1. I feel like Alexis and Keaton are the only 2 who could handle 5 dances (in the finale). Imagining beau trying that doesn’t add up in my mind at this point

  2. Telling us the all stars is kinda a spoiler in itself. Based on this, Alexis and Keaton in the finale would be my guess. I especially doubt they’d have Robert Green if Essence doesn’t make top 3

  3. There is no way Essence could perform any of Robert Green's choreography. His choreography is so intricate and technical and requires a really strong foundation. I think Ralyn is probably the only remaining contestant who could do his choreography justice. Possibly Alexis or Carter.

  4. I’ll guessing one of those 5 dances in the finale could be a repeat dance? Which would explain Emma and Sashas stories the day before the finale taped. So that makes me think that Keaton will be in the finale.

  5. I think it’s interesting that it will be a two person finale. I was betting on at least three dancers in the finale.

  6. Audrey Case had that fantastic contemporary piece with a Titanic theme by Travis Wall and also was a substitute of Allison Holker during the first liveshow of S14 (danced with Logan).

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