1. Ashley and Natalie probably still vote Phillip out because they seemed very loyal but Ashley still probably wins against Natalie and Rob

  2. I wonder if Rob tries to convince Phillip to vote Natalie against him, so just in case the girls turn on him, he has someone easier to beat at fire. Even though Natalie is an even bigger jury goat than Phillip is.

  3. Ashley would at least be better than Fabio, because they would've played basically the same game where the leaders delayed taking a shot before they would go on an immunity run, and Ashley at least was always in the majority - I mean, she did have Rob pressed, basically calling her a devil, so there's definitely something with Ashley while Nat10 and Mr Secret Agent are DOA.

  4. If Ashley wins immunity, she likely wins. If either Natalie or Phillip wins immunity, it's likely Rob still goes on to win with Ashley still going out at 4.

  5. Ashley wins a Final 3 with Phillip and Natalie 9-0-0 without question. In fact almost everyone except for Rob wins a Final 3 against Phillip and Natalie 9-0-0, which isn't surprising considering Rob would have lost to almost everyone but Phillip and Natalie.

  6. If Rob does get voted out, then I think Phillip and Natalie are back in the hunt because they can’t thank Rob for doing it all. I think Ashley still wins that combination though.

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