1. That choreographer sent Anna and Waverly home … Anna was a top 2 girl, she didn’t deserve this

  2. Absolutely! Anna and Waverly are the best dancers technically. Sending them home and keeping Beau and Raylin? It makes no sense.

  3. Her costume was horrible and very distracting during the dance which didn’t help. I can’t believe they sent her home. Essence should’ve been in the bottom floor and gone home

  4. Yeah, when the choreographer wasn’t available in person the show should have called on its connections and pulled in one of their very talented other choreographers who could have come up with something better on the fly.

  5. I actually hate to be so negative, but that Sean Cheesman/Anna/Waverly number might be the worst thing I’ve ever seen on this show. Yes, Anna and Waverley weren’t great with their delivery of it, but the whole choreo was incredibly weird, and it felt all over the place.

  6. I see that! Honestly, their auditions were more remarkable than what's been happening in these past episodes. The choreography has been boring and doesn't seem very well-rehearsed

  7. I hate the judges decision. Done with the show. Beau sucks. Honestly that solo wouldn’t have even placed at my high school talent show. And Anna was their best technical dancer. Her solo was incredible. These judges suck. The show sucks. I’m done.

  8. Completely agree. Don’t know if I’ll bother watching the rest of the season. When they said they took solos into account I thought for sure Beau was going home. I’m not a huge fan of Waverly’s technique but he is still far better than Beau.

  9. Beau would’ve been hard pressed to receive a high silver at a KAR dance competition with that solo. Just ridiculous

  10. I could see any of Beau's dance moves at any gay bar in America...and I have. He is not doing anything special.

  11. It’s really a shame that some of the OG choreographers didn’t get their hands on Anna because she’s a gem and I just know she would’ve absolutely murdered some Sonya, Mia, Stacey, Wade, etc. choreo. So disappointing, she couldn’t won. SYTYCD is in no way the same now and it’s sad and a shame because it used to be exceptional.

  12. I want to see him do literally anything else. But I almost don’t think it matters at this point. Once again, he gets 0 critical/constructive feedback when everyone else (except carter and Alexis this week) does. I thought they were overly harsh on the 80s number — who cares that there wasn’t any Alf?? GTFO.

  13. I was actually looking the entire number to see if he was wearing/reusing the same costume from week 1? 💀💀💀

  14. Right! They took solos into account but then saved Beau? It’s great he was there and got his moment but he reached his technical limit weeks ago! I thought his solo only showed how he was not up to the standard of the others. Can’t believe they kept him.

  15. I think bc Jojo complimented him so hard the first time he wore the shorts and heels, now he's kept the outfit (bc really, she's his biggest supporter on the panel)

  16. GIRL COULDNT EVEN POINT THOSE FEET! ugh I was cringing that whole disco routine. She looked heavy footed, no pointed toes, and the only judge to (barely) call out the flaws was Jojo.

  17. Could not agree more. His movement seems very amateur, like he lacks a lot of control over his limbs.

  18. The show is so low budget now that they don't have a replacement choreographer in case one of them is too sick to come

  19. And they are scraping the bottom of the barrel for costumes. I’m still traumatized over Thiago and Alexis’s suits last week

  20. Ugghhh- it was good. But gosh, Carter just lacks the connection to a character. That was BAD acting, no matter how well he danced it.

  21. I’m watching it now, and I’m a little miffed that everyone else was given a dance in the style of a previous decade that they might not have been familiar with—but these two got a contemporary number in 90’s costumes? Am I missing something? I feel like that’s a huge advantage!

  22. Attention to detail is actually really important for hip-hop performance and freestyle. Which is why her hip-hop performance is so sloppy and her technique shows a total lack of proper training.

  23. She was jumping btwn hitting the 1-2-3-4 beat, the rhythm of the lyrics, and trying to catch little production details like the slide whistle. Unfortunately, it ended up looking a lil bit off/rushed as a result. Was kinda disappointed tbh.

  24. I love how she really throws herself into the movement. Like, running into that lift this week with speed and commitment. I think that's what makes her stand out for me -- whether it's faked or real, she exudes total confidence in both the choreography and her execution.

