1. Some combo of a Rob/Parv/Tyson led coalition against a Tony/Sandra led coalition with Kim, Sophie, Jeremy, Yul in the middle or fitting in somewhere would have been the perfect post merge

  2. The second her and Rob appeared on the same season together, their fates were sealed. Then you add how Rob has benefits as a meat shield, Amber landed herself on the same tribe as Sandra (who openly had a vendetta against her hubby) & Rob is weakened without Amber, it literally was a done deal

  3. i feel like she don’t even try to break this perception, though. WAW could have been a great opportunity for her to stand up for herself and justify her status as a winner, but then she’s on eoe nearly the entire game, and then after the second battle back challenge when everyone gets their little segments, she basically says, “i only won All Stars because the jury hated me less than Rob, and I only came out here to help him try to win.” Like, what?

  4. This feels like the single boot that could've made the biggest difference in the season because it probably improves the odds of a schemey Sophie/Kim/Yul/Sarah alliance running the show instead of the boring Tony/Sarah/Ben/Denise one we got

  5. Tyson and Rob discussing starting a podcast during their F3 speech while Amber goes on to win again lmao

  6. Sandra wins and no one can justifiably ever question her as the greatest player of all time (reddit still will debate it tho).

  7. Honestly, I’m going to be eaten alive for this, but I would’ve liked to have seen a few of the 30s winners do better. As devastating as the old school pickoff was pre-merge, most of those players sans like Yul, Danni, and arguably Ethan were already bonafide legends, I would’ve like to see some of the newer winners carve out that legacy for themselves like Wendell and Nick.

  8. Same, I honestly didn’t need to see any more of Rob and Sandra especially after seeing them in the previous season. Parvati has already played great games but someone like Michelle, or dare I say Ben, had more to prove on a returning season.

  9. Season 20 ended with a much-debated Sandra win over Parvati. I would’ve loved for season 40 to end with the two of them activating their Wonder Twin powers to control the game and make it to the end. Then Parvati wins and they can comfortably share the crown together.

  10. Sophie winning, Sandra FMC loser (so she's still never voted out), Yul at least making the merge, Rob first boot.

  11. I know I’ll be downvoted but this is pretty much my reverse order, not a Ben win though. I was excited for winners at war for players like Michelle, Denise, and Adam. I’ve already seen Rob and Parvati play great but I was more excited to see one time winner/players have a second go.

  12. I'd swap Nick, Denise, Ben, and Sarah with Ethan, Parv, Yul, and Sandra. The order they go out is pretty interchangeable, but having those 4 make final 7 would be enough for me to not even care about who ends up winning. I'd keep the rest of the boot order pretty much the same.

  13. Ben, Nick, Adam, Danni, Sarah, Rob, Denise, Sandra, Ethan, Wendell, Tyson, Sophie, Natalie, Amber, Yul, Michelle, and Tony losing to Jeremy at final four fire making

  14. i do not understand how people don’t like tony 😭 he played the greatest game of all time on WaW and that alone makes it a worthwhile season. i’m sorry i love ethan but players like him, danni, and amber were never gonna do anything

  15. haters are always gonna hate; even Messi and LeBron have haters it’s inevitable especially from people who have accomplished nothing in their lives

  16. i can acknowledge he plays a good game and still find him annoying to watch because i dont like his personality in anything more then small doses

  17. I will change nothing at all. Maybe i will give Sandra, Yul and Adam a better placement but i'm satisfied with how the season end and how it plays.

  18. seeing the people we had not seen for a long time (Amber, Danni, Yul, Sophie, Parvati) make the deep game with some of the best newer winners (Tony, Natalie, Wendell) along with one or two underrated players make it deep (Michele).

  19. My perfect season would have been more new school going out at the start, with an outcome along the lines of (the final placements):

  20. I want Sarah out first, followed by Ben. After that I'm not too picky for a while. Then, for final 8, I want Tony, Rob, Tyson, Yul, Ethan, Sandra, Parvati, and Kim. Then let them fight it out. I don't really have a favorite for the winner, but seeing Sandra win for a 3rd time would be been absolutely epic.

