1. It’s my favorite season but Survivor is very subjective so I understand if people aren’t as high on it as I am. I also think the survivor community is all about their hot takes and unpopular opinions so i think a lot of people hating on Cagayan are just trying to be contrarians or provocateurs.

  2. I don’t think it’s that good. It’s a good season but it’s not even close to the best ever and I consider it to be very overrated.

  3. It probably is a little overrated just because the 20s were such a horrific time for the show, with a huge emphasis on returning players, and all of a sudden here comes this all-newbie season that totally shifts the show and begins a renaissance of sorts.

  4. Do Final 2's make seasons better? It makes it harder for strategic people to win and easier for Challenge-beasts to win. Cagayan was a special case because Woo was so loyal, the final 2 almost prevented possibly the greatest winner of all time.

  5. Most of those kinds of opinions tend to come from newer fans who just recently got into the show or something. They don’t really hold any weight or mean anything.

  6. Literally just finished my rewatch of Cagayan last night. Really fun season. Probably not in my top 5 (DvG and HvV both for sure have it beat, Tocantins and PI are probably above it too, close competition with a few other seasons for that 5th spot tho), but that’s hardly a knock against the season.

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