1. This reminds me how back in the day, if you brought up Deus Ex, people immediately needed/wanted to play again. With that said, guess I'll be downloading Deus Ex

  2. Well fuck. Now I gotta reinstall Skyrim. Then search and install the hundreds of mods over the next few days, start skyrim, crashes, fresh install and mod collecting for another few days, finally get it working, spend hours making characters and restarting the game until I'm satisfied, find a couple new mods I didn't notice that I "gotta have", break game, fix game, finally get a character I like and get about 5 hours into the game, put it down, never touch it again for months, eventually uninstall everything to make space, 6 months later see a post or video or comment that makes me restart the whole process over again.

  3. Wow! This actually blows my mind. The cat itself looks photo real. It’s the cartoony looking clothing I think. It almost looks like you took a photo of a leopard and painted some clothes on him.

  4. I'm guessing they are using guash and not traditional run of the mill water color because getting that detail out of regular watercolors is next to imposable.

  5. After thinking for a bit it could be water colour pencils that were used some lines were left sharp for hair and some were blended into other colours

  6. The difference in detail between the jewelry/clothing and the actual fur on the Khajiit is pretty stark. I see you defending yourself saying you never trace anything but surely you must see why people think that, it looks like two different artists.

  7. I actually found the shop this is sold at. Never mentions a Skyrim species. Contacted the shop owner asking if they have a reddit. As I was thinking the same thing, especially when other clothing in the shop look more natural like the photos 🤔 it confuses me

  8. The only part of this I belive is water colour is the purple... but even then holy!!! This is truly amazing!!!

  9. I had the same question, but figured that was the "style" to which OP went out of their way to point out in the title (fair, given that they apparently run into that reaction a lot, eh?).

  10. Understand your doubts, but these criticism belongs to some /art sub ... we are here to praise khajiit awesomeness furryness

  11. I really wanted to say this but wasn't going to because it's not like I have even a 10th of the skill that OP has lol but just as a normal ass person critique the earring really bugged me. The rest is great

  12. Why is your reaction to seeing a beautiful piece of art to interrogate the artist and diminish their hard work you weirdo

  13. I honestly spent 5 minutes zooming in and out to see if the kahjiit was painted or not. Still not 100% convinced, looks so damn real.

  14. This is amazing. Though it does kind of feel like an ordinary tiger wearing a hood and jewelery, since it's lacking the expression and semi humanoid features kajiits have. Still awesome.

  15. Watercolor? Yeeez. Would love to see a speed up video of the process of a painting with skyrim theme. It's truly a spectacular achievement

  16. i see people ragging on you for your style, but i absolutely adore it. i love the difference between the cartoony and realism, and as a fellow artist i understand how long realism, ESPECIALLY in full color takes. plus, it's just fun experimenting with style! it looks wonderful 💜✨

  17. Bruh i saw the painting first and I was like oh nice mannequin then i saw the title and realised it's a painting... Wonderful work, you're getting an award

  18. This is spectacular and I can’t stop staring at it. 🙏🏽👌🏽😩 Also makes me want a live-action Elder Scrolls series RIGHT NOW PLS.

  19. This is really well done! I love the colors that pop and I'm also addicted to high saturation. I would say though that the moons along the rim of the cloak look like a picture and not part of the cloak. Still 10/10 picture though.

  20. I scrolled through this entire comment section to find any reference to kittenstomper or floppa maiq. Finally…

  21. That’s beautiful, might be an inspiration for my next playthrough. I’m thinking maybe a Female Khajiit Mage that uses illusion and conjuration. I’ve been brainstorming an interesting nord character lately but that might have to wait until later…

  22. How the frick can someone make this with watercolour? Mine always just come out as a stupid mess of bumpy colour

  23. I think it's all the fluff but he kinda looks like he just ate a bee to learn it's alchemical ingredients and got stung...

  24. Love it! Has some real old school vibes that I'm totally digging. Feels like something that would be on the side of a sweet van

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