1. Boereworse is already at its peak. Maybe they trying to improve Haggis by turning into wors. But you deffs can't improve wors by making it from Haggis.

  2. Could be good - I mean plenty of people enjoy skilpadjies and pofadders, most saffas aren't complete strangers to organ meats. I'm personally not a fan, not even a big meat eater so I'll pass.

  3. Haggis is actually really amazing , like mixing Mogodu, boerewors and black pudding together and sticking it inside a pigs stomach (there's also heart and lung)

  4. To be fair, you get a boerewors called a Pofadder, made from big intestine and minced organs with sheep tail far. It's a delicacy and very tasty if prepared well. Haggis is intestines too like liver kidneys, heart etc.

  5. I could see a place for this? Like a coriander forward haggis. Legally you can’t call it “boerewors” unless it’s at least 90% meat and contains no offal except for the edible casing. You could just call it “wors” though.

  6. I mean it says boerewors, so it should contain 90% meat with no more than 30% fat so that doesn't leave much space for the onion and the oatmeal, nevermind that eating lung is disgusting and should have no place in a meat dish.

  7. This is sold in the UK, our food regulations obviously have no force there, calling it "boerewors" was simply to stoke nostalgia for a taste of home.

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