  25. Worst episode ever. The bottom four were there mostly based on the choreography. The 50s & 80s dances were terrible. Man, I miss Mia, Travis Wall, Sonya, Nappy Tabs, Wade, and all of the other greats. Robert was really the only choreographer to put any heart in his dance. I want Keaton & Alexis for top guy & girl. I wish Jordan had stayed longer than Essence. Ralyn should have gone home over Anna. This season is such a bummer. The quality of the show now is an embarassment. This was my favorite show for many years and it's sad to see it crash and burn. ☹

  26. Do you think since it's apparently much lower budget this year they literally can't afford to pay the big names?? Even so, though, there must be better artists out here than the ones they've found to choreograph this year.

  27. Jojo has been a controversial judging choice. However. I do appreciate her calling out the way Keaton did ALL the heavy lifting in his routine tonight & basically all the mistakes were Essence’s fault—he did his best to salvage that routine & she could see it. As a dancer we all saw what she was talking about and we’re like “finally! An actual harsh but fair dance critique bc that was a hot ass mess & everyone involved knows it!” Stop blowing smoke, judges. You’re not there to be nice. You’re there to help them improve.

  28. Jojo is the only judge giving constructive criticism. I’m not sure why there is so much opposition to her being a judge but she’s the only one pointing out things even we as viewers can notice.

  29. I like that there are actually giving criticism this week rather than keep on saying "great job, you did an amazing job" to everybody

  30. Katarzyna from ANTM cycle 10 take your silver place medal for worst reality show elimination. You've been dethroned from gold

  31. I actually think for most of this competition, she's gotten either poor choreo, lacklustre music choice, poor costume, or a partner that kind of drags her down. Not to say that she's executed everything perfectly of course but just something I'm noticing.

  32. WTF did I just watch? Every single dance was bad except Carter and Alexis and I think that was all Alexis.. I barely noticed Carter. Anna was my favorite and the most unique dancer. She did not deserve to go home. Essence used that amazing song for her solo and it was just boring and showed us nothing.. how is she our hip hop person? I fast forwarded through so much of this episode. I guess Keaton and Alexis are my favs now. It's insane they chose Beau over Waverly. I hated both of their solos but come on! Waverly obviously deserved to stay even if he was a beat behind Anna in their slow 80s routine. I think this is the worst episode of SYTYCD I've ever watched.

  33. As with past seasons I think the judges consider the dancers’ journey so I’m not surprised they kept beau over waverly since waverly has consistently been in the bottom 4.

  34. Essence should’ve landed in the bottom solely for her song choice, ntm she’s clearly the weakest left even Keaton had trouble lifting her weeks after she and Thiago struggled with lifts.

  35. are they choreographing these solos themselves ? Bc they’ve all been better than the professionally choreographed dances 🫣

  36. In previous seasons, they would dance for their lives and the dancing would be creative and innovative. These solos were all very bland, lacked creativity, and looked like they were marking for the most part. I think Anna's the only solo that displayed any semblance of creativity. I wish Thiago was still here to show them how to improv.

  37. Kills me that as soon as Thiago gets eliminated everyone gets the opportunity to show what they can actually do without the terrible choreography of this season

  38. As sad as it would be for Anna to go home it would be pretty on par for this tragic season. Two dancers in a row go home due to illness while Essence stays until top 6

  39. I'm actually a HUGE fan of old(er) school dance/music. This doesn't feel old school though. This feels like how an Elementary school student would interpret the culture seeing it for the first time.

  40. Remember when this show use to introduce amazing new songs you had never heard before? What is the mainstream nonsense they are playing now? 100% agree the culture thing. Like the 90's. Ok Bodyguard was a huge song but really that is your interpretation of the 90's? How the hell do you not pick a Nirvana song? I hate the cliche 80's bullshit. What they should have done is an electronic 80's song.

