1. Survivor may have tried to brush IOTI under the rug, but they’re still struggling (I’d argue unsuccessfully) to reckon with the IOTI fallout. You can draw a direct line between IOTI and the hyper-self-referential “feel good” Survivor we get now.

  2. As someone who has been down on these last three seasons, this is something I had not even considered. But it also seems very true.

  3. Yep, when you word it like that, I think you’re probably right. They had a lucky break with Winners at War following right after IotI so a lot of the hardcore vocal fans quickly shifted focus onto that, but it does seem like they tried with 41 onwards to show that they’re not the same show as we saw in IotI and ended up overcorrecting.

  4. I see what you’re saying, and if that actually turned out to be the reason, IOI should be eternally condemned as the worst season ever.

  5. Dan being brought along because he was obviously a goat at that point… but bringing along a player as a goat because they didn’t play the game well, and bringing a goat like this? Just disgusting. I’m forcing my first rewatch since air, and it’s just bad. 39 wasn’t that long ago, so you’d think if they do a returnee season, there would be somebody from this cast brought back… but there is nobody at all that I would want to see again. Maybe Elaine? But you’re right, I think they just went through the motions and tried to make this season as forgettable as possible.

  6. Nah, Tommy was just boring and I think he still got a good edit for his game. If anything, the women (who were the best new female cast of all time imo, not one dud) took the fall because of how they used it in the game. Well, if production had done their job the women wouldn’t have had to use that to their benefit. Production allows it in the game = women in game are allowed to use it.

  7. Boring seasons are bad but uncomfortable seasons like IOTI that are almost series canceling are way worse. And despite how bad it was, it was still almost redeemable if Janet had won but production managed to get in the way of that too.

  8. It’s unfortunate because there was some really exceptional and exciting gameplay this season. The Jason boot, the Jack blindside, the split tribal, watching Tommy dominate the game and navigate the endgame despite losing Dan and never possess and advantage or idol, him manipulating Noura to take him to the end, fun characters in Dean, Elaine, Janet and Noura, it would be a good season if not for the blatant sexual assault and disgusting behavior from Dan, Missy, Elizabeth, etc.

  9. It's sad that Tommy winning without an advantage/twist is what broke Jeff into making it impossible to win without an advantage/twist in the new era.

  10. I remember when Ross did all those quarantine questionnaires, Clarence said the player he’d most like to play with is Dan just so he could beat his ass

  11. The first half was pretty good and it had potential to be a decent, mid tier, season. But then the merge happened and it really ranked. It was uncomfortable and then really really boring.

  12. If players like Chelsea made it farther i feel like it would've been more interesting, and if Jamal didn't get screwed over by that advantage hanging from a tree branch??

  13. Production completely missed a GREAT opportunity to employ Rob and Sandra’s real game knowledge, and instead shoehorned them into awkwardly scripted sequences also adding made up mini games with dubious stakes. Could have flown sky high if they had trusted Rob and Sandra to just … be Rob and Sandra!! Potential to be a really exciting season if it wasn’t overly controlled.

  14. My Survivor experience has tapered off a lot since. I used to love just escaping the world and watching Survivor and enjoying every second of it, then from there, listen to every podcast I could.

  15. Dan and production trashed Island of the Idols, but Thailand will always be worse. They voted out the victim for “causing problems” by coming forward, then production touted the event as one of the whacky things that makes Survivor great, then made HER apologize at the reunion.

  16. IOI was my first live season and the pre-merge of that season was so good. The endgame went flat after Tommy and Lauren basically took control of the game, but the majority of that cast is really solid

  17. There have been lots of season ruiners in Survivor but no one has ruined a season with their mere presence before Dan. Premerge was okay. Also while this is awful, One World is still my worst season.

  18. a theme like Blood vs Water should've been the death of the show but it ended up as the best entry in 7 seasons and was the jump into the renaissance of Survivor.

  19. I kind of disagree. Of course the Dan stuff completely soured the season, but I wouldn’t go as far as to say the cast was bland or annoying. I actually quite liked the majority of the cast and thought they were fun to watch. The season was on a great trajectory until the merge episode happened.

  20. Certainly in my bottom 3 seasons, but I disagree on the cast being bland, I liked a lot of them, it's just unfortunate that they were overshadowed completely by the ugliness of the events in the season.

  21. Dan sucks. He's the worst for sure. But if you look back at all the earlier seasons theres so much homophobia and general sexism. They could have set higher expectations

  22. Friendly reminder this season is the main reason why we don't have the Reunion Show now due to Production's fear to be being called out by the cast in Dan's ejection.

