1. The first duty of every Starfleet officer is to the truth. Whether it's scientific truth, or historical truth, or personal truth. It is the guiding principle upon which Starfleet is based. If you can't find it within yourself to stand up and tell the truth about what happened you don't deserve to wear that uniform.

  2. This, its not my favorite show but that ship is the one that sticks out in my mind as my all time favorite, the bridge, the design, everything there just aged so much better than the rest.

  3. I wholeheartedly agree with you on the Enterprise D. It's like why the US Navy would have a ship dedicated to ice cream in WWII. You can spare it, it makes the crew comfortable, why not? Hell, if you've got a soldier from an alien dictatorship wandering around, they might turn Federation if they think this is the baseline for how good everybody lives.

  4. My only complaint about the Ent-D bridge was that it didn't have enough stations. A ship that big with so many functions and departments would surely need more representation and butts in chairs on the nerve center of the ship.

  5. I will never get over the bridge of the D. It looks like the lobby of a Howard Johnson’s. Is that a good idea for a functioning starship bridge? Probably not. But it definitely seems warm and inviting.

  6. The only thing I don't like about the D bridge is command cannot easily view what's going on in the back. It's great for television, but I hate that aspect. Kirk is easily able to see and assess information from his crew (unless it's in Spock's magic science viewer).

  7. That was the main goal of the designer interestingly, he wanted to design a ship that'd look like an artwork or a floating palace. Because Humanity wouldn't need to build for efficiency anymore, so they could focus on Aesthetics and make their whole ships works of Art

  8. ST:TNG was endearingly cheap looking. I know it was an expensive show back then, but the sets at times looked like drywall with carpet stapled to it. (Besides, it was the Flagship of the Federation but 1701-D had Cloth Seats? Hrmph! I bet they didn’t even have upgraded speakers.). The flimsy looking sets made me respect the actors more. You should never underestimate the importance of costume on performance; the sets are far from irrelevant.

  9. What, you think there won’t be wall to wall carpet, like the kind in most dentist offices in the 80s had, on starships in the future?

  10. The Enterprise-D looks like the interior of a Saturn S-series with carpeting but pioneered a lot of the features I really liked about Voyager’s bridge (touch screens, tiered levels multipurpose workstations) and it had better lighting, so it’s a toss up between the 2 for me. Most bridges after that have looked too much like a soundstage. The TOS movie bridges had way too many CRTs dating them. The original was what it was, and looks great in that context, but doesn’t even look modern, much less futuristic.

  11. I always liked the changes they made to the bridge for 'Generations.' It gave it a more functional, command center feeling.

  12. It breaks my heart to ever betray the Enterprise D, but 30+ years later that ship interior looks really dated and phony. The bridge of the Enterprise D has such flimsy looking furniture. It's not cardboard like Kirk, but it's still cheap looking.

  13. I'd have to say its a toss up between the Enterprise-D's bridge from Star Trek: Generations (which if you compare, looks strikingly similar to the bridge used in the Season 3 episode, "Yesterday's Enterprise) and Voyager's. The only thing setting Voyager's bridge back a little, IMO, is that there is too much gray (which, was a critique of all of Voyager's interior sans Engineering).

  14. Always partial to the NX-01 Enterprise Bridge. It looks so much like something NASA would build, on a larger scale, freehanging computer screens, large analog buttons. You can believe that it's futuristic while also sensing that they haven't yet advanced that much in Starship design

  15. Why is the bridge so important on these starships anyway? During my Navy days, you’d more likely find the Captain in CIC than on the bridge. Kind of like BSG.

  16. The navy field warships, the UFP field exploration ships (with a few minor exceptions), they don't have a dedicated CIC because combat isn't their primary purpose.

  17. More narrative than anything else, I guess. The stories are about a crew working together, and communicating what’s happening to us.

  18. The D's tactical station is also terrible ergonomically, since it can't be raised/lowered to accommodate people of different heights. Also typing at a strong down angle is terrible for the wrists.

  19. By design, I think Voyager bridge is the worst due to stairs used. Star Trek the original TV series is bad due to the pedestal Captain’s chair and stairs. I like the Star Trek original movie and latest trilogy bridge except for the lens flaring they keep using for the Chris Pine trilogy.

  20. Overall, Voy is my favorite bridge design wise (followed by Defiant). The only two changes I would prefer was a. move the door next tactical to the other side of the podium. The current located is to open to someone attacking the chief of security. And b, I would prefer a wider viewscreen (a byproduct of modern series).

