1. You call support from freedom on your radio, the metal door holds strong as the bloodsucker attempts to bash it down. The freedomers arrive and the howls of the bloodsucker go quiet, the freedomers see no signs of a bloodsucker. Over the radio they tell you its all clear, until you hear the sound of gunfire and screams. The bloodsucker turned invisible when it saw more people, the freedomers are slaughtered over the radio and all you can do is listen to the screams of your saviors being torn limb from limb

  2. You rush outside with a pot of coffee and two mugs, unfortunately the bloodsucker does not understand you as you are dressed as a free stalker. The bloodsucker punches through your chest and tears out your heart. You do not scream, you do not move, you only stand there as the light leaves your eyes.

  3. You continue examining your artifacts and heat some tourists delight for dinner, your weapons are all checked and cleaned. Your ammunition is stocked and your knife is sharp. Eventually the howling stops, has it left? You check the peephole again and see nothing. Do you go outside to check?

  4. I'll call some poor rookie over with the promise of splitting an artifact prize with him. Then while the bloodsucker mauls the poor man to death i'll swing the door open and load a magazine straight into the ugly bastards chest.

  5. You open the door to the gruesome sight of a bloodsucker feeding on the poor fool you called for help, there is around 4 meters between it and you. You flip your vss to full auto and unload into the bloodsucker. Enough rounds connect to scare it away, for now

  6. Too small for a bullet, besides it has a glass fish eye lens anyway. The door looks sturdy but the creaking it makes as the bloodsucker tries to bash it down is a troubling sound. What do you do?

  7. I keep my M4A1 RAS and saiga-12 shotgun with me after cleaning them. Load the shotgun and alert my nearby comerades to the danger, and tell them to distract the bloodsucker do I can pump it full of buckshot

  8. Your comrades arrive and you rack the charging handle of your saiga, the banging on the door stops and you open it to see ivan being chased by the bloodsucker. You sprint after the two and shoot the bloodsucker in the leg, this shot causes it to trip and fall to the ground, you stand over it and put the barrel of the shotgun in its mouth before pulling the trigger. You invite your friends to come eat dinner with you and see the artifacts you have collected.

  9. Your trusty double barrel in hand you load two shells of buckshot, knowing very well this could be the last shots you ever fire. You unlock the door and let the hideous monster bash open the door. It lets out a ear piercing howl before charging straight at you, it leaps into the air winding its arm up for a slash as you point the two tubed death stick towards its face and squeeze the trigger. Youve only fired the shotgun in open spaces, your ears ring from the deafening blast your shotgun makes. The bloodsucker lies on the ground, it slowly gets up with a more horribly decayed face then before and its begins to run away.

  10. After doing so and opening the door you are charged by the bloodsucker and thrown to the ground, it lifts its foot up and forces it downward. Crushing your skull and killing you instantly.

  11. You kick open the door causing the horror in front of you to stumble back a few feet, you pull the trigger and fuckin despawn the bloodsucker. Being its a heat round and you are in a confined ish space you are burned badly and pierced by shrapnel. As you look up at the ceiling as the darkness closes in around you and you drift off into the unknown

  12. Tbh i am new and didnt, this was a learning experience for me. I forgot how (how do i put it) batshit insane? Yes batshit insane freedomers are. To the point of trying to be “intimate” with a bloodsucker. There are some weird characters in the zone

  13. Ignore it and take a nap with my shotgun beside me just in case, since it'll go away on its own. Mutants are still mostly living things and it needs to eat, plus, fighting a bloodsucker while you're tired just seems like a really bad idea imo.

  14. You finish inspecting the artifacts, cleaning your weapons and heat some dinner in the small wood stove in the corner. You begin packing your backpack for the trip to sell your artifacts tomorrow. You lie in bed drifting off to sleep as the incessant banging on your door eventually dies out.

  15. I ready up my trusty GP37 fully loaded with ammo and an F-1 Grenade. I then began to slowly go towards the door, ready to open it, pull the pin if the grenade, open the door, throw the grenade, and close the door quickly.

  16. You hold the grenade in your right hand pin pulled gripping it with all your might as to net let the spoon fly out. In your other hand you hold your gp37. As you reach towards the doorknob you realize both of your hands are full (something i have done several times) and you have to use both your wrists to kinda annoy the door handle open (another thing i have done several times) it miraculously works and the door is now unlocked and unlatched, you open the door just enough for the grenade to squeeze through snd you roll it across the floor towards the beast before quickly shutting the doors and covering your ears. A loud explosion can be heard and the door shakes and dust falls from the rafters above you. You peer out the peephole and see a horrible mess of limbs and blood sprayed across the entrance to your base. You let out a sigh of relief and remove the magazine and render your gp37 safe so you may continue cleaning it.

