1. From what the guy says it does and I trust him because he owns a literal classic car repair shop and he said he got it running when he bought it a year ago.

  2. Well it sounds like you're ignoring all the advice to walk away, but I feel like you might might actually know what you're getting into here...how much welding experience do you have?

  3. Definitely give it a chance. It's the 2nd best body style imo, right behind the 2 door fastback. If I saw a fastback, I would snap it up over anything

  4. Do what makes you happy man, if its $600 and it a goes to hell, then it's a $600 lesson, but if it does work out, you have a car that you can fix whatever on because you've already torn it apart, besides tinkering with an older car in my opinion is easier and better because of the lack of electric parts on it. But it already seems like your passionate about it, so go for it.

  5. I wouldn't personally. Mainly because if it's been sitting a long time, there's a good chance of rats infesting the wiring and eating it. Unless you're willing to basically rebuild the whole car, lol.

  6. I'm not saying you would. I'm saying that I personally wouldn't give him more than what a junkyard would offer you in scrap weight. Small car like that is $200 or so.

  7. Where would you source the new rockers/sills and inner sills and sections of floorpan. Imo if a car has that much rust in only one area then why is it only in that area.... it's not it's everywhere. The car metal,sealers,paint and everything else is the exact same age so suffered the same degradation. Rust is a natural part of metal it's silly to say its "just" in x area, if you've not seen the car naked in its bare metal

  8. If you have the money, time and knowlegde, or you atleast have plans to learn. Fuckin do it. Just temper your expectations if it becomes a bit more expensive than expected. Also dont expect to flip it, and make a profit.

  9. If it starts and moves under its own power (with minimal work...fresh fuel, clean up the carb+plugs), and you're comfortable welding in some new metal, I'd call $600 a perfectly good deal.

  10. He should be paying you to get that out of his yard. Tons of body work. New interior. Missing belts in the engine? If the cars been sitting outside for a year it will need new break lines, fuel lines. Battery.. and if the frame has any rust holes the car can never be road worthy again.

  11. If it runs and drives and you're capable of fixing it up then yeah $600 isn't a bad price. Just my opinion.

  12. Project Car or Daily Driver? I think you should definitely go for it as a project car, looks like fun! If you want it as a daily there are better options out there. Subaru's aren't really as reliable as we make them out to be, similar misconception with Volvo. This thing could have any number of small problems and trust me that's a pain for your daily.

  13. Pay him scrap price or dip you can find nicer examples for not much more you’ll end up with a lot of money and time invested when you could get one in better shape

  14. It's a running theme on Reddit to condemn a vehicle once it shows the sightest sign of rust so I wouldn't get overly worried about the rust related comments

  15. Fuck it. Buy it and see what comes of it. Worst case scenario, bring it to the junkyard or put it in another bush to sit for a year or two until another buyer comes along (you might be waiting a while)

  16. I guess it depends on what your goal is for it, and what you're willing and able to do. But I think it's worth $600! Looks like a sweet ride and in pretty good shape, considering.

  17. I guarantee you that thing has rust everywhere. If you sandblast it there's not gonna be anything left. I wouldn't touch it but you seem like you made up your mind so I guess it's gonna be a $600 lesson

  18. It's probably going to need a lot of work since you said the guy who owns it has a repair shop, if it didn't need a lot it'd probably be running. But man it's hard to find older subarus in my neck of the woods! It sounds like you really want it, I'd say go for it! It's a cool car!

  19. If you think it's worth your time and money fixing it up go for it! To me it looks more like a hobby car to work on the side with as fixing it all at once is going to get costly. But once it's going you'll love that car! Looks like a bunch of rust so be ready to sand and patch! I picked up a 66 corvair 10 years ago, got it for $800 and was in a little better shape than this gl. Couldn't get it working, took the whole thing apart multiple times, had a few people look at it and they all said it wasn't worth the time or money, ended up selling it to the scrap yard for $500. I regret getting rid of it, was such a neat car. Should of swapped a subaru boxer in it, would of been so cool.

  20. If those panels look that bad make sure you check underneath before you gladly pay $600. Rust can kill a project really quick. How’s your welding?

  21. I had an 83 GL that I ran out of oil. Sat in my parents driveway for a winter, then put oil in it, and it started right up. Could still hear a rod knocking around but it ran. ThIs era of subarus will outlive us all

  22. Get the thing already!!! Some naval jelly , some bondo here and there. Focus on getting it to run and drive nice. Haven't seen any key talk about the windshield , that might be the hardest part to find haha DO IT!

  23. If you have more money I have a rust free one with an Impreza swap that needs a ton of work. They’re good cars, simple and slow. Cheap and built to stay that way. Pretty hard to find parts for and the community has a real lack of love for the hard tops. Windows are gonna leak horribly.

  24. do you have a place to put it? if you clean it up it could definitely be worth more than asking price if drivable

  25. Offer him 350 and be prepared to pay 400. Make sure you have cash with you and show it (400) to him. Only if he's willing to let you walk away offer another 50 on top. You may get lucky.

  26. Would be worried about what’s been living in it for the year. Plenty of rodents and other little critters would be loving to live in this thing, plus larger rodents of the bipedal nature. But if you have the skills, space and time then would be a nice weekend job.

  27. He "got it started", then drove it here makes me suspicious. Bring a battery or charger and see what she can do.

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