1. Someone finally said it. Whenever i get my free reward on the app i make a nachos bellgrande into one big triple layer nachos. So satisfying.

  2. The shredded chicken mini quesadilla was the greatest thing that ever happened to me and I am irreversibly damaged by it’s absence

  3. It had the best sauce and the best value. I ate hundreds of those damn things and the more I ate the more I loved them. They replaced them with the melt version which was IMO even better, it was like more food, same taste, same price, and less mess.

  4. They weren't even that long ago. It was less than a year ago when we could get a beef burrito for $1.

  5. Damn. That was my go to lunch in college. A beefy five layer or a chicken burrito, Doritos, and a Sierra Mist. I could usually pay with the change I collected in my car. 🥲

  6. They were about to get rid of the shredded chicken when I worked there and I will say the shredded chicken tastes amazing but it’s a mess to make those quesadillas

  7. At mine it’s Spicy potato soft tacos, cheesy bean and rice burritos, the cheese rollup things, and cinnamon twists. Bean burritos used to be, then they were like 1.29, now they’re upto 1.59, same as a basic taco.

  8. The $2 meal was a blessing. a B5L and a drink for $2? That's a steal when the B5L is like $3 now. Plus I would always store the chips in my back seat for random snacks of doritos.

  9. My mom and I lived off those $2 meal deals when we were broke! That, 2 for 4 French dips at Arby's, and 5 for 5 burgers at sonic got us through some rough times.

  10. Ever? Well it was inspired by the beefy crunch burrito.. which had flaming hot fritos instead of regular fritos, with sour cream if you're into that. I always took it off. But beefy crunch burrito all the way

  11. I used to get so much 10 years ago in college. I remember when crunchwrap supremes were a buck for a promo I was going almost every day. And the loaded grillers. Godddd take me back.

  12. Were some of these in test markets only? I never saw a churro at taco bell before. Not that I recall. Never heard of the flamin hot fritos taco. Or the beef crunchito. I wanna know what that thing was.

  13. We didn’t have some of these things either. I have went to Taco Bell at least once a week for many years and I never saw a churro! And that queso bean burrito is right up my alley, dangit. I would have ordered that thing all the time, had it been available! ☹️

  14. I would ask “why would they get rid of the meal deals??” but the real question is why get rid of anything ever? Fuckin tacobell 😓

  15. what is this, im only 18 and never really went to taco bell much because it was further away than all the other restaurants but always loved when we did. Now I wish they kept this dollar menu, the items look so much better than the new one, caramel apple empanel? That looks bomb af compared to cardboard twist. quesadillas, nacho loaded griller, cheesy roll up all look amazing, now I get like 3-4 spicy potato soft tacos and a baja and call it good.

  16. Now there’s only 4 things on the $1 menu for me In my town, cheesy bean and rice burrito , spicy potato soft taco, cheesy roll up, and cinnamon twists. I swear there used to be like 4 more things a year/ couple years ago

  17. Damn Beefy 5 layer is the one that gets me. Used to be such a bargain at $1 or less. Now I only get it if it's in a box.

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