  17. Given that Bloodsuckers need to also hear me to be able to find me, I load up my Vintorez and take an SPSA-14 with me just in case. Using the incessant bashing, I create a makeshift barricade through which it can't see me until I fire, and if it survives the Vintorez, I have enough time to pull out the shotgun before it tears down the barricade. I attach a rope to the handle in a way I'd be able to open it with a single yank, and I pull once in position.

  18. The door swing open and the bloodsucker stands in the doorway, theres about a meter and a half between you and it. You auickly line up your sights and pull the trigger, most of the bullets connect but it still stands there. You quickly switch to your shotgun and wait for it to make its move, it rushes foward and begins to wind up for a clawed swing at you, pulling the trigger sends a blast of lead hell into the face of the bloodsucker killing it.

  19. You flip down your altyn visor and set down the claymore, you unlatch the door locks and back away. The bloodsucker bashes the door open and rushes in. The claymore detonates and tears apart the monster, unfortunately due to the small size of your hideout and your cover being a small wooden table you were caught and the blast radius you were thrown against the wall of your hideout ruining the painting of the zone you had been working on for months.

  20. Opening the door classifiedly you shoot at him with your classified bullets. The bullets rip through the body of the bloodsucker and you bury the corpse in a classified grave. For dinner you eat some classified canned food with classified water and then go to sleep in your classified print bed

  21. am i rookie in this scenario or seasoned vet? also do i received military training? or perhaps even ex spec ops? (if i am a merc).

  22. I throw grenades like hell and kick open my door, flick my AK74M’s Grenade launcher and fire a potato sized explosive into the bastard!

  23. Readying your grenade launcher and holding a grenade in hand you kick open the door and tackle the bloodsucker to the ground plunging your knife into its head and jamming a live grenade into its mouth, you quickly stand up and run to the door before shooting the aforementioned potato sized grenade into the bloodsuckers body. The beast is dead, its body torn asunder. Cleaning your base as not to attract unwanted attention is tough but doable, after cleaning it all up and finishing your chores you finally have a moment of rest as you sit down to eat your dinner.

  24. Opened can of tourists delight in hand you quickly open the door toss the food and shut it again, the banging grows quieter until it eventually stops. Checking the peephole again you see it is gone, finally safe you finish maintaining your weapons and appraising the artifacts. As you fall asleep you wonder if the tourists delight working was a freak accident.

  25. Take as many pictures as I can. We need to document every creatures of the zone carefully so one day we can live in peace with the zone, not fearing the dangers nor miss the opportunity it could give us.

  26. From the peephole you sketch pictures of the monster in front of you, noting its features and behaviors. Hypothesizing of what some of its body parts do, completely fascinated by the creature banging on your door. And then you open the door and shoot the everliving shit out of it.

  27. Eh its the cheapest land you could find and was a bit of a fixer upper but the door might hold, i mean you picked the expensive metal one didnt you?

  28. This thread will be archived on sunday, at 10pm pst . I will attempt to get to everyone’s answers as best i can but if you dont get answered in time fear not! I will be doing more of these in the future

  29. You Step away from the peephole and contemplate what to do. You can hear its howls. they are not of anger, but of sorrow and grief. It almost sounds like sobbing. You open the door and invite it in. It stands in the doorway puzzled, so many others would try to kill it but you show it kindess. It does not speak your language but the look in its eyes asks a question, “ why human? Why are you doing this?” It cautiously walks inside and takes a seat in one of the wooden chairs at your dining table, you walk to the fridge pour it a glass of water and turn on the stove to heat a can of tourists delight. You two eat in relative silence and eventually the bloodsucker walks to the door and you open it, the look in its eyes now say “thank you” as it walks off into the darkness.

  30. You open the door and submit to your fate, you put up no fight as the bloodsucker drains all the life from your body. Your last words as the darkness closes in around you and you close your eyes on final time is “worth…. Itt”

  31. You don your freedom unif and grab a bottle of vodka. You open the door and invite him inside. He sits at your table and you two discuss your lives in the zone. His name is dave, dave is a pretty chill guy. But only really to freedomers. You guys talk and drink into the night and when you wake up the next day dave is nowhere to be seen. You wish him well, wherever he is.

  32. I would set up a Vietcong style trap near the door and open the door from a distance with a rope. I have my trusty TOZ-66 nearby in case things go rough.

  33. You open the door and begin default dancing. The bloodsucker looks on in horror as it realizes it is not the monster, you are. As he dials 911 you begin to feel a strange pain in your chest, a deep gnawing pain. Something you have not felt before. The pain becomes so intense you fall to the ground in agony. As your vision gets darker and darker you can hear the sirens of the cringe police getting closer and closer.

  34. You do so and it has no effect on the door whatsoever. You begin to regret rhe actions you have taken slightly as the fan that circulates air into your hideout begins to circulating the smell of piss into the air. You eat your dinner in sadness and disgust as you realize with each passing moment you are permutated by the horrid stench more and more. You barely fall asleep that night despite the comfortable mattress and blanket.

