1. I'm in Nevada too... Looking at day 18 I think. I was sleeping so good the second week, now it's back to shit sleep and headaches to boot. Ugh. It had to get better!

  2. Whoop whoop!!! Slept maybe 30mins last night. The panic starts to set in at around 4:49. Lol. So specific but then I know there is no hope of a brain rest.

  3. Nevada checking in. I haven't relearned how to sleep normally yet (going into day 2 here). I hope by Saturday night it's better. 10 hour shifts with no sleep are hell.

  4. Nevada here too! Where are you headed today? I'm on day 28 and the insomnia sucks. I got a tease if amazing sleep during week two, now I'm craving that deep sound sleep more than a drink

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