1. Hey! Don’t be so down on yourself. Listen this covid shit is scary, bottom line. YOU! You! Are a hero to many and don’t know it bro. Grocery workers are the real deal right now. If not for you folk and the nurses and docs, this country would be WAY worse. 2 months?thats fucking awesome! ONE day does the body good. You’ve got it!

  2. So true! I appreciate those of you who are continuing to go to work so that we can still have access to food! If it were up to me, you would be compensated greatly. You're back on the wagon, where all the "cool kids" are hanging out. You had a slip, but you're not going to let unappreciative jerks ruin it for you!

  3. I honestly don't know if I could handle that kind of pressure, and stay sober, and I'm a nurse. Keep in mind, not everyone needs a healthcare worker...EVERYONE needs food. You guys are emphatically the "Front Line" workers. I'm a vegan, and the thought of working in the meat department, is depressing enough, without a 70 hour week, and people treating you poorly. I'm SO proud of you, for making the decision to stay sober. You're a freakin' rock star to the rest of us. Stay with us. You DESERVE sobriety. Your post just blew my mind, with your comittment, and personal bravery. It inspired me. Quite a bit. I was having a "Poor me....poor me...pour me a drink" kind of day, and you really upped the ante, for me to stick with it. Thanks. You're awesome.

  4. Welcome back. I know this sucks, but the one thing we can control in life is how we react to it. I know that drinking didn't solve anything, and maybe even made it worse, so all we've got is to face it head on and sober. Stay strong, and IWNDWYT.

  5. You have a new high score to beat. And major thanks to you and all of your co-workers. I’m so sorry you have to handle people at their worst. I think you’re an MVP.

  6. Just remember that the human condition is stressed as hell right now and everybody is blaming the most vulnerable. Just letting you know that I care about you and hope that you're alright. Things are going to get better and although it may take time till human understanding catches up, but trust me drinking is not the answer. I just hope you're alright.

  7. Sometimes we need those drinks to show us that we just cannot drink like normal ppl, it may be the best drunk you have ever had.

  8. As stressed as I feel being at work (I’m a warehouse worker for Amazon), I know it would be so much worse having to deal directly with customers right now, so I can see how it would be enough to make you fall off the wagon. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

  9. As a frontline worker you are having it tough at this time so don't beat yourself up about drinking. I have a feeling I might have done the same in your position truth be told! Start again and look after yourself. We all thank you for what you are doing to help us at this very difficult time. It is bringing out the best and unfortunately the worse in some people, but don't let the latter stop you looking after yourself.

  10. Well done for getting back on the wagon. THAT's what counts not the fact that fell off for a short time. Welcome back! IWNDWYT <3

  11. Do not be so hard on yourself. These are unsettling and unprecedented times. I had a relapse last friday, blew a 450 day streak. I refuse to get down about it. I did not pick up the bottle the next day. You can do the same, even after a week long bender, Stop again. A relapse is a lesson, learn from it move on.

  12. I am wishing you all the very best of strength and courage. We are all grateful to folks like you for what you are doing.

  13. Don’t be hard on yourself, I can totally relate to your narrative, and I think you will handle this.

  14. Same here! April 1st seems like a good date to get back into sobriety! Between Coronavirus, gorgeous weather and triggers everywhere it has been hard to abstain. Good luck and thank you for being on the front lines. You are brave! Can’t imagine what you have to listen to all day long. People can be jerks!

  15. I'm so sorry people are treating you like shit at work. None of you deserve that. Y'all are freakin' heroes. If we can't eat, COVID-19 will be the least of our concerns.

  16. It happens, don’t beat yourself up! Focus on all of the sober days you’ve had & stop looking at the past! IWNDWYT

  17. Thank you for your service. It's totally understandable that you've turned to self-medication, that's some serious trauma that you've experienced. Don't beat yourself up over it. Welcome back to the wagon- you've got this, friend! IWNDWYT!

  18. If an alcoholic wants to drink, he will find or make up a reason to do so. You made the choice. Hold yourself accountable and don’t make excuses. Best of luck with your future sobriety. IWNDWYT

  19. I was almost there too. I told myself I had to make a year without drinking. That year came and went last week - so that excuse I held onto is now gone (I want it to be longer, but if I told myself it was forever, I'd never have made it this far). The other day, I stopped and grabbed beer and ALMOST did it. Instead, I gave it a good amount of thought on the drive home, and instead left the beer in the car, drank a 0.0% heineken, and called it a night. That beer is still in the garage.

  20. I read somewhere that if you take a drink your "remembered" neural pathways engage and you go straight back to where you were. I keep telling myself the same thing will happen to me, I'll go right back to falling down drunk within a few days. The good news is knowing that's the way my brain got wired makes me understand moderation is not an option for me. It's something to consider. Learning how to handle stress is difficult, I cant say I'm very good at it (I yell a lot) We can pick ourselves up and try something else.

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