  35. Realize bloodsuckers lack the mental strength to operate a doorhandle, wait for it to get bored, wander off, and then shoot it in the back with the highest caliber weapon available.

  36. Realizing why you purchased the expensive door and not the cheap one you continue your work until you hear the banging stop, hearing this you look out the peephole and see the monster walking away, you grab your svd and line up the sights on the back of the terrors head. You hold your breath and everything feels still for a split second, a gunshot echoes and the bloodsucker is dead. Impressed by your marksmanship you walk back inside and pour yourself a shot of extra strong vodka (its like methanol but drinkable technically)

  37. You finish cleaning your weapons and examining your artifacts and sit down to a dinner of heated tourists delight and vodka and toast your friend outside the door as the sky turns red and your friend outside the door falls dead. You go to sleep knowing youll have to clean up his dead body tomorrow but it will be worth it

  38. You have prepared for this, you put a pipe above your door to toss grenades out. The pipe lets small amounts of radiation in but you expose yourself to tons of radiation each day. You pull the pin roll it through the pipe and cover your ears. A loud explosion is heard and the door shakes violently. Peering through a now lensless peephole you notice only blood and limbs where the bloodsucker once stood.

  39. As you ready your shotgun you unlock the door and let him barge in, panicking a small bit you hastily aim and pull the trigger. Two shots can be heard, you look and the beast is dead before you. It looks more like a skeleton then a body. You drag the body outside and close and lock the door for a final time this night.

  40. You ready your shotgun and aim it at the door, ready for it to come off its hinges. You wait long into the night, fear setting in as your hear the impact of flesh against metal again and again and again. The air grows stale and your eyes feel heavy as the incessant banging keeps you awake with fear. Fear that if you fall asleep for even a second it will break in. You lie on the ground shotgun loaded for hours, and hours, and hours. And then, you wake up. You had fallen asleep to the banging sound and you have awoke because the sound that had been tormenting you for the night is gone. Its finally gone. You relax for a second and get up to go check the peephole. Its gone, nothing is outside your door. You pull the blanket over your head and drift off to sleep

  41. I mean it’s a locked metal door with a peephole so given this things are structurally strong as fuck, I’d be fine just to chill inside my bunker til it fucks off and eats someone else. Besides, bloodsuckers are pushovers, if I need to go outside I’ll put my heavy exo on and grab my AA12. Speaking from experience, a single bloodsucker isn’t doing much against rapid fire hail of flechette rounds.

  42. After thinking about the quality of your door and the current status of mutant hunting you walk to your workbench and set down your backpack on the ground next to your chair, reaching inside you pull out a small artifact. Its a strange polygonal shape you can’t quite describe, you feel a glow of warmth emanating from it and when you pick it up you feel a small jolt of energy. After sorting through the rest of the artifacts you eat some dinner and fall asleep in your chair reading

  43. I am waiting for it to go away, then put an IED in the corridor. I slam the door shut and get back to cleaning my guns.

  44. You step outside with a radio and begin playing your music, you drop into a squat and await the creatures move. It seems confused at first but then realizes what it must do, the bloodsucker drops into a squat as well and you two listen to the music for a couple hours. Eventually the bloodsucker gets up and wanders off, probably had to go home or something of the like. You pick up the radio and congratulate yourself on another situation handled before walking inside.

  45. You remove your stuff gas mask and put your hood down and open the door vodka bottle in hand, inviting him in. The two of you drink and talk for a while, learning things about each other with each passing second. His name is dave, dave has two sons and a wife, dave owns a mushroom farm in an underground mutant city. You say one day youd like to see this city, dave tells you its not all its cracked up to be. Many mutants are jobless due to the influx of new stalkers, mutant crime is getting a bit out of control and the mutant police are struggling to contain it. You still say one day you would like to go there, dave says one day he will return and take you there. Eventually dave must leave, he leaves after you have passed out during the drinking. You dream of the underground mutant city, a paradise for all mutants.

  46. Being a freedomer you think yourself safe and cool because you are freedom! And there is a metal door between us! But then in the deepest darkest reaches of your mind you hatch a plan, a terrible plan, an awful plan, a dirty plan. You retrieve said handcuffs and unlock the door. You strike a provocative pose in front of them and are suprised when they grab you by the neck and lift you into the air, its hard to breathe. Your vision begins to darken and your arms go limp. A crunching sound can be heard and your body is rendered lifeless.

  47. Being a psychic (or something of the like) you open the door and speak to the bloodsucker in its own language. Your abilities are not that vast but contain mind reading and quick language learning. You deduce the bloodsucker to be vulnerable mentally and explain russels paradox to it. You see it begins to be confused, afraid. It looks around terrified, scared. Your paradox has boggled this fools mind so much it thinks it is in danger. You can sense the paradox was beyond this poor creatures mental capacity. It begins violently convulsing and its eyes roll back in its head, the brain of the creature begins to enlarge and push against the skull with enough force to burst out. It lies dead, your paradoxes have killed the vile beast.

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