1. Not according to them, to police officers and other shitbags, they're just scum they can bully, beat up and shoot at for fun.

  2. Here's the thing, for a capitalistic society to function you need incentives to not be poor. If you're poor enough to be homeless, that's the worst offense. That's why a ~5% unemployment rate is actually a "good" thing in our capitalist society. They allow them to exist so that you can see what happens to you if you don't comply. We could all burn it down tomorrow and guillotine the capitalist class, but that won't happen because we have the threat of homelessness. It's working as intended. That's why even in the "richest" country on earth we don't have guaranteed housing or medical care.

  3. The vast majority of America doesn’t think homeless people are humans. It’s fucking ridiculous shit. There are plenty of Americans who would gladly exterminate every homeless person if it meant they got to walk outside without seeing the products of capitalism’s exploitation

  4. Cops and businesses don't give a shit about people. In America, it's been ruled over and over that cops are not legally required to protect you. Their job is to protect property, issue citations and make arrests. Businesses only care about customers, not people. Your ability to pay for their products and services is what makes you a valued entity. This is just a business calling the cops to remove an unvalued entity(someone without the capacity to be a paying customer) from their property. Things are working exactly like they're designed to here.

  5. The fucking man started to cry at the end. This makes me want to do things. I feel so bad for that guy. Cameraman is a legend

  6. It's called Social Death, a form of dehumanization. see, Making Monsters by David Livingstone Smith (Harvard, 2021) as happend to the Jews in early 1933 Germany, but it's apart of all genocide studies. The targeted group is viewed as 'less than human, the other.'

  7. Anybody else see a clip of a JRE episode where Joe was astonished that people can't just come up and steal and throw away homeless people's shit?

  8. A black man and a female, two groups who were notoriously not seen as people for the larger history of America, given the slightest bit of power and begrudging acceptance, immediately become class traitors. Shocking

  9. I’m a homeless disabled Iraq veteran with PTSD etc. went to the VA American Lake in Washington state to get treatment and the cops kicked me out and told me to sleep outside the front gate. One had his hand on his gun the whole time too.

  10. What did the police officer do wrong? Blame the McDonald’s. McDonald’s like all other private businesses can refuse anyone to be on their property. Police is just enforcing that

  11. If a homeless person can't even get a meal at a fast food restaurant these days, where the hell are they supposed to go if they have a bit of cash to spend on a warm meal?

  12. I know you were likely being hyperbolic, but unfortunately a lot of the unhoused find shelter in the sewers. We called them "the tunnels" but they were sewers. They set up beds, sleeping bags, couches, etc down there. Gets raided by cops and flooded by rain every now and again. Its every bit as bleak as it sounds.

  13. There’s something seriously fucking wrong with America. It’s obviously not everybody, but there’s far, far too much of this disgusting kind of attitude.

  14. They (the people in control, usually but not limited to republicans) defunded education and made it essentially illegal to teach empathy. All the way back to the Reagan administration and probably before that.


  16. Jesus christ I feel so awful for the homeless man... Both the McDonalds staff and police are heartless bastards. This shows nothing but their resentment and disgust for those unfortunate enough to lose everything. Let it be on their conscience on their death beds.

  17. I've been in his position and it's embarrassing, everyone looking at you because you need help. If he was begging you don't think that was punishment enough for him? Having to ask strangers for help? You'll go days without an actual beneficial meal, your body literally eats you alive after so long.

  18. I’d say a week, one day is manageable for any human, one weeks and the mental effects have truly burrowed their way in and stuck

  19. I don't think they'd learn anything. Their 24 hours of homelessness would end and they'd go right back to abusing people with less power than them.

  20. Cop—You have to leave because this is private property. Citizen—Well, can you help me get my property back? Cop—That’s not my job.

  21. These people - the police officer as well as the manager - are brainwashed, willing tools of the oppressing classes, acting in apparent violation of morals they probably hold dear.

  22. So she could respond to a complaint by a multi-billion dollar company but not ask if he should get a refund for not being allowed to finish his meal?

  23. "I'm not a civil court", good thing they have both receipts, haven't touched their food, and are still in the restaurant. Absolute clown officer, manager too.

  24. What town did this take place? Everyone needs to give them a google review so they know what kind of people they’re giving their money to -and is this a franchise store or company store?

