1. Patel got starbase really going, and he's moving to the cape, so that tells me it's time for Starship dev at the cape to accelerate.

  2. We have elderly family with a winter house in the area. We have visited them and visited Starbase. The area close to the base is seriously depressed. The area 45 minutes north around McAllen is nice. But neither is California. If I had a family, there is no way they would want to make that move.

  3. Just a reminder that SpaceX is private, Elon can do pretty much whatever he wants. Its also a good thing for him to let others take more control of SpaceX, you dont want this company to die with its founder. Gywnne is a titan of her industry, she will lead SpaceX to greatness.

  4. Without reading into the details of the announcement too closely, I do agree with the sentiment that he should ensure the high-rate of innovation and progress at his various companies continues beyond his direct involvement/lifetime.

  5. I’ll be blunt: Now that the company has its legs, I think it would be better for SpaceX overall if Elon stayed pretty far away from the operational aspects.

  6. Well private until he needs a few dozen billion dollars to recover from his twitter disaster and the banks won't loan him any more money - or worse come asking for their existing loans back . Any ideas on who would like to pick up SpaceX ?

  7. I think people are making too many assumptions. She always was very much involved and I'm sure is quite capable of continuing. It's not like he won't be partially living down there still and overseeing big decisions.

  8. Still tho, hearing that Gwynne is more involved should bring comfort to everyone, regardless of the rest of it

  9. Elon was never the head of Starbase to begin with, it was Sam Patel I believe. Moving Gwynne to Starbase just indicates that things are progressing faster now. This is not delegation, it's acceleration.

  10. Plus I think that a lot of the hard technical decisions for starship have already been made. Now it's more of a crossing the t's and dotting the i's situation.

  11. shotwell is by far one of the most competent executives of all time, she’s downright amazing. musk gets the credit but I think she has way more to do with spacex’s success than him.

  12. Yeah I'm reading all these comments and thinking "you people know that SpaceX wouldn't be what it is today without Shotwell right?". She is pretty much solely responsible for selling an "unkown" to customers in the early days while in an industry where change and uncertainty were essentially abhorrent, and then making sure they delivered. She is flat out amazing at what she does. This is good news for Starship, no matter how you slice it.

  13. As an Elon Fanboy I love Gwen Shotwell just as much. The headline is clearly misleading, she’s always been CEO of spaceX and she’s always been in charge. Elon is just lead designer, head engineer or whatever you wanna call it. As owner of the company he’s smart enough to leave the rains to her but that’s been the case for almost the entirety of spacer’s history. She’s gotten plenty of spotlight for herself and believe it or not, her vision is even grander than Elon’s she wants to go interstellar eventually.

  14. Well, to be fair, Elon founded the company by himself with his own money, as the CEO and lead rocket engineer. Gwynne was one of the first employees. She was leading sales, that is true. After SpaceX made its break-through she took care of stabilizing operations as COO.

  15. Man screw this/his bullshit. Thank god they have Gwynne at the helm still. Elon got fucked with his shenanigans and the lawsuits were threatening enough that he ended up forced to buy twitter at a huge loss, already impacting tesla through his stock-backed risky loans.

  16. That is a terrible loss of focus from his primary mission. Maintaining free speech and stopping a left wing white wash of all social media platforms is important, but it's not worth sacrificing progress towards a multi planetary species. Twitter is an unwelcome distraction.

  17. I think he just wants someone to take over now that he realizes he's designed a rocket so large that it can't take off without destroying the launch pad.

  18. Now Shotwell, Juncosa and Afshar have to figure out how to ground test the 33 Raptor 2 engines in the booster without causing a RUD on the OLM and a possible Wickwick disaster (loss of launch vehicle, OLM and OLIT). Will a 5-second static firing of those 33 booster engines at less than full thrust be adequate to risk an attempt at the first Starship launch to LEO?

  19. Starbase is the ground test facility. The booster is too big to ship elsewhere (as of right now.) So they have to test it where they launch. With the FAA delay, they did a lot of work towards the permanence of the OLIT and other launch infrastructure and they don't want to lose that.

  20. I am genuinely curious to see how this Twitter thing shakes out. It's obviously been a total poop show to this point, but I'm interested to see what Elon ends up doing with it. Kind of surreal to have the money and power to just take over a monstrous and well entrenched tech company like that and just start pulling on levers and seeing what stuff does.

