1. Amber Danni and Ethan. Isn’t it fun when the three people you’re most hyped to see place 20th 19th and 18th? What a great season!

  2. Sandra is one I go back and forth on, I like her personality but after HvV she's a little overly confident and doesn't do too much in challenges.

  3. I’m not sure how runner-up prize money worked that season, but looking back id be pissed if Ben/Sarah or even Denise got more than people who were busting ass on extinction for fire tokens the whole time

  4. Definitely not Rob. And this is not only since I am not a fan. Any season that had him go far really sucked, while the seasons he was in he didn't go far were all great. That isn't a coincidence.

  5. First: I wish they could have added Tina, Vecepia, Mike H, Earl into the season. There was no reason they could not have formatted it into a super season.

  6. Parvati and Sandra, then Yul, Danni and then ik she made it decently far but personally i would've loved to have seen Sophie take it all the way on WAW

  7. Ethan, Yul, Parv, Tyson (and ik they made it to the finale but I wish Denise had a bigger impact on the game / narrative)

  8. Danni, Ethan, and Amber. I was excited to see Danni since her win was mostly behind the scenes in her season's narrative not to mention having not played again for so long. I would've loved to see her made it further so we can actually see some gameplay from her.

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