1. Costco choice ribeye and rack of lamb. 56C for 4 hours in the same bath. Finished with charcoal chimney sear. Lamb is the best I've ever had. Steak seasoned with McCormick Montreal steak seasoning. Lamb seasoned with garlic, salt, pepper, rosemary and drenched with olive oil and grapeseed oil.

  2. Some steaks will vary. I did a filet at 132 the other day and the inside was redder than this, surprising, but tasted great

  3. I'm not sure why but they come out differently from batch to batch. Perhaps depends on how long I leave in the fridge before cooking.

  4. I have a Costco rack of lamb and prime ribeyes on hand. It never occurred to me to make them both at the same time, but now you’ve got me thinking....

  5. I just got lamb breast from Walmart, never had it before. Requires 24-48 hour bath. Anybody have experience with it???

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