1. Heck, Scizor is a better Flutter check since it doesn’t have to take 2 hits before the priority Bullet Punch melts Flutter.

  2. ah yes it should be noted that I primarily play doubles with vgc rules, so rocks is not something I encounter too often. you could probably pair this thing with glimmora pretty well to keep rocks off of your side

  3. when steel max spdef garganacl(or heck even base garg) can switch in on basically anything flutter has to offer, has reliable recovery, and can hit back with iron head(ohkoing if tera), how can you claim this moth set to be the best counter?

  4. Flutter Mane still has access to Mystical Fire, which is super effective vs Steel. However, Terra Fire Garganacl resists Shadowball (thanks to Purifying Salt), Moonblast and Mystical Fire. Fire's neutral to Psyshock which Steel resists, but then that has to go through Garg's Def which can be boosted further by Iron Defense. Not as good of a Garg Terra overall (2 weakness are the same as Rock), but the best Flutter counter Terra. Both options resist Energy ball, but neither resists Thunderbolt. Too many moves.

  5. Can someone explain to me what electric terrain is good for? Does it boost electric type moves? or only prevent pokémon from sleeping?

  6. Electric terrain boosts electric type moves by x1.3, and prevents grounded pokemon from sleeping. It also gives a boost in the highest stat for pokemon with the ability quark drive which is relevant in this gen.

  7. Great tusk assault vest sun is really good too. Maybe koraidon with heat rock. Also, does booster energy raise multiple stats if they are the same number?

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