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  2. This is also partly due to English clubs ban aftermath of heysel disaster. In the 70s and 80s English clubs were Just steamrolling europe .English clubs Nottingham forest ,Liverpool and Aston Villa won 6 continuous European club finals. After a break year in 1983 Liverpool went to play 2 more finals back to back. Winning their 4th in 1984 before disaster struck in 1985.

  3. It was such a difficult trophy to win in those days, the 2nd leg was ridiculous. My father told me there was a real panic on at the time as 8 of our players got stuck in the lift while coming down to get onto the team bus, just made it in time ha.

  4. Agree. While the champions league is a better product, I honestly think the Europa league has more of a “European night” feel than the CL does. Usually the teams with the best atmospheres play in the EL, and I think the diversity of the teams involved makes it a great competition to follow.

  5. They had doble the trophies of the 2nd best, such a weird trophy to be an specialist considering this is a competition for teams that aren't "good enough" for the UCL.

  6. That’s the problem — they’re not crests, they’re logos. Because they’re trying to be a brand, not just a club.

  7. I feel the same way but I really like what was done with ours 15+ years ago. Real hit and misses with these risks

  8. 1999 unreal team, such an iconic team as well. When serie a was great to watch and easily accessible here in the uk

  9. it’s incredible how a team with such domestic success fails to do anything in Europe when their counterparts in Liverpool and Man United are in the elite group. Arsenal fan love to blame Chelsea for their failure in the 2000s, but in reality they never have any pedigree in Europe.

  10. They more or less won the exact same tournament in 1970 as Spurs won in 1972. And won a Cup winners cup when it was tier 2. Arsenal are underwhelming in Europe but I never seen how Spurs have been so impressive in Europe as they often claim. Both of the clubs are pretty even.

  11. If Milan ever win the Europa league, they will complete the set of the original 3 European trophies. Unfortunately we never won the cup winners cup

  12. I think its very cool that the Dutch big three clubs have all won the Champions League and The Europa league

  13. The UEFA Cup used to be a lot more fun before the current format. Now it's pretty much just English and Spanish winners. It's really annoying. This year's final feels very refreshing and I hope that that comes to stay.

  14. This year's final is Bundesliga's 11th vs Scotland's runner up. Sounds like something you would get in the newly formed conference league. Pretty wild that it's actually the europa league final

  15. I always considered the Bundesliga pretty weak in the 90s, but we won 3 major titles in a short timespan. Plus the EC in '96, when it didn't come home

  16. I have always found weird that people count the intertoto, they were multiple winners every year, because it was the equivalent of getting a trophy for advancing a qualy, it's a literal tinpot.

  17. The Cup Winner's Cup used to be Tier 2, above the Uefa Cup prior to it's removal. It counts, though no one counts the Intertoto.

  18. Except the Cup winners cup used to be regarded as the tier above Uefa Cup when Arsenal won it. Arsenal also won Inter Cities just before that cup got replace with the Uefa Cup.

  19. Cup Winners' Cup was bigger than the UEFA Cup. The winners of the Cup Winners' Cup were the ones who were in the Super Cup against the Champions League winners. You'd think a Chelsea fan would know that, you won it twice!

  20. It is simultaneously impressive to win it 3 years in a row, and also sad in that they've somehow gone back into it after winning it

  21. All I see here is the domination of the competition by Iberian teams, in the past 2 decades. Absolutely amazing how well they did in the El, especially Sevilla.

  22. What I can gauge from this century is that the winners in 2024 will be Atleti, 2025 will be Chelsea and 2026 will be Sevilla.

  23. I swear Agüero fouled Hughes in the corner and Schwarzer would have saved more pens than De Gea. Absolutely robbed.

  24. There's something about Europa I like a little more than the Champions League. Don't get me wrong, CL is great and is the top of the mountain but there's something more "real and passionate" about Europa. You get what I'm saying?

  25. Nobody talks enough about how Sevilla 3 peated Europa when real 3 peated the UCL. Nobody had done it in either tournament then boom.

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