1. Not even! I got to go to the show in person in 2019 and the audience was stocked with young people hired from talent agencies, presumably because the average age of people who can attend a taping in the middle of a weekday skews much older than 20! So basically you have a bunch of people being paid to be there choosing the outcome, plus friends and family.

  2. It has always been about America’s favorite dancer, but dancers of a lower caliber such as Beau usually don’t even make it to the end of choreo let alone top 10. That’s what isn’t fair. That’s what everyone is up in arms about. America favored a lot of the dancers who got cut before him.

  3. Beau is "low caliber?" What an ignorant thing to say. He's no more low caliber than "fan favorites" like Carter, who is so subpar, with his stiff spine, lack of muscle and zero expressiveness, I'm shocked he's still in the contest.

  4. From what I’ve seen- and have said myself- the criticism has not been personal toward him, but more so directed at the show’s decision makers. I think critiquing his technique, performance, etc is all fair game, as long as it’s not being done in a spiteful or rude way.

  5. I watch the show for dancing and Beau is my favorite. I don't care about dancers who don't show any growth throughout the series. I want the dancer who are improving week to week, not staying in the same place. Yes, Alexis is the best dancer but I find my self not caring as much because she just meets her standards every week & and never exceeds them.

  6. When you go on a dancing show on national TV where you are compete and are judged on the basis of your dancing, I feel like you should expect to be judged on your dancing…? Don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some nasty comments taking it too far but any criticism of his dance, even if the person is saying it’s bad, is completely valid. It’s a risk you take in order to reap the benefits. This isn’t a trying your best situation lol, its a competition. Essence has been working her ass off learning brand new styles in 4 days and still gets destroyed on here, and it’s valid honestly

  7. I would never ever go into the comments on Beau's social media or tag him somewhere and rant about him. Never. That's always rude and unnecessarily mean. It's a completely different thing to have a realistic conversation with fans of the show in a space that is wholly avoidable by contestants. His success in this extremely skewed season is a major hit against the show's integrity. I think Beau can dance and had every right to audition, I agree that nothing about this outcome has been his fault, but he never should have made it this far. Longtime fans of the show are going to be upset when the quality takes a drastic dip.

  8. I think the main issue with his dance is that he's mainly trained in the style of musical theatre dance where you are expected to be a strong singer and actor and you move to keep the show dynamic, but the dance isn't THE show. For musical theatre dance, the dancing is supposed to be engaging, but is supposed to drive the story, not distract from the story or be the story. Other genres of dance are more about the dancing being the show and you are watching a dance performance, rather than a musical with incorporated movement. The style of dance you learn in musical theatre is more about movement that can be accomplished while singing or that is used as backup movement to convey motion in Broadway shows. That style of dancing is less impressive or exciting to watch when not paired with singing or acting or an ongoing storyline.

  9. What comments are you talking about? I’ve literally not seen a single comment “dragging his name through the mud” or being fatphobic unless you consider reasonable criticism of his flexibility, technical ability, etc fatphobic then idk what to tell you

  10. I think Beau is very talented at what he does, but I don't think he's growing and developing the way some of the other dancers are. He is a fabulous performer, and really knows how to get into character. His technique in some of the other styles, however, leave something to be desired.

  11. He auditioned for the show to get exposure on national tv and a credit he can use when doing other jobs. That's mainly why they all do it. He chose to audition and good for him for putting it out there and getting enough judges to get him through. Good or bad people will remember him and in the end this could be a nice boost to his career.

  12. I agree with you, OP. I feel people are very harsh with their comments on him. I don’t believe he’s the most talented/technical dancer there. I do think he’s extremely entertaining (not so much this week and last week) and that’s what this show is about. Hence, the slogan America’s FAVORITE dancer (although voting this year would beg to differ). I would argue the least technical dancer is Essence, but there are fewer comments about her and her right to be in the competition, which is why I feel a lot of these comments are internalized fat phobia. Thank you for sticking up for him.

  13. I agree! I don’t like his dancing much at all and I understand that people (including me) are upset about the direction the show is going but it’s not his fault??? Like how is it his fault that he hasn’t been sent home? Blame production and the judges for this season’s failings.

  14. No one is fat-shaming Beau. He just isn't good enough. I think this really hit home for me with his routine with Lex last week. The choreographer, Talia Favia, has become the go-to person for creating iconic SYTYCD routines. That week's routine had great choreography, and Lex was outstanding. It had the potential to be one of those iconic performances, but we were robbed of that by Beau's inadequate dancing. I know that sounds harsh, but it's just the way I feel about it.

  15. Your opinion, which you get to have, even though it's pretty insulting and also wrong. Beau is one of the better dancers.

  16. I love Beau with a love that goes beyond appreciation for his immense talent, and it is immense. Thank you for this post.

  17. I think that goes for most of these competition reality shows, its no always best that wins or makes it far. Fans vote for different reasons and most of time its not the reasons that should be the most important but the most popular.

  18. I don't think anyone is blaming Beau. You are absolutely right - he is a contestant like any other and is doing his best to win, as he should. The disconnect I am hearing is that the judges are taken with him in a way most people in the viewing audience aren't.

  19. True. I'm a Beau fan even though I wouldn't vote for him to win. I really like him and will not be mad if he wins!

  20. Maybe it’s me, but it feels like every time JoJo who genuinely loves him, says what she means as a “compliment” about Beau’s physicality, like I can see him physically shut down a bit behind his eyes. Bc he clearly like all the other dancers came on the show to be seen, & hopefully book jobs down the line. Maybe he did come on for more opportunities than he was getting irl bc of how limited the dance world still is. Ihdk & Idr? But most of us don’t necessarily see ourselves as some kind of square peg in a round hole or whatever when it comes to our dreams. Even in sitches where doors still need to be open & I can say that firsthand. Bc he he took the time, money, & clearly has the belief in himself to become a dancer and pursue this. Like he’s on this show! So it would kind of be a bummer hearing some of these things every week, no matter how well meaning or sincere she clearly is, if you were him I‘d think.

  21. This reminds me I used to be a big fan of American Idol and watched every year but it got to the point that in my opinion they were letting go of the truly best singer/performer and the winner was not the best, so I got so fed up I stopped watching and never went back. Many other great or enjoyable shows to watch and SYTYCD is one but after the way the shows going I might have to put it out of rotation

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