1. It makes me happy that the top comment is the response I was gonna give. How could anyone pick anything else? It’s such a tactical advantage.

  2. Thermal for days. I spend tons of my money on suppressors and scopes and I haven’t even begun to look at thermal. It just keeps coming :(

  3. Nah, Tanks are easy to get if you have decent credit. Just take out a personal loan, buy the tank... and you wont have to pay it back cause now you have a Tank

  4. Domestic (latest generation and operational) F14's were all shreaded to prevent spare parts from being smuggled to Iran, sorry. You'd have to ask Iran to part with one of theirs (very early gen and barely operational).

  5. Ok but just hunt for some Anvis 10’s at least those are attainable for reasonable people… especially the kits. Those are cheap as hell.

  6. For that price I’ll buy tubes and a solid works seat and design the rest, have protolabs manufacture the housings and I’ll still come out about $10k ahead

  7. Assuming I had like 50 guys to larp with, a Persistent Systems MPU5, one of the most ridiculously overbuilt pieces of comms gear ever designed

  8. After careful consideration I'd buy a big, big plot of land in a desirable location with an underground fully self sustaining bunker and beautiful home on it. I'd lease parts of it to like-minded individuals to fund my larping dreams. Build a 1,000 yard range and shoot house. Preferably in a game rich environment far from high density areas. That's the dream.

  9. A draft organization to force you creeps into doing something productive and stop this weird version psychological masturbation...or just therapy for you all

  10. Night vision really really awesome nightvision. Like that experimental stuff that pairs with thermals and gives out an outline of thermal signatures pairs with Night vision. Probably would cost more than twice my house but if it’s no object I’d get that.

  11. Land. Raw land. When crap hits the fan, go chill on the lane for a bit and come back when all the idiots weed themselves out.

  12. One? One of the new army ranger exo skeleton setups they are testing. I have a bad knee and shoulder so that paired with 3rd arm would be amazing. I'd like to incorporate my body armor and all that into one set though so I'd heavily modify it.

  13. everybody here is saying NVGs but a long range drone with thermal camera is much more useful and is around the same price range

  14. Probably a good thermal clip on that could also be helmet mounted. Already have a good PVS-14 so adding in thermal would check all the boxes. Maybe an IR laser but I’ve got IR ready optics so I can go passive

  15. I would go have a company design me some BPNVGs with thermal overlay that can also wirelessly link to a drone and display drone footage. Also a thermal and night vision capable drone obviously that also used as an integrated radio repeater for radio comms.

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