1. I was a Clear Sky member, heard that they want to research and understand the Zone. There was a shortage of equipment, so that's why many weren't wearing faction's colors. Some claimed that their "camouflage" just looks stupid and they prefer their own armor. Others stood in defence of it saying that it help identifying your allies in swamps.

  2. Keep in mind that there is no evidence of the alleged Zone expansion. The only confirmed instance of it was after the very first large emission in 2006. The C-Consciousness representative was very likely lying, in order to persuade Strelok to join the project.

  3. I'm scared of your rock. I was there (sry for your buddy's) and it spoke to me. ROCKS SHOULD NOT SPEEK!!!

  4. I very often thought about switching to ecologist. They are pretty nice. As well they don't scam people and don't try to spread the "Order" militant.

  5. Both ecology and clear sky align with what i would do, instead of protecting it / destroying it, trying to understand it before taking any steps in either side would be a smart thing to do.

  6. I agree. I think I probably align with clear sky quite well in-universe, but went with duty because clear sky got wiped out right?

  7. Well, there are only three options I could reasonably pick: Loners, Duty, or Freedom. Since I am not insane enough to go north nor smart/insane enough to go through years of schooling to pick scientists.

  8. The Freedom faction was my immeditate pick because of their ideology. It believes that the zone is a miracle and it can be exploited for humanity's good.And no the zone is not expanding although its dangerous.Not to mention they are anarchists.

  9. Freedom has all the cool stuff that would attract me to a group, but I worry about the long term ramifications of what they’re doing. Someone said in one of the games that the zone extended a few km, and while that is quite small, I don’t think we know enough about the nature of the zone and its possible expansion to be lassez faire with it just yet

  10. I guess being a nobody loner who slipped through Cordon to explore the wealth of the Zone is the essence of being a stalker.

  11. The Monolith wills it. In all seriousness, I like that the Monolith are in effect a eusocial superorganism that's evolved beyond selfishness and emotion. They're by no means the good guys or even willing participants, of course, but they're a glimmer of what the C-Con wanted to achieve.

  12. Clear Sky makes the most sense to me. Basically Ecologists who aren't afraid of the gritty side of the Zone. Ever since The Incident I've just been a Loner

  13. I joined clear sky because of the clear sky drip. We have the best fashion in the Zone, on top of being badass scientists.

  14. I like the idea of loners Not the lovely money grabbing faks that are the mercs And not the mega hippiness? Of freedom Kinda do their own thing and work with everyone

  15. Freedom all the way, baby. There’s artifacts that create free electricity and heal people. Open it up and let people study it.

  16. Rostok seemed like a safe place to be, so that's where I chose to live. I guess that me being around Duty for so long influenced my choice of faction.

  17. I chose my playthrough of being a Dutyer because my stalker had lost too much of what little friends he had to the Zone's alien and monstrous mutants and anomalies. He saw that he could dedicate what he had to stopping these horrors at the front lines however he could, and that Duty could help him protect other people that he couldn't previously protect.

  18. The horror of the zone,I know there are things far beyond my understanding,but I do understand evil ind all it's faces,luckily,those things are not bulletproof,and I have plenty of bullets.

  19. Ah, you see, when you pursue legends and myths it’s best to stay out of squabbling faction’s politics. And personally, if it weren’t for my egghead companion I rescued from a pack of dogs in the Garbage, I might have joined Duty or even the EggHeads (solely for freedom of movement). But once I recruited my intellectual hombre I realized that rescuing people is what I’d rather be doing. Another advantage of being a Free Stalker is the negligence of your enemy; most mercs or bandits expect a rookie when they see a free stalker wandering around the Wild Territory or Garbage, this emboldens them to unwillingly give their precious loot to you. Uh oh, emission’s starting, me and Sergei gotta bunker up for the meantime, I’ll talk to you guys later.

  20. One day I was out searching for bottle caps and somehow ended up in Clear Sky base. I'm just kidding, I don't collect bottle caps.

  21. I like Mercs. I would only enter that hell hole where everything can kill you if someone pays me a big amount of money. Simple life of the merc FTW.

  22. From the get go, Clear Sky seemed to look like a faction perfectly fit for me, while they try to gather as much information as they can, they also are not shy to solve conflicts by weapons, which is a deterent about the Ecologists for me, because not every conflict can just be solved with money and/or diplomacy.

  23. I joined Freedom after a brief stint with the mercs and getting hunted down by duty lead me to escape to the army warehouses and decided to stay with them. Few months later, here I am, shooting rockfucker and zombie assaults at the barrier every other day and enjoying the finest weed Ukraine has to offer. Though my ideals aren’t too similar to freedom they’re the only people guarding the barrier, but duty fighting the bandits and those dumbasses that brought me to the zone is alright, even if they shot me back when I was a merc. In a perfect world I’d be in clear sky but they’re too dead for that.

  24. Well, ever since i have come to the zone i have been working for different factions, but for the last year or so i have been working with the mercs and you know what? They pay well, they got drip and most importantly proffessionalism. İ am no scientists so ecologists don’t interest me and i don’t believe that the zone will consume the world so i don’t work for those duty guys( even if it does expand what are going to do about it dutiers? Shoot it with AKs? Let ecologists worry about such things.)i also value individual freedom so military life style ain’t my thing . I also think that freedom is a faction of hippies and weirdos. They don’t have the professionalism i look for in my employers. And don’t even make me talk about rock lickers and cheeki breekis

  25. Picked duty cause i like their guns, and also how they help in cleaning the zone. Even though they really cannot eliminate every single mutant or stop the zone from expanding in the event it may happen, they are pretty cool people. I just don't agree with their war on some funny green dudes, they should focus more on mutants (especially controllers, one of them might eat some tasty dutyers if left alive)

  26. I like shooting monolith and when I saw how duty and the UA Army making cringe business while spreading their militant law I said no thanks. Freedom is more chill but I don't trust lukash The duty members are very rude against other stalker unlike other.

  27. Mercenaries: •Money. •I like guns so having access to high quality weapons and the money to afford them is fantastic. •No ideologies to weigh me down.

  28. I prefer to be a loner due to my mixed bag of ideals. I think people from the outside should be protected from the Zone, but they shouldn't be stop from entering at their own risk. I believe it is but an opportunity and a risk. There should be measures in place to isolate the zone as a threat to the world while enjoying as many of its fruits as possible. On a side note, I wish people could get along and kill each other to survive. The zone is only as good as its people.

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