  23. What are you talking about? Dan was not medi-evac. If they were going to stop having reunions because of Dan, they probably wouldn’t have had one for the season he was on. Stop making shit up.

  24. I agree there are a handful of memorable players for better or worst. Elaine, Janet, Kellee, Jamal all seem like reasonable picks for a return. And Noura, Karishma and Missy are hard to forget.

  25. 100% Even pre-merge boots like Vince, Ronnie, Molly and Chelsea were compelling. Jack and Jamal had a memorable, productive social conflict. While DK Chilla, Janet and Elaine were fun to watch. Karishma and Noura were made for Survivor.

  26. I’ve picked the show back up from a big hiatus (last season I watch in real time was game chargers)and finished EOE a bit ago but I can’t bring myself to watch this season because of Dan.

  27. Personally I loved the pre-merge. The most excited I had been by Survivor in a long time. But there was no bigger nosedive in hype to absolute disgust than when we hit that merge episode.

  28. I think another problem was a handful of some of the terrible advantages, the fact that IoI ended up being detrimental for some players (Jamal) was comical. And the idol nullifier brought one of the most mentally crushing episodes of the show, it was genuinely painful to watch. Soooo yeah, it's still my second least favorite season but yeah-

  29. I think the season started great (before you, as a viewer, knew what was happening). Kellee had two idols, the game was afoot. But then Dan and then what happened to Janet - it was an infuriating reflection of how these things often unfold in the real world where, sure, the abuser might go down but so often do the victim and anyone who stands up for them as well. After that, the season just reeked of guilt, complicitness, regret and boring shit.

  30. I feel so bad for Jamal, he was the sweetest guy. His partner works as a teacher at my school and both of them are the nicest people ever. Yeah, the whole season sucks, but I hope jamal can come back

  31. Not only that but then the players decide that taking advantage of the Dan situation to make big moves was the right thing to do? The one girl pretending she felt violated as well to earn trust? Absolutely disgusting - it’s the only season I couldn’t even finish

  32. I agree with you 1000%. One of my all-time favorite casts outside of D**. My girlfriend is even convinced that we need Dean to officiate our wedding. And Tommy played an exceptional game. His edit sucked but I feel like he would do really well in new age survivor.

  33. I understand why one would feel that way, but I prefer IOTI over Ghost Island, One World and Cook Islands by a significant margin. I found Dean, Karishma, Tom, Elaine, Noura, Jamal, Kellee and Janet to all be fantastic tv characters with good stories. Dan is deplorable, and production 100% dropped the ball on dealing with him. That being said, I think the actions of Missy and Elizabeth were something that was bound to happen in Survivor (players crossing the line ethically to continue winning the game) and a part of me is glad that the fanbase was able to draw a line in the sand and say THAT IS TOO FAR! It's uncomfortable, but I appreciate when Survivor can present a true microcosm of society, even when it's ugly. Not everyone watches Survivor for that reason though.

  34. Im ngl…hard disagree. What Dan did was obviously awful but I can name 5 seasons off the top of my head I enjoyed less than IOTI. The premerge was probably one of the best ever, and although the merge boot episode isn’t good karma occurred right after. Take the Dan stuff out and make Tommys win less predictable and it’s a top 15 season contender easily

  35. Had it not for the Dan fiasco, it really is a good season, esp. the premerge. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than other seasons.

  36. I disagree. The Dan situation definitely lowers it on my ranking but if we exclude that, the pre merge is fucking amazing. We get a blindside nearly every episode with Ronnie, Molly, Chelsea, Jason and Jack which all were amazing blindsides all in the pre merge. The merge episode is probably one of the hardest episodes to watch and I will admit that the merge never really lives up to how good the pre merge was but it's not terrible. The split tribal is amazing watching Missy and Aaron get their comeuppance. The chaos at the Karishma tribal is amazing as well. Also, the cast isn't bland at all? The only bland people on the cast are Tom, Elizabeth and Aaron. (Arguably Tommy) The Rob and Sandra theme is a little goofy, sure, but it's entertaining because of how much the show takes it seriously. And the dumb twists (especially Jamal losing his vote for grabbing a piece of paper) are funny to watch because of how stupid they are. It's definitely not the worst, at least it's not boring like One World or Ghost Island.

  37. Personally I loved the cast and thought that they only dumbed them down and played into Sandra and Rob to compensate the strategy around Dan.

