1. You’ve been invited to join the group “ყơų’۷ɛ ცɛɛŋ ʂ℘ąɱɱɛɖ” on Snapchat. Tap the link to join!

  2. https://www.snapchat.com/invite/NWVlZDM0NmUtZjZlZS00N2ZhLTk5YjEtMjZkYjY2MmQ0Nzdk/YjI0YTg2YzUtN2JlNC00NWIyLTlkNWItYzBhYTg0ZmEwZTM1?share_id=RjVFMjY5MjAtNkIwMS00MzIxLUFENjMtOEE2NjBBMUQ0NTU3&locale=nl_BE

  3. Can you add me in groups? I tried to join your discord but it says invalid invite and it’s expired. Add me on snapchat and then add me in groups. Here’s my snap id: ak7580

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