1. I'm old and memory is fading....Jason Glover is the one who danced with Jeanine and did the Jason Mraz number??? If it is that Jason Glover, I am beyond hyped because that is my favorite SYTYCD routine ever!

  2. Watching that made me remember Janine, particularly her awesome solo that pretty much won her the show. I wonder what shes been up to.

  3. Is this just a re-doing of the best of this season and then a couple new ones? That’s what it seems like based on the choreographers…

  4. We'll find out tonight, but it's interesting they are going with two male all-stars. I'm really curious who will be matched up. It would be kind of amazing if Jason is with Alexis and Lex is with Keaton.

  5. Based on the preview, I know Lex and Keaton are dancing together (hip-hop, maybe) and Jason and Alexis are doing a routine (maybe contemporary). 🤷‍♀️

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