1. I did some research, I have taken this when I was in grade 10 and ot didn't do shit tbh :(. 450g is 11,500 on daraz now wtf 😭

  2. Ask a Ayurvedic doctor how to gain weight , they have some simple and easy methods . I know it’s not about supplements and such but those are very simple methods .

  3. V. amateur bodybuilder here who has bulked/cut multiple times +-20kg and is bulking right now despite the increased cost of food:

  4. Bro on the topic of Samaposha and Soya Meat, I still get bodybuilders telling me to best avoid soy based products but they don't give proper reasons. Probably telling from hearsay.

  5. Some research shows that regularly eating soy products like edamame, tofu, soy milk, and miso may cause a drop in testosterone levels.

  6. Any good Whey protein should be alright. Personally I've used ON Gold Standard which is good. I'm not sure of the price now but its towards the lower scale. Make your own shakes, add things like fruits, peanut butter, yoghurt and oats to it to up the calories.

  7. Check out this thing protienex. It's basically pure protien, tastes really bad. Buts under 2k for a small tin. For a bit more they have a flavoured one as well. It's made in SL by astron, hence the price.

  8. I'm naturally and genetically extremely skinny, i doubt cholesterol will be problem. I eat more and exercise more than my bro vut hes still bigger. I think ill try smoothies but even milk is so expensive and samaposha is not as protien rich as we thought, i did some packet checking and comparisons once with prices.

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