  21. The only thing I'll miss about Twitter is updates for launches. Pretty much everyone updates on Twitter now. If Twitter does go under, I wonder how SpaceX, Spaceflight Now, Eric Berger, and just about everyone else intends on getting information out to enthusiasts and "rocket chasers" since some of them (like SFN) actually make money off it. It's only a matter of time until people start impersonating accounts like SpaceX and ULA on Twitter and making bogus posts just to "troll". The platform is no longer going to be viable for sharing info unless something is changed.

  22. Thanks for the context, actually useful. That being said (and everything wrong about BI), there are others that reported a similar thing. So unlikely to be untrue.

  23. Shyamal Patel who has been the director of starbase for over 2 years at this point (yeah elon isnt actually in direct charge of starbase, surprising i know) he is going back to cape

  24. I think we all need to start thinking of a future for SpaceX where Elon isn't around anymore. The dude is going off the deep end and may one day end up behind bars for market manipulation. He sure as hell is no longer interested in Mars or making humanity multi planetary.

  25. I wouldn't go that far. Sure he's an eccentric dude, but nothing about the current situation suggests to me that he is any less interested in Mars or space exploration. He's always had his eggs in several baskets.

  26. He was a major part of the reason I got into the industry, and has made a fool of me for supporting him for this long. SpaceX the company, will continue to change the world - Elon has lost sight of that and I only wish I could lose sight of him too.

  27. Isn’t getting to Mars the whole aim of everything including Tesla? To fund human Mars missions and eventual colonisation? Or has he walked that back?

  28. I'm of the opinion that somebody this volatile shouldn't be directly in charge of an active and successful aerospace company that puts critical defense payloads into orbit. The military already expressed concern over him smoking weed on Joe Rogan's podcast for that exact reason years ago, and Elon is arguably even more of a risk now.

  29. Man there's some serious overreacting here. Yes, we don't all like Elon's actions sometimes but don't forget he's chief engineer - starship was of course developed by a LOT of very smart individuals, but Elon is much more than 'upper management'. The worries about him killing SpaceX are absurd

  30. It seems like this implies the amount of focus Musk is placing on Starship development is decreasing drastically, which if true is a real bummer :(

  31. It's actually probably the opposite. Elon was never the leader of Starbase, Sam Patel was. The fact Gwynne is now going to lead Starbase means things are going to pick up pace. This might not indicate anything about any change in Elon's involvement with Starship.

  32. Honestly it seems like a good thing. The last few months (and better part of a year) has just been routine testing and building up to the OFT, not the rapid fire R&D and test-destroy-test of the heady days of hops. No major design changes have happened or are going to happen until data comes back from the orbital test, so it's better at this point to have a steady hand guide the operation - something that Shotwell has excelled at. There's no doubt in my mind that Musk comes back in full force at Starbase right before the OFT and after, when they begin building the variants in Starship architecture (HLS, Tanker, Crew etc...)

  33. He's one guy. As clever as he sometimes is, if he's necessary for SpaceX to make great decisions despite all the other engineers there, that's shocking.

  34. Elon needs to walk away from SpaceX before is wrecks it. Gwynne would be an amazing CEO and has already proven so in her current roles.

  35. For all of Musk's foibles, SpaceX wouldn't be what it is today without his singular passion, drive, and vision, and I don't think SpaceX's grand ambitions would survive without him. It would become just another launch provider.

  36. Given that Musk is acting more erratic and Starship is critical to the survival of the company, this makes sense. I know someone else managed Boca Chica officially, but with Elon living onsite I'm sure they were very much driven by his whims.

  37. I bet nothing huge is actually changing, they’re probably just trying to put someone who isn’t Musk on display since he’s extra-polarizing today

  38. Wouldn't surprise me if elon is taking the bench, mans not cut out for the long game that starship is currently playing. I don't mean gone gone I mean not everywhere doing everything

  39. Acronyms, initialisms, abbreviations, contractions, and other phrases which expand to something larger, that I've seen in this thread:

  40. I’ve noticed that these stories seem to indicate that Musk does not actually live in Boca and stay focused on StarShip. I know he did sometimes but I wonder when and for how long. Otherwise how could he be surprised that the launch date was further off than he stated numerous times? Will Gwen live there? The YouTubers constantly spin that “things are going to happen imminently and that every apparent setback is progress but I think our emperor’s clothes look thin.

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