1. I mean to be fair y’all are neutral with Mercs, not buds. If they want help they should of had more of their own...or maybe be more helpful to others.

  2. We're only neutral because, like Yar says in COP, we don't want another war. Practically we're opposed but we don't want to fight on too many fronts. It'd be too costly. Them dying on their own though...

  3. Likewise, brother. Them rocklickers are probably the most dangerous guys in the Zone (at least when I'm playing, but I also have fucking shit luck at anything other than Project Zomboid)

  4. Yooooooo another Spartan It's really rare seeing pictures of Leonidas as a pfp nowadays, i actually use pictures i found in KnowYourMeme as pfp for my YouTube, DeviantArt accounts and such

  5. I would like to help but when I try and they shot me every time so the end of the story I have to neutralise both parties..

  6. The be part about being a Merc is that we're neutral even with each other lol, if you don't have cash, 300 patches, or an artifact in a carrier already, I'm going back to bed

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