  41. I feel so terrible saying this but how tf was this the top 8 dancers they could find in the country…. like 3 of them have so many technical flaws in their own styles 😭

  42. Not to take anything away from Alexis (who is fabulous), but that just made me think "yes, thank you for reminding us that you have not lived all that long yet, Jojo."

  43. What the absolute hell is going on with this show? They send Jordan for being sick, don't bother to postpone or do multiple takes. They kick out Anna for getting terrible choreography from SOMEONE ON A SCREEN. THE CHOREOGRAPHER'S JOB IS TO COACH AND SHARE TECHNIQUE. How tf are you gonna do that properly from a 14" box?

  44. Jojo made it extremely obvious Beau and Alexis were her 2 favorites from the start and she seems more argumentative than Twitch so I expect them to be saved every time they hit the bottom 2 lol.

  45. Dear God Beau and Raelyn’s number was atrocious. I’m no longer convinced Beau is a great “character” dancer, seeing as how he gives the exact same character to every number.

  46. I notice that the dancers using that particular song always use Busta Rhymes' verse rather than Chris Brown's, probably to get around that (and because Busta's verse is far and away the highlight of the song). Problem is, it is hard to dance to that verse with any precision because of how fast Busta is rapping.

  47. I had to record the show last night and watched this morning.... I've said it before...I think Beau is the pre-determined winner. I don't find him to be a pleasing dancer in any manner. Dance is supposed to evoke emotion but he doesn't evoke anything I want to feel. :(

  48. I’m honestly not as interested in this season now that they decided to keep Beau and Raylin over ANNA and WAVERLY?! This is sytycd, not So You Think You Can Perform

  49. Anna can perform too by the way. Better than Beau in my opinion. The Talia number looked great because of her amazing performance, not as much from him.

  50. Just some updates on articles you might have missed on Inside Dance. (Lots of insight on what's going on behind the scenes)

  51. What is going on?? Thiago last week. Now Anna... They were both brilliant soloists. At least Anna got to show that. But apparently the judges didn't see it... The voting sucks, the judges have been consistently making weird choices as well. I'm so bummed out.

  52. whew that was not great 😭 and this is Beau’s primary style. Ralyn might not used to be dancing in heels but still

  53. Anna solo was good. Essence and Keaton disco… was a few steps above that first couples dance but had some odd slow transition moments. Still, VERY entertaining.

  54. Ngl during her package I forgot who Alexis was for a sec but once she start dancing I immediately remembered she's the ballroom dancer who's probably going to win

  55. I'm sorry but JUST now finding out that Alexis and carter have known each other since 10 years old is mind blowing. How have they not said that earlier? Ridiculous

  56. I realllly want to know the judges’ rationale for keeping Raelyn over Anna. Especially knowing it wasn’t unanimous, and after seeing how upset Leah was she couldn’t even speak at the end of the episode. Edit: duplicate words

  57. What is going on with the costumes this season? It used to be fun to make fun of how campy and ridiculous the outfits were, but man, these are just ill fitting and unflattering. What was Carter’s polyester genie outfit? It’s like a homemade glitter vest for a kids recital except on an overgrown man. And then the 90’s dad shirt and slacks they put him in. After last week’s puke green Broadway suits I thought it couldn’t get worse.

  58. The two guys in the bottom 4 should have been eliminated. Both girls should have stayed. In 2022 I don’t see why we are still formatting the show by gender like this

  59. Honest question, (I’m new to SYTYCD), but what happened to the group numbers at the beginning of the episodes? I thought those were an every-week thing? Or is it just the first few episodes?

  60. The expression Cat made when she said, "Here's a recap of tonight's performances." Even she couldn't pretend those dances were good. It looked like a middle school dance recital for a recreation studio. Yikes!

  61. It feels like the judges don't want to actually critique. Any time Jojo actually points something out it feels like there's this "oof" like sucking-through-teeth quality in the room. I want critique! Stop pretending like everyone's doing great!

  62. Well, the dancing had little to do with it. The gushing judges, the terrible show direction, the half-assed choreography, the abbreviated time for preparation, the ham-handed manipulation of the audience. An audience of hand-picked easily manipulated and peer-pressured individuals that does the voting (not the viewers).

