1. And then it turns out the guy who ends up hosting rigged the system to start, hosts the first two weeks, gets called out for sexual harassment issues in the past, and they decide to go with the previous player most synonymous with the show splitting time with a mediocre host who doesn't get the game?

  2. Wouldn’t that pretty much guarantee that one of the worst hosts in the group will win, since everyone will want to vote out the hosts who will beat them in the final 3

  3. As long as that's the prize they know playing for sure. Like a 4 season contract as new host with CBS for winner. I like it

  4. Survivor isn't still on because CBS is sentimental, it's on because it still makes them money. They will continue milking it until it stops making them money. Whether that's when Jeff is still doing it or 30 years after, that will be the deciding factor

  5. I feel that, much like The Price is Right, Survivor is so much of a long running pop culture staple and so much of a ratings draw for the target demo that CBS will keep the show going as long as they possibly can regardless of who is at the helm.

  6. I'd put money on Rob C, he's active in the Survivor Community, runs a podcast, has no issues with CBS (and vice-versa) and is still loved by Probst himself. He's also a great speaker, so I think he'd do well.

  7. I cannot picture Boston Rob hosting Survivor - I can’t see that working well at all. Playing and hosting are so different. If we’re going with former contestants, my vote is for Cirie.

  8. I’d assume its gonna be somebody with tv hosting experience but if its an ex-Survivor player, i’ll put my money on Adam Klein.

  9. Wow I can’t believe I’m high and also that we’re discussing some mildly famous people (at the moment) having the opportunity to become legends in US History. They’ll be in the documentaries in 50 years on how Survivor changed television forever. Along w their hosts. Jeff Probst and possibly Boston Rob /Rob c Amazing

  10. I'm a huge Jeff Probst fan, he was the glue that kept the show running in those first slightly awkward few season, but the show has evolved beyond just the host. Watch a season of Australian Survivor if you're in doubt. Jeff pretty much laid out exactly how to be a great host... it's like a 44 season Masterclass.

  11. Exactly how I feel. Took him a couple seasons, but Jonathan LaPaglia has really come into his own and shown that Probst isn’t the only person that can be a really effective, enjoyable Survivor host. I would say the same about Nico Panagio from Survivor SA.

  12. Probably another young attractive person will fill his shoes. People bet on a former contestant will replace him, I bet a low tier celebrity will (maybe a former sports star)

  13. id like to throw out the possibility of Parvati becoming host. She is one of the most iconic players but is also a strong talker who does not mumble or go um. I think shed be a good choice... same with maybe Sandra but I think Parvati just, I dont know. Scream its.

  14. I think CBS will go on with Survivor. It’s just too big even if it’s not at its absolute peak anymore. I think Rob C. has the charisma to successfully carry the torch. If they want to go younger, Andrea would be a solid pick.

  15. I can see Andrea doing it. She’s a notable name to fans with TV hosting experience and a clear desire to work in the industry. I don’t think Rob would get a shot without previous experience, and I’m not certain he would want the job anyway (though it’d be very hard to turn down the money).

  16. LOL at any of the people who think it would be Boston Rob. They aren't going to give it to someone who is atleast 60 or something. It will for sure be someone a lot younger, if the show is still on air at that point.

  17. I see Malcolm! He’s young, handsome, outdoorsy, and has a ton of experience playing the game in different circumstances. If not him then Andrea.

  18. If he retires while the numbers are still good, they will continue. They will probably try to run it with some guests hosts for a couple of seasons and then put someone new as the host.

  19. Could see them potentially going a few years of Jeff in the fall potential replacement in the spring, and have them try 2-4 people before picking the full time replacement.

  20. Be interesting to see if that actually does happen. But given his track record outside the brand, retirement is definitely not in the cards for him.

  21. I've said it before and I'll say it again. Jonathan Penner would be the best host among every person who has played.

  22. Particularly with the New Era, CBS has shown they are fine pushing out an inferior product to make more money so I'd say there's a good chance it will keep running as long as it's profitable. They don't appear to be concerned with preserving Survivor's legacy as much as they are concerned with milking everything they can out of it until it's all dried up and withered away

  23. This wont happen, But I'd love to see Phil Koegan try and host Survivor and Jeff try and host TAR for a season, or episode.

  24. As far as former competitors go, my first choice would be Malcolm. He’s played multiple times and understands the game, he’s writes about the game a lot, he’s smart, can speak loud and clear enough to host/announce challenges and tribal and he’s got the outdoorsy yet still eye candy look that a network would want in a host

  25. They’ll bring JLP over from Survivor AU and the world can benefit from his smutty challenge double entendres

  26. My unpopular opinion/secret desire is that Survivor on CBS with Jeff has run its course and that when he retires CBS sells the rights to the show to HBO who understands that no one wants 18 prisoners dilemma steal an advantage nullifiers a season

  27. They’ll likely find a new host but the show won’t be the same without. As much as he’s been more and more irritating over the last few years, Survivor won’t be the same without him.

