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  2. Your Premier League season has pretty much been done since February. No realistic chance for the title or finishing outside top 4.

  3. Despite league points and how the cups ended, it was crazy how evenly matched Liverpool and Chelsea were, from beginning of the season until the end. Every match had insane saves, chances, misses, offsides, and goals. Any of them could have easily went one way of the other.

  4. How the fuck have we managed a top-half finish while conceding 20 goals from set-pieces and playing half the season without actual defenders?!

  5. I'll take it. It's amazing that we're even 3rd given our last bunch of games. But then again the teams just below have been equally as shit.

  6. Our players were drinking beers tonight with the game only on Sunday. I think Southampton will stay where they are.

  7. Villa drawing relegation side Burnley at home. Surely 3 days later they will get something at the Etihad.

  8. PL this season has to be the most entertaining league. Title fight, NLD CL race, United-West ham EL race and Leeds-Burnley relegation fight all on the last matchday

  9. Absolute nightmare for Leeds. Brentford will control the game and Leeds need to win. Leeds will get desperate and their terrible backline will get exposed. Can see Brentford winning 3-1.

  10. I think it was Sid Lowe who said draws are the new losses when Pep's Barca and Jose's Madrid battled it out.

  11. Chelsea have a goal difference advantage of 18 over Spurs and 33 over Arsenal but have won fewer games than each.

  12. You should probably just relax mate, it's been a great season for youse time to put your feet up and give some b team players their day in the sun imo

  13. My perfect ending to the season would have West Ham in 6th and Man U in 7th. Everything else to stay the same. Leeds relegated, Man C wins league. Arsenal misses out of CL.

  14. One of the darkest period of Arsenal in PL era. Imagine going from Wenger attacking football to scoring fewer than Moyes ball.

  15. Arsenal scoring 40 fewer goals than City (190 since 2018) and wanting to plug the deficit by signing City's 8 goal striker (58 since debut) just doesn't seem to add up considering City create more chances.

  16. That rodri block was really the difference between a normal death rate and 20% of the united population dying of a heart attack.

  17. I'm really hoping Leeds manage to pull through. I don't want to watch another season of Burnley. At least Leeds try to play football

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