1. Heck yeah that is awesome sounds like you all are a perfect team. Yesterday my daughter and I watched the clouds spun in circles and then just laid in the grass as the sky was lighting up with lightning it was so amazing 😍 and I did it sober 11 months for me. I'm so happy to see your story good for you and your wife🤗

  2. That's beautiful man. My wife's away too. I've been cleaning, training the dog, assembling flat-pack-furniture and making music. It would have been a very different story 4 years ago.

  3. Such an underrated benefit that a lot of people don’t understand. We need to thank the family friends and others who stuck by us and put up with our shit for so many years.

  4. YEAH! My husband is headed to Italy next week and the kids, dog, and I are gonna have so much fun! Work in the yard, make homemade pizzas, blanket forts, the whole deal.

  5. I’m home with the boys while my wife is at a wedding — I’m so proud of you and I for being the capable, reliable, and most importantly present parents that we are proving ourselves to be.

  6. Thought like everything my attention wouldn’t last but by the time they had the theme going I was in tears and watched the first two episodes. It’s mind blowing I never thought I’d see them again

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