  25. Myrtle Beach, SC. Video went viral in 2018. Wanted to link an article, but everything Google provided was copaganda. One even interviewed the dude in the video, then proceeded to talk about his priors and end with a weaselly quote from the mayor. Throw the whole town away

  26. Fuck Google reviews, people need to stand outside that store with big signs that say this place hates homeless people, and do a proper boycott.

  27. Reminds me of Brigham Young’s “do your duty” command to his soldiers, killing a bunch of starving civilians “just in case” they might be US soldiers.

  28. I bought a homeless lady lip balm once, and like directly after we've exited the pharmacy they locked the door extremely fast

  29. I used to work with a vet who became a mercenary and was a driver at my old job. He used to say what a waste of life homeless people were and wanted to drive around in his truck, shooting homeless people to "clean the streets".

  30. Seen this video a lot did anything happen to the manager or the police officer? Did McDonald's apologise?

  31. McDonald’s released the criminal background of the houseless man as well as the Good Samaritan and didn’t apologize. Mayor backed the police response.

  32. “I didn’t ask nobody” completely broke me. This man is a human being that deserves to be treated with dignity! Unlike the cop and the manager.

  33. When I see these shit companies I always feel a little bad. I can't boycott and avoid these places, because it is ALWAYS a company I would never buy shit from on purpose already.

  34. This is at the McDonald's behind my child hood home in Myrtle Beach. I've been homeless there. The police are VERY hostile towards the homeless in tourists towns 💯

  35. I was temporarily unhoused in a tourist town (not in USA). Every morning at 5am, men would come with pressure washers to ensure the "streets were clean" for tourists. They did not pick up rubbish or wash anywhere else except the places used by unfortunate people to sleep. The police would escort the washers.

  36. Dogs of the bourgeoisie, these types of people deserve to rot in a dark musty cell for the rest of their lives. That's not something you can fix with rehabilitation, they're completely devoid of even the simplest shred of empathy.

  37. This guy should be stating the Franchise location, the address of the store, the town and the state, in the video. He should be letting everyone know what store this is and which management team decided to call the cops on a homeless person trying to eat. That man's tears are heartbreaking.

  38. I wouldn’t have kept it together like this guy. I would’ve absolutely gotten arrested. Holy shit I am violently angry at this.

  39. I work at a homeless shelter and any and every time I have to call 911, for the cops or the ambulance, they come with a demeanor that they have CLEARLY been inconvenienced with something that “isn’t an emergency”. For the ambulance….. if the person is “responsive” it takes that much longer for them to get there….. I learned that yesterday that the key is for them to not be responsive, and then they’ll get there faster (really scary situation).. and don’t get me started on the police coming. That is the most frustrating and disgusting thing ever… every time, that never fails

  40. I think the issue with the ambulance is that a person who's responsive isn't likely to be imminently dying. Someone unresponsive is more of a priority.

  41. It has always disgusted me how poorly people treat homeless folks, and how normal it is considered. I’m a fireman and one shift we were called to an abandoned building for a man burning wood in a barrel outside. He’s homeless and it’s like December or January in the Midwest - cold as fuck, literally below freezing. It’s technically illegal to burn anything within city limits. The person who called 911, their family, and PD are like, “well, aren’t you guys going to put the fire out?” Like putting out a homeless dude’s only source for warmth on a 20 degree night is a totally normal and moral thing to do.

  42. This is an obvious case of people not wanting to look at the society they contribute to so they call the fucking police to remove it so they don’t have to feel guilty. Y’all will literally die for capitalism while getting fucked by it. Not me, y’all stay safe tho smh.

  43. This kid fucking rules. I’m lucky that I live in a civilised country, but when I buy homeless people mcds I sit with them and talk to them to avoid any possibility of this kind of thing happening anyway. Whoever called the police is an absolute piece of shit.

  44. You know with socialism when people starve it’s because of mismanagement. In America it’s because it would hurt profit or your image. What a joke of a country.

  45. Pigs sit on their ass for an hour and a half as schoolchildren get slaughtered by a maniac, but they're johnny on the spot to make sure homeless people get shit on more. Fuck the police.

  46. As a former homeless person, I can relate to this man so much and it's devastating how the homeless are treated by most of society. The very few people who are kind to us are ones that we will never forget and always be grateful to.

  47. Which McDonalds is this? I know it really doesn't matter, but a Yelp/Google Reviews bomb letting every single person know about this and how to find the video would at least harm their revenue stream. Naming and shaming is the best solution to this shit. All capitalists care about is money. Take that from them at every opportunity.

