1. Ha to be fair I wasn’t there. He sent this to our fantasy football group saying “bet you boys wish you could eat Steak for lunch everyday”. So I had to hit back with this. Reddit always delivers

  2. I don't really like dogging on people with stuff like this as I don't know this persons cooking level or more importantly experience with cooking steaks. Like obviously this is bad but if they are a beginner then actual critique is important for improvement. If this is a photo of them bragging then well ya roast away, but if they are looking on where to improve than that is something different.

  3. Getting that much cooked interior with no crust on the outside takes real skill. I’m frankly impressed.

  4. Honestly it just looks like he didn't let the steak rest before cooking it. That's my guess as to why the brown goes so far down while the middle is still pretty rare and the sear is really weak. If that's the case, next time when you pull the steak out of the fridge. Season it and let it rest for 10+ minutes (depends how cold the steak was) till the temperature evens out. Then, cook it.

  5. Did he feed it to a dog and it threw it back up? What’s with the horrible jagged cuts did he use a butter knife. Also why is there sticks on top of my steak?

  6. Hard to make it look that bad and look as inconsistently bad. Some of its fucking medium and some of it looks near raw. He hung half of it in the milk for boil and steamed the other half.

  7. As long as it tastes good who freaking cares? It's MR, crust isn't bad, just looks like they didn't dry it before attempting searing

  8. This is what it looks like when you take the sear sleeves that come in hot pockets and try to microwave a steak!

  9. Boiled in water then broiled in the oven? Is this chuck roast to begin with? There are so many tendons it looks like a leg from the original Alien movie.

  10. sure but usually when we do this, the person provides a picture of a steak so that we can roast it. Do you have a picture of his steak so that we can roast it?

  11. Many many things. Firstly, the cooking technique is incorrect. This meat has functionally been steamed or roasted, when it should be seared. Secondly, show doneness for steak is -always-medium rare, this is medium going on medium well: dog food.

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