1. My wife cheated on me with a friend of mine (or so I thought) and when I found out, he stalked outside my house and wouldnt "leave until we talk about it, the three of us." It was soon clear he came over to show my wife he was a "bigger man", by goading me to attack him. I wasnt going to let him win. He eventually "apologized" by saying "sorry, but they (him and my wife) were in love and destined to be together." He said it in more ways than one. It was not an apology, and more a means to lessen his guilt.

  2. The woman my STBXH was/is involved with was left by her husband for another woman. The fact that she allowed herself to become involved with a married man (my husband) after what she herself went through, is beyond the lowest of the low. I told my husband that a woman who does that is USING him to make herself feel better. She is scum. She is a POS. She KNEW he was married with 2 kids and he actually told me that she told him that anything that happened between the two of then was on HIM and him alone. Oh, how nice of you, lady, to absolve yourself of any and all responsibility. Aren't you just SOOO moralistic and ethical??

  3. I bet it really f**cked up his head when she dropped him like a bad habit. He went to the trout of giving up a friendship for a woman who clearly had no real feelings for him. I hope your ex at least had the decency to feel remorseful and had regret.

  4. The entitlement on your so called friend. So sorry that happened to you xxx. I don't know why APs are so content with getting your sloppy seconds and think they are winning an angel. It's just sad. He must have been real embarrassed when your ex left him. Are there any updates to this story?

  5. Either she suspects he's cheating with someone else because she's paranoid, or because he's actually doing it. On top of that she's mentally ill. I would make sure you have security cameras, at the very least a ring camera. Change the locks if you're living somewhere that your ex had access to, even if he's handed back the keys. And I wouldn't block her, (or respond,) I would just document any contact for now, if she ratchets up the hostility at all, get a restraining order.

  6. I agree with this. This is very odd behavior and for now, simply jot it down somewhere to keep the details in case you need them.

  7. Will do! Thank you x. I already have a doorbell camera. I will let y'all know what the outcome is of these shenanigans is.

  8. He cheating on her just like he did you. She can’t figure out who it is so she automatically blames you. Or her conscious is getting the best of her now she feels like Ginuwine “what’s so different.” Jezebel she’s one to talk.

  9. From the sounds of her texts, I don't even what kind of prize she thought she got. He literally got dumped. BY ME. I tossed him aside, and she picked up the pieces. Even though I didn't realise it at the time, it was greatly empowering for me. To know I had strength do do what's best for me, after nearly 8 years of bullshit. He was content to let things play out the way they were, with me not knowing for 2 years. So if it took 2 years for me to find out, he was never going to break up with me. It's hilarious because maybe she has discovered that her prince charming is not so chivalrous.

  10. She sounds extremely insecure. But it also sounds like he’s probably been having doubts about their relationship and she fears he’s probably going to come back to you. Bottom line is she just showed you things aren’t good between them which is laughable. Block, don’t even respond. She’s pathetic

  11. Makes sense why he probably still has my number. Prince Charming isn't so cute. The projection from her is REAL. Thanks for your insight xxx

  12. We ran into each other on the street. It was the first time I’d seen them since I found out what was going on while I was out of the country.

  13. I had to block AP from everything yet she keeps telling people shit about me. I have learn to ignore her and look at her from another perspective, now, I pity her. Imagine being so mentally ill that the only merit in your life is baby trapping a married man.

  14. She screamed a bunch of vulgarities at me, asked me to inquire about how much my husband came when she blew him and then upon realizing that still wasn’t going to work and he was dumping her, she threatened to sick her “lawer” on me.

  15. Congrats, you got a first hand view of the pig in shit's own insecurities. She knows he is a lieing cheat and seriously lieing to herself that destiny will stop him from being exactly who she knows he is. At this point you know full well they aren't actually happy together. They are just lieing to the world to pretend they are. She will spend every day of their relationship paranoid and ready to try to fight all potential threats. What sort of life is that?

  16. Yasss. Like I would ever downgrade back to him. I am happily single by choice, but I have dipped back into the dating pool. I am still quite young (26F), so I don't want to waste any more of my years on that loser.

