1. 10 finals with 10 goal involments (9g 1a) iirc. Such an important player in Roman's era. He didnt score often, but when he scored, he always scored in big moments

  2. Really cunted that header in. In hindsight you can tell he knows the ball is going to target him and he moves really well into the box.

  3. Give Mata credit too for the ball in and people forget how big Cech was in this game, Some great saves, Then the Robben pen save and the 2 in penalties.

  4. Bayern absolutely bottled this final. In their own backyard, an incredible team, 56% possession and 35 shots against a Chelsea team missing Ivanovic, Terry, and Ramires. Plus Robben had a penalty saved in extra time.

  5. This is one of my favourite headers ever. The power, the precision and accuracy he gets and the fact that neuer gets a full palm but cant stop it is just beautiful

  6. He’s a legend but he needs to hang ‘em up now. There’s something to be said about understated commentary but there’s a line for that as well.

  7. I know the general context tends to overshadow this - but that is still to this day, one of the best headers I've ever seen. The power he generates on it from the angle is just so good.

  8. My favourite thing to do with this is to watch Drogba from the start, his focus, then the movement in the box as soon as he zones in on where the ball is going and then the actual header is a bullet. Unreal.

  9. Yep if you look at the rotation of the ball you NEVER see headers move like that. It’s like he struck it with his foot, cleanly, right in the sweet spot.

  10. for me; its the best header ive ever seen, the power man, that angle and the way he turned to score it; cant be more perfect than this

  11. One thing Drogba did better than score goals was knee slides.. He made it look so elegant and simple, but i bruise my knee and fall on my face the first time I try it..

  12. I legitimately couldn’t believe it when I saw it live. We dominated them for every second of the match and they equalize in the last minute. Pain.

  13. "Eight years ago, the manager [Andre Villas-Boas] had been sacked by the club and we, the players, had a team meeting where we recognised being partly responsible for his departure.

  14. Bro Drogba is one of those players who are almost mythical like and for a good reason.. If you look at the straight stats, the guy was behind many of the greats.. But when you saw him live, it was almost inevitable in big games, he was a destroyer.. An absolute menace.. He was just bigger, stronger and quicker than so many guys.. Truly one of the greatest strikers the prem has ever seen.. The definition of a finisher..

  15. Drogba is the epitome of a “big game” player. He scored so many important goals in so many pressure-cooker situations that it sort of became inevitable that he would have some influence in big finals.

  16. I know what you mean. Over the last few years with city/liverpool moving away from systems with a recognised 9 and chelsea/united/arsenal having striker woes it is easy to look back on the 2010s as the golden age of strikers in the prem. Hopefully Halaand will usher in a new era. Hopefully the fowards will return

  17. Berbatov and Inzaghi are two of my favourite players to have watched play, just because of how they achieved massive success while playing their own unique style of football.

  18. I don't think it was intentional at all. I remember a comment Lampard made about seeing the ball coming in and then noticing Drogba out of the corner of his eye and just trying his best to get out of the way.

  19. That season was something else. Sitting 6th in the table with no chance of CL qualification. Got destroyed against Napoli in the first leg. Somehow managed to win towards the very end of the second leg to go through. Then beating Guardiola's Barcelona over 2 legs with 10 men in most of the second leg. And then this game. Getting pummeled but managing to not concede until the very end of normal time. And coming from a goal behind with this beautiful header to take it to extra time. But then the same Drogba gives away a penalty and Cech saves it. Even in the penalty shootout we came from behind after missing a shot only for Cech to save 2 shots and giving us the win. Unreal. We were destined to win that season.

  20. Not only with 10 men but also against the best fucking unreal prime Messi, 73 goals that season, 91 goals that year.

  21. Please don't laugh at me, but this game is the best moment of my life and my happiest memory. I always, always cry when I think about it for more than a few minutes. We tried so hard for this trophy and there was so much pain on the way, my life really sucked at that point too, but this final was amazing. I sobered up and got my life in order after this final and I've never been the same.

  22. Dude same here. I lost a big family member and was in a dark place. This CL run helped get me through it. Can't watch any replays of the game or highlights without getting very emotional.

  23. Me too, man. Yes 2021 champions league win was incredible, but after all years of hard work that we put in CL starting from Mou's time, this was our gift. It was the best and I cried like a kid.

  24. thinking back of the 2009 champions league robbed barca games and the terry losing balance in the last penalty in 2008, 2012"s finals and especially drogba's goal made it all go away; the man shot a bullet with this header than pierced through the tournament for the win

  25. the fact that we were in contention to win at 87 minutes of the final was a joke. I still can't even believe a) we even go to the final b) we got to 87 mins only 0-1 down!