  63. Especially since it's now the studio audience voting I'm glad that the dancers have their little solos without judge commentary

  64. Also wanted to add that just bc you’re not unanimous, Judges, doesn’t mean you need to have one holdout making the decisions for you (as I suspect Jojo did with supporting Beau over Waverly and Raelyn over Anna in the name of dance diversity over pure talent 🙄🙄)

  65. I love both Beau and Ralyn but it should have been them tonight if they were actually basing it on those performances and solos.

  66. What the hell did they do to this show? This was first episode of Dancing with the Stars bad. I don't know if it is just me but they've abandoned any notion of musicality. What the connection is between the song and what they are dancing is beyond me.

  67. Your assessment is accurate. I grew up dancing 30+ hours per week, although I'm now in college studying engineering, but I have lots of friends at Juilliard and USC (the two best dance programs in the country) and they drag the show and the idea of auditioning in their discords (My understanding from friends in Waverly's cohort is that he left in the spring and isn't even in the program anymore). Most highly trained dancers wouldn't consider auditioning for the show, because the show hasn't valued innovation and choreography in a while and the choreography has been redundant. Also, several friends who have been on the show say it either hurt or didn't help their dance careers and I've heard horror stories of how finalists have been treated and manipulated and they can get more of a platform and make more money on social media and through other opportunities. Most of the people who audition for the show are people who want to be discovered, rather than people who are taking their dance training seriously and taking the steps toward a professional career.

  68. A lot of the contestants (not all) already have established careers. This gives them a tv credit to their resume and for some it helps them land other roles and get noticed when they change paths. Look at someone like Tate McRae from the next gen season and her singing career. Look at last seasons winner Bailey … dude had a huge history of professional credits. This season we have Beau who has a ton of credits and has danced nearly his whole life and studied in most styles. Pretty sure Alexis too is well established. Jordon was a rockette for goodness sakes. The big problem this season is the compressed filming schedule and many of the choreographers aren’t showing up with their best work. They aren’t getting enough rehearsal time and only a few can seem to handle the extra compression.

  69. I don’t have anything really positive about the first couple dance or solo. Waverly as a little kid dancing was interesting. It is nice two dances and background then a quick break and already back to Anna.

  70. I noticed the judges never thanked or pointed out the choreographers. (except for a more casual acknowledgement from Leah to Robert).

  71. WTF just happened? I love Beau but his and Ralyn’s performance was pretty underwhelming tonight. It feels like the audience is voting for choreography not performance. No clue what the judges were thinking especially after the negative critique of Beau and Ralyn. Almost feels like they are trying to clear the way for the early season favorites.

  72. I'm just annoyed that JoJo has called two performances this year the best dance routines she's EVER seen. Like, none of the dances this season will be memorable when considering SYTYCD's most iconic moments. I could name at least 50 routines in SYTYCD history better than everything this season, let alone stuff from DWTS and other dance shows. Heck, I've seen quite a few routines from Dance Moms that were better than anything this season.

  73. True. My girls studio has done more memorable dances than these. Anna’s studio has some amazing routines. There’s great stuff out there at dance comps & conventions. She is trying to set up the winners.

  74. I know they hammer in all the time that "Beau is a bigger guy" but tbf, Keaton isn't exactly a stick either. Ralyn is also bigger than most female dancers they tend to cast for this show. Not sure why they feel the need to always comment on Beau's size

  75. Right? Like, if you cast him into this top group as a dancer, then comment on his DANCING. It's kind of insulting to him to mainly comment on his size or "diversity."

  76. Its honestly crazy how much this elimination has my blood boiling considering its not like this show means anything anymore. But you screwed over two of the better dancers this season because a choreographer doesn't show up.

  77. Anna & Waverly… they looked the part. I’m not sure I actually like that. I feel like the choreo let them down getting it over zoom.

  78. Hope Carter and Alexis both make it to F4 so we can get some decent ballroom performances. Beau has to go next week, right? If he doesn't, something's wrong

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