  17. You should either block this crazy woman, or if you feel frisky...it is "game on". Tell her to go check his phone statement for text and phone records to show that 1)you are not calling/texting him and 2)she needs to check out if there's an unfamiliar number he seems to be calling/texting a lot. Ask her to think about how she met him and see if he is repeating what he did to you now to her. It will throw her into such a manic detective mode that will give your ex the hell he deserves and they will not be the happy couple they pretend to be. :)

  18. Nah, honestly I have no energy to spend on her. I'm busy as hell in medical school. So, I'll probably just ignore. If she texts again, I'll be documenting for a restraining order. Thanks for your insight xxx

  19. When my ex started cheating on his AP, after we were divorced, and I was in a new relationship, he used me as an excuse for why he wasn’t home. He would tell her he was coming to help me, or I was texting and “obsessed” with him. He wouldn’t let her look at his phone because I “said horrible things” about her and he didn’t want her to read them. All he ever did for me after he dumped me was make my life harder and I have gone to extremes to not contact him for anything, or ask him for anything, and I’m certainly not going to let him touch me with a 10 foot pole.

  20. Ignore. They are looking for a rise so don’t give it. They are not secure in the relationship and are acting out (who knows what the ex is telling them). Block and don’t respond. You deserve better

  21. I think it's simply immaturity on her part. Like she won some kind of prize and gets off knowing she has him. Tho in the end your the one who won here not her. You get to find someone who is honest and treat you great, she has a known cheater that will do it again.

  22. The whole “universe” and Jezebel” thing should clearly tell you who and what you’re dealing with. She’s bat shit crazy. Block and move on.

  23. Total sign she's insecure in the relationship. She knows deep down he's going to cheat or is cheating on her. She needs to project onto you to make herself feel better

  24. I would tell her to F**k off, he is your problem now and you have moved on to greener pastures, keep her text on file and inform her any future contacts are unwelcome and will be used to get a restraining order against her, I would contact police to get information on that approach.

  25. Once a cheater always a cheater, he will cheat on her sooner or later, maybe already is having his eyes on someone else and she suspects you. Good riddance, don't look back. Let her have that jerk.

  26. I would’ve love to have seen his face when he came and learned she told everything. Her face too when he discarded her life trash. I would’ve contacted his supervisor and HR department and exposed them both.

  27. Ew that’s so vile. APs often do this. You’d think if you stole someone’s partner you’d have some empathy for the betrayed spouse and at least be a bit sorry/leave them alone to heal. But very often that’s not at all the case, and they are very jealous and make it into some sort of game to prove they are better than the betrayed spouse 🙄

  28. More than likely the WS has been the AP long enough living under the same roof that the “newness” has worn off, so he is likely out looking or has found AP#2. It is one thing to grab stolen moments with a person in a hotel room, office or car, it is an entirely different world waking up to their morning breath or living in the same space with them when meal are working well with their stomach, that stuff is the minutiae of real life.

  29. I have no advice but I’ve have also had a weird experience with the AP. My STBXH affair partner would go through my social media photos that my husband were not tagged in and “like” a picture or comment on it then immediately delete it. So I would see it in my notifications but by the time I looked at it is was deleted. She did it a couple times so blocked her. She now logs into my STBXH and did the same shit a couple times before I told STBXH what she was doing. He denied she has his PWs and she’s still logs into his profile but she’s left me alone. Although i imagine she is still cyber stocking me. Even though on the surface it seems harmless I feel like she is playing some kind of passive aggressive game.

  30. lol, sounds like shes suspicious hes out running around on her, or at the very least she still feels threatened by you, I'd send her a message back- "you sure about that?", and then just end any further communication, let her sit and stew

  31. Oh, projection… a dear, dear, friend of the insecure…. Honestly, block her… or don’t and collect evidence for a potential Restraining Order, should you need it. Whatever you do, just don’t respond - you owe her nothing, and nothing is all she deserves.

  32. She's paranoid because hes a known cheater, suspects he's cheating and figured he would go back to the ex. Listen, this is what she wanted. She wanted to be with a known serial cheater so this is what she gets. Constant fear and paranoia that he will cheat on her and leave her for the AP.

  33. You should respond that she sent the message to the wrong person, you kicked him out when he started cheating with a homewrecker. She should be sending this message to the homewrecker he is now cheating on her with.

  34. Y be honest this is a little weird but you also never know what he actually told her about you. To you the two of you were in a committed relationship. But he may have said that you two were just an FWB.

  35. Even weirder. I was confronted by the mother of AP who asked me if their daughter was really mine. I told her there was no possibility of that but if she had any doubts to do a DNA test. He did have the audacity to ask for marital advice one time when their relationship hit the rocks and I just said "Buddy you are asking the wrong guy. You are on your own."

