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  2. Funny how long it took until Anelka was out of the top10 with his €124m considering transfer fees exploded and his last transfer was in 2007.

  3. Morata has always been an enigma to me. What does he even have apart from aerial ability? The most goals he's ever scored in a league season was fifteen. That one CL semifinal with Juventus against Real Madrid must've deceived so many people...

  4. He's proper big team drilled striker that does everything he's supposed to do. Makes good runs, decent hold up play, good passer and great in the air. He just doesn't score enough goals so he will always be expendable in a team looking to upgrade but will also be sought after since he's a good player

  5. Robbie Keane played for every club he dreamed of playing for as a little boy for a combined total of £75m which was the record at the time.

  6. In fairness when he signed for Inter he was genuinely good, if not for the change of manager I think he could’ve cemented himself as a top striker

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