1. What are those little yellow packets? I’m thinking it’s meth. You think they give it to their snipers behind the lines?

  2. Honestly it’d make sense if it was an upper like meth. Germany gave it to their tank drivers via meth laced chocolate bars to keep up with the blitzkrieg offensives in ww2. Russia’s basically trying to do the same thing

  3. The fire Crackers could have a couple of uses if thats for sure what those are. When I trained with SF a few years back one of those guys carried a small tin can full of fire Crackers, tied in little groups, in his fany pack. He claimed to have used them more than once to scare untrained shooters into thinking shots where coming from somewhere else in the room to gain a small advantage. He also talked about sprinkling them on the dominated side of a door so if someone came through that door they'd step on a bunch of them. I cannot attest to if the first trick worked but the second one certainly did at least on a few of us national guard guys.

  4. Only thing I could think of for firecrackers is I beg they’re fun when you drop them in a gas tank, or could just light a few and throw them somewhere away from you/ make it seem like a firefight is happening somewhere to draw an ambush

  5. The box looks like a sump pump. But I’m kinda guessing it’s a pump and the blue thing is an inflatable raft?

  6. Only thing I can think of with the firecrackers is using them as a distraction. I'm probably wrong but I don't think they're for celebrating victory.

  7. Firecrackers sever a few uses, these seem to be impact firecrackers so throw or step on them and boom. They can be used to grab sentry attention a pre-warning device, to local kids to harass local military. They can also be used to make people comfortable with bangs in an area where you might end up using your DMR as to keep your attention low.

  8. Give em to kids. Kids light em and set em off and soldiers come to investigate. See kids with fireworks and fuck off. Take a suppressed shot and it's those damn kids again until someone does a head count.

  9. Possibly a distraction device? Light a few and throw them into another building and distract your pursuers into thinking they are being sniped from another location so you can beat feet up outta there before your location is identified. That’s really the only purpose I can think of.

  10. I’ve fired heavy 220 grain subsonic 7.62 Russian with my 308 can and it is indeed somewhat quiet like .300 blackout. It still pushes about 350+ ft/lbs out to 300 yards, though the drop is a pretty severe 100+ inches. Again same as .300 blackout.

  11. You're unlikely to find 7.62x39 any heavier than 300BO, which means that 300BO subs are going to carry more muzzle energy than 7.62x39 subs.

  12. That looks like a CCI box right above the American Eagle ammo box. Wondering why he would need .22lr ammo?

  13. Why does this cunt get a suppressor but I (13 year veteran with multiple deployments who held a TS/SCI security clearance) have to wait for uncle daddy the rights violator to “approve” my ability to possess one?

  14. Edit: shot mics exist but I should claify Im absolutely speculating as to the purpose of these firecrackers I just though "drop them in a gas tank" was not realisticly their purpose. Take it all with a grain of salt. Slava ukraini.

  15. Earplugs ? Makes sense. The yellow Chiclets - is that some sort of calorie dense ration ? The blue inflatable - float the River after the locals blow the bridges ? An air horn ?

  16. Weirdest part for me is the water pump. Unless he was just reusing that box. Oi m8’ just on me way to comrades flooded basement

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