1. I'm at 650 games, 115 wins. My ratio is getting worse lately since I'm hunting for ribbons. Elephant is giving me hell.

  2. Samee, I need 6 more to complete the first pack. I remember putting the elephant at the back at his run. Rat was a nightmare tho, good luck

  3. It's actually decent tho? I had the ribbon long ago, but I got 2 squirrels in the shop today and said why not- got it to level 3 and won after having not bought one in ages. Maybe try and go for whichever pet you're given in abundance. Oh, and good luck with chick and bee.

  4. 129/596 ...but the past few weeks I have been winning at a much higher rate. I usually get 4 or 5 wins out of 10 trying lots of different builds.

  5. Hot take I’m against win rate bragging. If you’re using the best pets to win every game, ya boring. It’s much more fun to go for hog wins than use fish bison penguin every game

  6. My winrate on pack 1 is 31% while my winrate on pack 2 is 11%. I'm ribbon hunting right now and completely done with pack 1 and still struggling thru pack 2 even though I have played double the matches in pack 2.

  7. 45/516. I was afraid to compare but that’s not so bad ha. I have t done any serious ribbon hunting though and it’s not a very high total. But I’m quite proud!

  8. Imo win rate can be a little skewed, there are those that go for only wins, then those that hunt stickers/badges and because of that their win rate will be lower. For example, going for a level 3 chick win is going to accumulate lots of losses.

  9. Am I a little addicted if I have 1384 matches played to only have 108 wins? (Although I am big on ribbon hunting with 70 ribbons)

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