  21. The TOS film bridges have definitely aged better compared to either the TOS or the TMP one. While I like the idea of the touch-screen, it's just impractical, compared to the labelled buttons and controls that we got in the TOS Films, or the holographic controls Voyager implies.

  22. It’s funny because the NX-01 is probably the most generic and simple, but to me it looks like the year 2001. The computer monitors, the office chairs, the lamps and lighting all look so vividly like the year 2001, I can’t get past it. All the other ships look like “the future of 1989” or “the future of “1995.” What could all these strange tubes and channels and monitors be? But when you get to something that looks like my university computer lab, it falls apart for me. It was meant to look like the not too distant future, which somehow makes it look super old.

  23. Best & Worst for me is the 2009 JJ Enterprise bridge. The various HUDs and panels feel like a good way of being able to pass information without having to go directly to another person’s station. Overall the tech feels appropriate for a spaceship while the bridge maintained a sensibly open concept so it doesn’t feel too cluttered. It was a reasonable upgrade from something like the Kelvin’s bridge. Even the colors of the consoles/furniture wasn’t awful.

  24. TNG had the worst. TOS is obviously low budget and 60s kitschy, but for some reason it works, probably because I wasnt around then. TNG looks severely like a late 80s hotel room. It looks like in back to the future, when Marty comes back to the "good" 1985 and his loving room is all stylish.

  25. You are looking it from today's angle. Of course it looks dated. I bet in 40 years time, the shows produced today will look archaic.

  26. Gene Roddenberry insisted it to be a pleasant working environment. It had ample light, and nice wood textures. Newer shows have bridges that look too dark and edgy. If I were exploring the unknown, I'd be scared to be on the bridge of the Stargazer, in a dark metallic room with neon lights. I'd rather be on Enterprise-E.

  27. As for the worst bridge? Either Discovery's (it looks like a lobby of a modern skyscraper, and its HUGE), or sad to say, the new SNW Enterprise...too many light bars everywhere and the mysterious port-forward turbolift that has never been there before...

  28. Yeah I absolutely love the SNW bridge, but I just cannot take all the LED strips that drown out the console graphics. It makes it a little hard to tell what’s what, whereas on the Voyager you could clearly see everything on the bridge

  29. I am glad someone else mentioned lightnsrs of SNW bridge. It is distrscting gor me as a viewer and officers in that universe. They could have easily do it subtle.

  30. Worst would be the TOS Enterprise bridge(the 1701-D bridge would be my 1A.), while I feel that the E’s bridge has aged very well.

  31. Best: Voyager. Something about it just feels right. I don't really have the words to describe it, the aesthetics of it feel just a good as they did decades ago. It just works for me.

  32. I’d say the worst is the Defiant. It looks cheap and very plastic these days IMO. The forward console is also enormous.

  33. The one from Star Trek VI looks good, but something is a bit off. Was that the one that they made smaller and used camera tricks to make it look the right size? It feels a bit cramped sometimes.

  34. My top 2 best bridges are TNG and Undiscovered Country. I think the worst was Enterprise-A at the end of Voyage Home.

  35. SNW bridge is cool, but the lighting is terrible. There's always bright spotlights shining into the camera

  36. Defiant - Compact, functional, the Captain has line of sight to everyone without turning around. No "critical functions spread across 3 acres" like ENT D. 2nd place for this aesthetic of functionality is NX-01..

  37. I don't know if I remember that specific one but I was going to say something similar. The one's from the films seem pretty good. They seem modern but utilitarian. The bridge of a ship of any kind be it a star ship or a sailing ship is no place for feng shui or any kind of tasteful decor.

  38. I’m personally partial to the Defiant bridge, mainly because it was such a pain to film on that the directors on DS9 had to look to submarine movies for inspiration, which only served to enhance the overall atmosphere on board that ship

  39. The enterprise D bridge is the worse just so many questionable choices that get hand waived with “its an exploration” vessel.. big dumb access panels the control Panels under the giant view screen. Yuck all around always hated it. I don’t think the Discovery or updated Stargazer fair much better way to much open space. The SNW bridge i love lots of space yes, but its in rings with stations set up in call backs to TOS and Enterprise its great and makes a lot of sense to me

  40. I will always love the 1701-D bridge, but I can see how some might thing it hasn't aged very well. The interior of the whole ship screams budget hotel with its thin carpet, overuse of beige and insistence on bland planters everywhere. Oh wow, a bromeliad. How faux exotic. And planted in with a bunch of pathos and spathiphyllum. Might as well be a 90's funeral home. Then there's those weirdly-shaped and uncomfortable-looking padded sectional chairs, and holographic borders, and weird abstract sculptures.

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