the most intuitive of the bunch and is picking up the vibes although you can’t put your finger on what exactly is going in.

  62. You’re asking how. It’s telling that the 10 of Swords is between the lovers and the Magician. Like you, I see you as the Magician, but your cards are answering you literally by saying “cut yourself off!”.

  63. hiii! so for “his feelings for me” i got 2 of swords, 4 of wands and the empress, and i see it as he finds me attractive and he doesnt mind building a future with me but he isn’t sure and doesn’t want to open up. for “why isnt he opening up” i got 7 cups also kinda makes sense he doesn’t know what he wants atm. for “what can i do to make him choose me” and i got ace of pentacles. i’m a bit confused what i should do or maybe my question is incorrect?

  64. Hi, I have some questions in regards to /tarot as well as a 2nd or 3rd opinion on my tarot spread I did for myself recently. I noticed other people in the main forum post photos with their tarot spread, asking questions to help assist and other users also commented and assisted.

  65. You can include links to pictures of your spread if you post them on an image sharing website like Imgur. Otherwise you can tell us the cards (and deck) you drew and what any of the spread positions mean along with information about your situation and the question you wanted the cards to answer.

  66. Hii interpretation request! I currently miss an old friend that I have feelings for and ended up having a bad falling out with. I want to contact him and apologize and make things right but I wanted to know how he feels about me at this time first before I apologize because I said some harsh things. I want to rekindle our friendship again in despite of my feelings for him (he is aware that I had a crush on him).

  67. I see you pulling more on your end towards him. like there's some resistance on his part, and that makes you pull a bit harder. He sees you like a smily sun, but there's a immature (youthful? child like? might be a better word) side to you that he also sees . See a bit of a loneliness in is energy (like a bit depressive / social anxiety type? ). Likes to be on computer? or I see him alone on a computer in a darker room? I see if you reach out, he will reach back, but his energy just feels sort of blah compared to yours. I feel like the energy he puts back to you... makes you feel like you realize you have higher expectations. (newer reader - take with a grain of salt)

  68. The Ace suggests he's open to a new relationship with you, but the other cards suggest there's work to do. The reversed Empress suggests that his vision of you as a caring and nurturing person has been shattered and the Nine of Wands says that thinking about the break-up causes him grief. Here Reversal says he's blocking/repressing this reaction and this may make reaching him to work through the issue difficult.

  69. Hello, I need assistance interpreting a reading a did for myself. This is the first time I’ve been so stumped. I am Pisces moon and since the full moon is in Pisces right now, I asked what I personally need to focus on/be aware of at this time. I usually get three but this time so many cards kept jumping out especially the Heirophant and 6 of cups.

  70. Humans are complex things. We can say or do one thing but mean an entirely different. My question is do you know that third party is his new conquest? If you don't, it is very possible you might of been reflecting your fears on to the situation.

  71. What is the likelihood of something happening with a person due to free will? I kept pulling cards on a situation asking if this guy would make specific moves/ do something and I would get certain cards indicating yes but so far nothing has happened….

  72. Hi! I had a hard time interpreting The Moon, The Wheel of Fortune and The Tower until I saw their meanings. I did a bit of digging and noticed that all of them had meanings that I hate to read/hear, like The Moon has a theme of buried feelings/memories, The Tower is basically what I always say to myself everytime I'm stressed, and The Wheel of Fortune is drastic change. It felt like I'm blocking the meanings of this card, what does that mean?

  73. Hey everyone! My intuition is not aligning with the cards for a love spread…. Anyone want to try? Pulled 5 cards, two for his feelings/thoughts.. two for her feelings/thoughts and then one card for the relationship or energy between them… Him: 9 of swords and the hierophant reversed. Her: two of cups reversed and king of wands. The card that represents the energy between: justice reversed. Tia!!

  74. You both may be struggling with themes of commitment. If you have a conversation about what you’re both looking for, that kind of honesty may help you both out.

  75. Hello. Can someone give me a free tarot reading? I'm sorry that I won't be able to pay you, but I can give you my honest feedback which might help you in your tarot practice. I was trying to do a reading for myself, but I am not able to for some reason :(

  76. Hi!! I agree with froggytarot, you already have all the information you need to move forward. However, I do understand the need to have some sort of external validation that you are making the right choices and decisions. If you'd like, I can give you a reading :)

  77. It seems to me that you already have your answer. If your psychologist isn't meeting your needs you are at your full right to change. You intuition is already telling you the action you need to take, you don't need a tarot reading to confirm what you already know.

  78. In this context, I would read the Five of Wands as “no, his personal will is in opposition to yours and will be used to obstruct or block the progress you are seeking to create.”

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