  21. Ben, Danni, Nick, Adam, Nat (as a tiebreaker rock draw), Wendell, Kim, Sandra (the same exact way she got voted out in the game), Tyson | Merge (Tyson returns) | here we have Sophie/Yul/Sarah/Tony, Rob/Amber/Tyson/Parv/Ethan, Michele/Jeremy, Denise. | post-merge to 2nd return: | Amber, Ethan, Denise, Sophie (exactly how it plays out in the episode), Yul, Jeremy, Sarah. || F5 EOE game: Yul returns||: Parvati (because she was 6th in CI, blindsided by a tony/Yul/Rob/Tyson f4 deal alongside a side deal with tony and Michele), Tyson (Rob knows but saves face and votes for Michele similar to Amanda’s play with Ozzy in his micro boot), Firemaking is Rob vs Yul after Michele wins immunity, Rob wins. F3 is Rob, Tony, Michele. Vote is a tie with Michele breaking the tie in whomever’s favor. Parvati is voted fan favorite because she would be out of the cast, Rob is given respect as someone who could actually win against experienced players, Tony’s still considered one of the greats.

  22. Ben, Sarah, Danni, Adam, Wendell, Denise, Sandra, Amber, Rob, Yul, Nick, Tony, Jeremy, Natalie, Kim, Tyson, Sophie, Michele, Ethan, Parvati

  23. Ben, Adam, Nick, Sarah, Wendell, Ethan, Danni, Rob, Jeremy, Natalie, Sandra, Tyson, Denise, Amber, Yul, Kim, Sophie, Michele, Parvati, Tony.

  24. Parvati Sandra Tony final 3 but Parvati gets 1st and Sandra gets 2nd. Tony is the Russell this time

  25. From the first boot : Ben, Sarah, Adam, Rob, Sophie, Danni, Denise, Tony, Tyson, Wendell, Nick, Amber, Natalie, Yul, Kim, Jeremy, Sandra

  26. Would've loved to see an Old School takeover until the merge, then a rebellion start to form, some idols played to oust a Rob or Tyson, someone like Jeremy or Wendell go on an Immunity run, and F3 be an old school, new school, and whatever school you want as the 3rd.

  27. Boot order doesn’t matter as long as the greatest to ever play wins once again. Tony is on another level of play and deserves this win in every scenario.

  28. Pre-Merge I'd ideally like to lose some of the characters that didn't really have a major impact on the season: Ben, Michele, Amber, Nick, Denise, Wendell, Dannii, Adam (who is heartbroken to miss the merge)

  29. (Not in order but by stages) Pre-Merge: Ben, Nick, Amber, Danni, Denise, Sarah Merge: Yul, Tyson, Rob, Sandra, Tony, Sophie, Wendell, Jeremy, Natalie, & Ethan Final 3: Kim & Michele Winner: Parvati duh

  30. I’ll be honest, I don’t have an issue with the boot order we got. I was happy just to see the old schoolers back at all

  31. Probably just having it end with a yul/Sophie/Michele final 3… Parv and Tony make it pretty far but get cut near the end for being big threats. Rob Sandra Amber still go early but Ben Denise adam do too

  32. Idk I feel like any boot order for that season would be disappointing to some degree, I guess it might've been better had there not been such a recognizable trend tho. All of the old school players going out pre-merge (with the pre-HvV player that won a post-HvV season getting back in from the Edge, funny little coincidence) was kinda lame, it would've been cooler had it been a more even split. But like I said at the top, this is a list of winners, many of which we hadn't seen in over a decade: any of them going out earlier is gonna disappoint some group of fans.

  33. I just wanted to see Danni her footing, Amber to be a hero(but she did get her hero moment, she had me bawling), and Ben/Nick going out 1&2 lol

  34. would've liked to see Sandra, parv, Ethan, and yul make it farther instead of like ben and Denise who laid down for Tony

  35. I don’t really care for the full boot order I just would’ve like the first boots to be Michelle and Ben

  36. If there was no EoE, I would've loved something like this, with a mix of old school and new school winners as the premerge boots with some old schoolers at the end and someone we hadn't seen a second time (and never expected to see again) winning:

  37. 20. Ben 19. Adam 18. Nick 17. Sarah Lacina 16. Wendell 15. Denise 14. Michele 13. Boston Rob 12. Sophie 11. Tony 10. Natalie 9. Yul 8. Amber 7. Tyson 6. Sandra 5. Danni 4. Jeremy Final 3 Parvati, Kim and Ethan

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