  36. I had an ex-girlfriend one time, we dated for 2 years talked about marriage and then ended up breaking up.. Her new boyfriend became obsessed with me ride by my place of work ride by my house if she ever got wind at when I was going to be she would show up with her...

  37. Sounds like maybe he has found someone to replace her and she thinks it’s you. Karma sucks!! Lol

  38. Well he probably is already sleeping with someone else because you leaving him created a vacancy. Block her and just continue to ignore that nut bag.

  39. I would try hooking up with the ex just to get a video of him and you together. Then dump him again and send her the video. Two weeks later I send her the video again... two can play her game..

  40. Either he’s cheating with someone else, or, if he’s found himself unable to do this, he’s fabricating a story in which you are desperate to win him back. This will have two effects on his life: it will allow him to daydream about you desperately trying to win him back, and will very likely cause his new partner to actually desperately try to win him back. There’s nothing a narcissist enjoys more than sitting back with their feet up and watching people grovel and fight and beg for their affections.

  41. So they start a relationship with someone cheating on their previous partner and then end up with a suprised-pikachu-face at the fact that they cheat on them too.

  42. This reminds me of something that happened w/ a former colleague. We worked together well. She's a woman but it was entirely platonic.

  43. My SO and I are working it out, but his AP is still after me. It's been 2 1/2 years! Some of the things she's done include texting me and saying he's a coward and she needs an explanation, sending me texts from fake numbers trying to pretend she's someone else he's cheating with, phoning me constantly at all hours from fake numbers and just playing music in the background then laughing and hanging up, stalking my social media and mocking me from fake accounts. The list goes on and on. My favorite is how she created a Pinterest board of memes that mocked me and the things I like, then used memes to make digs for taking him back. lol I think it's hilarious now, but at the time it was pretty brutal.

  44. My take would be he is liying. to you to her to everyone, usually to be a cheater you need to severly lacking in certain areas.

  45. She is insecure because she knows the quality of man she got, just ignore and let them be until one of them cheat the other.

  46. My mom used to be harassed by my fathers AP and her family. They’d call our house saying horrible things to my mom. The one thing, I will never forget, that my mom told the AP was just like my dad had cheated on my mom, that my moms consolation would be that he’d do the same to the AP. And he did. Lol

  47. Maybe it was ur ex using the ap number to take a jab at you...block an nc from anything from them they sound...mentally unstable.

  48. The time I found out. The old guy that was in this friends of friends group chat. He was the first one to leave the chat and then he posted on fb that he would hurt me and stuff. Alright buddy. You left the group chat the second I knew it was you.

  49. I agree with others’ suggestion of not responding but capturing all interactions and getting the law involved if the harassment escalates.

  50. Any unsolicited contact is harassment, just make sure you have you ducks in a row and you did not provoke that contact…. Then, file for harassment and a protection order…. If dancing is what she wants, then your song should be the leading tune…

  51. Sounds like she is getting a dose of what she helped bring into your life. Let her marinate in the stew that she helped make. Block her and ignore her. If she confronts you physically, get a restraining order issued against her.

  52. I know, best keep silent, but it would be funny if you knew the name of the woman her first husband cheated with and text her, "I think I saw him with ____."

  53. This chick sounds like a nutcase. I'd block her too and ignore it. It definetely deserves a laugh.. just her language and immaturity is cringey, nevermind the fact she thinks she won some prize in this cheating d-bag contest. Ok, congrats, you got a cheater who's likely going to do it to you if he hasn't already, Jezebel lol.

  54. I know why, because this cheater is a control freak and needs the Narc shot of drama to keep the spark going with your Ex-Cheater. And it is hearing and being compared to you a lot now and that is making IT crazy.

  55. My theory is he has been communicating with someone new or got a text from a girl or something and then he said it was you trying to reach out to him again. saving his own ass.

  56. Due to how there relationship started she’s probably very insecure and paranoid that he will do the same thing to her. Once a cheater always a cheater. Easier/will make her feel better to take her frustrating out on you than him. However, your the one who’s smashing life because you know when to get rid of dead weight

  57. Send her a mail back saying that, " I am not the one who contacts him. He is the one begging me to take him back telling me that he miss me and that he made a mistake being with you and that he will always love me more than anyone. Ask him to stop mailing me. For your information, I have already blocked him." Then block her too.

  58. You’ve got 2 options you can either cuss her ass smooth out & tell her to take her insecure ass to f**k off or you can block & delete her

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