  38. I think one of the things that at least would have helped that season would have been a flash warning at the beginning of each episode. So we the audience isn’t just sitting waiting to see if they address the situation at all. Then it also wouldn’t feel quite as cringey and I could appreciate the other players more. That would have at least fixed the rewatch ability for me.

  39. Obvs people are going to sit hirs over “worst” but I agree that it’s up there - in addition to what’s been said, the players were somehow meant to know that they could haggle with Rob and Sandra on challenges when you’ve rarely been able to haggle with Jeff Probst. Also unprecedented was a hidden “advantage” being bad, but again, Jamal was somehow meant to know that this was a trap. I feel somewhat vindicated that the winner was like the only person to bot go to IOI, but at the same time, everyone who was aware of the Dan situation effectively lost their chance at winning, so what a surprise that the two contenders to win were men.

  40. Anyone care to explain what Dan did? I bailed on the season after an episode or 2, I just couldn't take it, so I honestly have no clue. First time I've done that, season was unwatchable for me

  41. From the first episode up until the merge in the eighth episode, Kellee Kim and several other members of the Vokai tribe had expressed concerns to Dan Spilo about him repeatedly touching them without asking.[39] At the merge, Kim had her first opportunity to speak to Missy Byrd, who also stated her concerns on Spilo's behavior. Kim spoke of her concerns to the merged tribe, at which point production became much more involved. One Survivor producer explained to Kim that she should let them know if Spilo continued to cross the line, and if she did, then production would immediately take action.[40] Production contacted CBS about the situation, who instructed them to have group and individual meetings with the remaining castaways and formally warned Spilo about his behavior. Title cards were used in-episode to explain the situation to viewers.[40]

  42. I think the majority of the casual viewers don’t really think about IOTI. I don’t think it has an impact of how they see the seasons today. Most people just watch an hour of survivor every week and then carry on. Most survivor viewers don’t rewatch and rewatch and dissect every episode and game play.

  43. IOTI was a turning point. The show hasn’t been the same since, and the points you’ve made hits the nail on the head.

  44. My problem with this season is that it feels especially like a majority of the players were there because they wanted to become influencers. Season 42's muted reaction to Applebee's made me realize that a vast majority of those players freaked out about everything. I know we are bound to get a few camera hogs, but season 39 felt like most of them were going that route, whether it was for quick internet fame/meme potential or were just trying to punch that ticket to an all star season.

  45. I know I’m in the minority here, what Dan did absolutely sucked obviously; however, I still was really interested in Missy and how she played the game. Her reception after the game is one thing but she literally scrapped through that round and even though it was down right dirty, I still think it is impressive and I personally enjoyed her aggressive gameplay. It is a very complex situation regarding the women who had those experiences with Dan and how they reacted, idk even though it was icky on Dan’s part, and I was mad at Missy, Elizabeth and even Lauren at the time, I understand that their heads were in the game and Missy was doing anything she could to stay after being the merge target. Now, since the show’s airing I don’t like how most if not all the cast seemingly turned on Kellee, or the amount of hate Missy got because i don’t think she deserved that extent. Maybe I’m just trying to find light in such a dark season but I appreciate even the awareness it brought to these issues, and how they can show up in a show like survivor. I think it’s dark but it’s another reason I like this social experiment. It’s not that I find enjoyment in peoples trauma, but I’m just not blaming Missy as much for playing the game, during the game. Kellee has a reserved return imo if she wanted it PERIOD. I’d also love to see Elaine, Karishma, and Jamal. And I think Elaine or Jamal is our likeliest bets to return, I think they would do it even if they have to under-edit them to erase the past (hopefully not). They seem to be not as awful post-season even though I think everyone but Jamal? Kind of sided against Kellee.

  46. The worst part was how it stuck us with "this is how we learn about life on Survivor, Survivor is so amazing and unique in this way, and this is the most Survivor that Survivor has ever been during my entire tenure of hosting Survivor", which has polluted the show so much that I can't even watch anymore.

  47. I agree. Not only the disgusting Dan, but the way Missy/Elizabeth/Aaron tried to downplay it and how they used it to get out both Kellee and Janet.

  48. Lauren would be much more of an iconic/remembered player had she been on a different season, I feel like she’s lost in the mix during those discussions

  49. Everyone says this season ruined by Dan (which it totally was, absolutely disgusting behavior), but I've read that some people say "this season had lots of potential in the pre-merge."

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