  26. Frankly, I love Bayern, but that squad that won that terrible final in 2001 vs Valencia might have actually have been the worst to ever win The UCL

  27. Ah yes I was the only Spurs fan in the pub and everyone was confused why I was cheering Bayern... like fair play to Chelsea for winning but UEFA fucked us that year. Glad the rule has changed.

  28. Despite this being a one sided final and Bayern completely dominating this match, I knew Chelsea would win this game as soon as Drogba scored the equaliser. Drogba always showed up in finals and he's one of the greatest big game players of all time.

  29. As a Spurs fan, this was by far my worst night in football history, and cemented Chelsea as my least liked club, even below Arsenal. Just about everything went to shit because Chelsea won this match.

  30. For others who lack context: As a result of Chelsea winning this game, Tottenham did not get into the Champions League despite finishing 4th in the PL. Spurs lost Modric to Real Madrid (Modric wanted CL football) at the end of that season. It also encouraged Eden Hazard to go to Chelsea over a Tottenham (or Arsenal), because he also wanted CL football. Furthermore, it gave Bale a reason to leave Spurs when they failed to qualify for the CL in the 12-13 season after having lost their best playmaker, and not managing to make signings they had hoped to make that they might have been able to given the draw of CL football, and the extra money CL qualification gives to clubs.

  31. I still can’t believe to this day that Bayern didn’t win this game. It took them 83 min to score and they decided to take Müller off immediately after that

  32. Apart from left wing where they played Ryan Bertrand. Right wing where they played Kalou. CM where they played Mikel. Right back where they played Bosingwa. I know they had injuries/suspensions but it's a miracle the won that game with that team.

  33. Watching this really drives home just how done Martin Tyler is as a commentator. That moment today would get a barely raised voice and a comment like "oh he's done it for Chelsea" like he was watching any old goal being scored.

  34. Might be a little biased, but this is the greatest Champions League final I have ever witnessed. Also the hardest.

  35. Bayern's 17th corner vs Chelsea's 1 and the man scores. Didier Drogba in cup finals was an enigma. What a player and what a human being.

  36. I lived in a small apartment in NYC and the cops knocked on my door during extra time because someone heard loud screams coming from my apartment.

  37. Can't believe no-one has mentioned the suspended John Terry marching onto the pitch in full kit to lift the trophy.

  38. I lived in Germany then and went to Munich to meet up with some Chelsea supporting mates. One of them got offered a ticket for €800 or so a few hours before the match, take it or leave it and actually managed to pay that lmao. Still think he believes it was worth it.

  39. Haha one of the worst choke jobs ever. 20 corners, only 2 shots on target and a saved penalty opportunity against a inferior Chelsea side missing their key players, in their own stadium!!

  40. This was the tourney where Torres scored the stoppage time goal in the run up to this final. He had a miserable season w Chelsea and was an expensive acquisition so he was disappointing all round. When Torres was subbed in for Drogba that match it seemed like desperate gamble but the Spaniard came through on a haphazard counter attack at the 90’.

  41. This was my first ever champions league season I followed (American west coast, ie nearly impossible to watch any game before the final) and I couldn't believe how this rag tag team beat Barca so I was so stoked during this final. Incredible! So much drama

  42. I was praying so hard in this moment, I knew this is the only chance we are going to get to equalize, with the time running out. Literally was repeating, plz Drogba, Plz Drogba, need a good header and bam. Amazing feeling when us ask and receive it right after.

  43. Chelsea didn’t perform poorly in the match until that goal - that Bayern team was just so fucking stacked. We also had several key players out, one of which was our captain and all-time great defender John Terry.

  44. What’s crazy is how the season after, Bayern were destroying everything in their path. It’s as if that night something clicked inside their heads and nothing could stop them from lifting that trophy.

  45. It's weird that "10 years ago" videos are such clear quality now. I'm used to the grainy throwback highlights. Does this mean we are getting old?

  46. This is one of the greatest headers ever. The angle, distance from goal and the power he gets on it is absolutely unreal.

  47. Bullet header and he was not even in front of the goal. The way he just goes hunting for the ball and he hits it in the air. Unstoppable.

  48. Looking back on Chelsea's European Cup final victories I can't help but think both times their opposition just bottled the game.

  49. There is a clip of Henry talking about Benzema scoring headers, where he explains how important it is to keep your shoulders in line with the goal when heading the ball to make it go where you want. Drogba twisted his body in the air to perfectly hit that ball.

  50. Crazy how Drogba nearly went from hero to zero in extra time with his penalty on Robben. Cech came up with a big save which allowed Drogba to be the hero in the penalty shootout.

  51. I’ll wait for someone to show me a better headed goal than that one. Drogba’s goal against Bayern is the greatest header I’ve ever seen.

  52. Such a painful memory. Watched it on my best friends birthday and I couldn't believe they didn't win. Bayern was so good that game, apart from scoring obvs.

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