1. Too many talented people in this industry to keep using the same choreographers tbh. I kinda get people like Talia choreographing 3-4 times but Sasha & Emma choreographed for the finale as well so that will be 3 times for them too lol why

  2. I've been watching Gabe de Guzman for years in Millennium videos, so I'm very interested to see his choreography. He's super young too, like 21 or so.

  3. Excited to see Ellenore's choreo! She recently choreographed 3 Broadway shows in a row. About time the show brings her back.

  4. I actually liked seeing Keaton and Ezra dance ballroom together. It showed so much versatility from Keaton. I thought the duo of Lex and Beau was so sad. Lex is phenomenal and Beau was just a statue walking around. I know part of that is the choreography but in past years plenty of dancers could have done a million times better with their part of the dance.

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