  48. When capitalists and police work hand in hand to fuck you up they tell you to calm down when you call their bullshit out. It's always the same. They do infuriating shit and if you can't stay calm you are the aggressor.

  49. Capitalist scum. Fcking corporate ccksuckers. Throwing a homeless man out for eating a meal bought for him. Seriously, I would've threw all that food on the floor. And made the manager clean it.

  50. It's like when San Fransisco cops arrested that guy for going around putting coins in expired parking meters

  51. First and foremost ACAB. Secondly, "disorderly conduct" is the biggest bullshit catch-all to arrest anyone for any reason. Lastly, you got to love when people threat others like shit, then have the nerve to tell their victims they're being rude and need to calm down.

  52. Outside a Tim’s in Montreal, I invited a native guy in to have a coffee with me. He was from Moosonee…I’d been there lots…they wanted to throw him out cause he was ‘homeless’ - but seriously, take a minute and talk to the people you meet…there are some genuinely incredible people in this world…most important, put your fucking camera away and stand up to this kind of shit…maybe the camera is part of standing up…this is just wrong on so many levels.

  53. Cops showing once again they are class traitors and will always side with who ever's in a position of power and are not there to protect you and also fuck that heartless POS manager.

  54. This is why I’ve given up on the American system. These are all decent human beings but “the system” tells them to do harm to the most vulnerable. The one person to help gets kicked out and threatened with arrest. It’s also “by the book.”

  55. I wish all the bystanders would have left if they hadn’t orders yet. If I was there and had food I would have ‘accidentally’ spilled it all in the floor. It makes me sad nobody else took a stand worth this dude. Also, Fuck that place.

  56. I bought a meal for a homeless person at a McDonald's. I brought him in and asked him what he wanted and the cashier said he couldn't eat it inside. It was in Phoenix during the summer. So evil

  57. Him crying at the end broke my heart. 😭Reminds me of the gas station by my house when I gave a homeless guy some money and then the clerk came out and started yelling at him to leave. So dehumanizing. I always help out my fellow people when I have money. I have befriended homeless people before and they are so sweet. I’m not saying this for brownie points. I’m just being honest.

  58. "sir, I understand your compassion for others." No you don't. No you fucking do not you soulless shirt 'n' tie looking motherfucker. Fucking scum.

  59. Iv seen this videos many times and what angers me the most is how institutions of power hide behind American "sivility" like that are perpetrating horibal human rights abuse, yet talk down on thoes calling them out because he's raising his voice. Fucking disgusting that in this country you can be a absolute pos but if you do it calmly and with a smile your fucking protected.

  60. Claimed to be trespassing? It’s a public fucking restaurant (that’s a bit of a stretch it’s a McCy D’s but my point still stands)

  61. I like how that manager is sitting there chastising the man for being upset at the situation when the manager is fully-able to tell the officer to fuck-off.

  62. What the fuck is wrong with this country?! They need a revolution or they will fall into anarchy soon

  63. The real function of police. Discourage any action were people help each others and start realizing that it might be a better deal than exploiting the poor.

  64. This makes me irate. Fuck this cop and the system that enables the mistreatment of a human being merely trying to exist in society.

  65. The trick is the cop is just there to do her job. The managers probably lies and said he's been begging and is not a customer and wants him removed. Coos just do the thing and let courts settle it.

  66. Americans: poverty is a choice, just work harder and things will work out. 🤗 Also americans: ew you're poor and want to eat food? Not on my watch.

  67. In my country we have a designated restaurant for the poor and homeless which cost very little ($0.1) to buy a full hearty meal of vegetarian food, the beautiful thing is that regular and well off people often visit there and eat with the poor and homeless if they want to and pay the same exact amount, that is to de-stigmatize poverty and homelessness and make downtrodden people know that they are still citizen and not some subhuman species. And I live in a country that used to be one of the poorest.

  68. Her excuse is that he's been asking for money so that's why he has to go. That's so fucked up. Nothing wrong with people asking for change on the side of the road when that's all they can get. Fuck Cops.

  69. Ignoring the fallout here and trying to be pragmatic: it might help in future if you want to buy a meal for someone to ask that person if you can sit with them while they eat (maybe buy something even if you're not hungry, as it can feel a bit weird when you're not eating). I feel like they're less likely to get hassle then?

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