  28. This is America, so as long as there is blood left in the stone, the corporations will continue to squeeze it. If it's still (admittedly barely) the #1 show on Wednesdays in the key adult demo and the #1 non-sports series on CBS after season 50, CBS will keep it going. If it continues to be the #1 show, it'll go to season 100. If the seas rise and swallow Fiji and Samoa, and it's still doing well in people's TV Google Glass-thingies or holo-projectors that are embedded into their eyeballs by that point, they'll film it somewhere else, like New Mexico. If the sun goes supernova and swallows the Earth, they'll film season 10^10 on Mars or the Centauri system.

  29. Rob c. I know it’s the obvious choice but imo it would be a absolute shame on cbs if Jeff steps back or when he retires for them to not at least interview Rob C. For it

  30. I think they just cryogenically freeze him after each season, so he’ll be hosting Survivor long after we’re all gone.

  31. They’ll definitely find a new host, probably a former castaway. Then when it fizzles in a few seasons, it’ll be cancelled. Then they’ll reboot it for a few years with Jeff.

  32. I used to think the show couldn't run without Jeff, but I've found him so annoying in recent seasons that I would love for them to try it without him.

  33. Survivor reminds me of call of duty in the way that they churn out this shit every year. And they’ve further reduced costs with 28 days and Fiji only. If it does not become profitable during seasons post Jeff, then they’ll axe it

  34. Not what I want to happen but I think they will try someone new and it won’t work out and the show will only last a couple more season. That is unless of course they can poach JLP. That would save everything

  35. If the show continues to the point where Probst retires, they will definitely find a new host, but the question is how long will survivor last with no Probst unfortunately

  36. Jeff is still relatively young and is definitely in shape. Let's say he goes another 9 years until he is 70. I don't think we have even met the person that would take over. If he only stays another 5, then I could see someone like Colby or one of the robs take the helm.

  37. Although it may be interesting to see this, Mike is more of a writer/director. I don’t see this as a long term endeavor because of the routine nature of it and lack of creative outlet. I can’t see this being able to fulfill his passions in life

  38. Would love to see Adam or Maryanne as host, even though it’s unlikely. I’d even be fine w Devins just anyone but Boston rob plz and thanks

  39. I dunno, Jeff has a LOT of bad ideas that thankfully Production didn’t take him up on. Remember when he said he wanted an all-teenager season?

  40. Probst is extremely replaceable, there's no way they cancel the show when he retires. They can either go to the well for former big time players like Boston Rob, Parvati, etc... or find another experienced host from outside and bring them in. I'm fine either way.

  41. Honestly? Probably Colby. He’s hosted TV shows before, and I’m sure a CBS contract would entice him to get in better shape and stay healthy

  42. It is not going to be someone like Colby, Boston Rob, and especialy not Penner who I see mentioned by a few but who is already 60 as we speak, LOL! Unless somehow Jeff retires very soon (super unlikely) or dies prematurely, they will go with someone much younger than those to take over. Someone like Andrea would probably be the oldest sort they would go with as a new host. Not predicting Andrea specifically btw.

  43. I hope that they go with Boston Rob. He’s charismatic, funny, and knows a ton about the game. I could listen to him talk about it for hours.

  44. Honestly at this point id fee better with the show being cancelled. The only way would be with soneone like Boston Rob, Sandra, or Rob (from RHAP) or Cirie or something. Someone thats a king/queen at the game and has been on one of the all-returnees seasons

  45. There are other Survivor shows around the world who don't have Jeff. I personally would prefer a former player as a host.

  46. Have Rupert be host, because nobody would take him seriously. Nobody should take the host seriously anyways. I want another Pagong all voting for him at their first TC.

  47. I think it would be interesting if there wasn’t a host. The players get all of their info from treemail, self-host their own competitions after reading some instructions, and lead their own discussions at tribal council.

  48. Honestly Rick Devens would be a pretty good replacement since he was so well liked and he already has experience talking on tv as a weather reporter

  49. I hope they would keep the show going, but I think Jeff should be the one to handpick a new host, either way the show won’t be the same without Jeff

  50. Surely they have to have a former player do it. I'd be okay if they pulled a jeopardy and had a rotation of hosts for a few seasons and essentially branded that as the "theme" of the season.

  51. I think he has a few more seasons left. Then they’ll replace him with someone super young (no old school survivor ppl)

  52. They will keep it for as long as it is profitable which is probably going to be a long time. Reality TV is cheap, skews younger and is popular. The networks will ultimately be forced to move away from scripted shows because they are expensive and younger people are now watching better quality scripted content elsewhere. For the most part scripted US network TV just sucks and will die with the current older generation . Survivor is probably one of the safest shows on CBS. They're not gonna cancel it to stroke Jeff's ego, they're in it for the money

  53. I think every season should have a different host, and only previous winners of the game can host. Would give another incentive to win on top of the million.

  54. They will probably do what other shows like the bachelor do after losing their hosts. Try out different celebrities and past cast members until they find the right person, or CBS just cancels it but considering Survivor still pulls in consistent viewers, I doubt that.

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