1. It’s not about visual fidelity on a VR headset yet. You really have to tweak for hours to get it to look as nice as possible while giving a high stable frame rate. The result though is absolutely awesome. It is way more immersive than flat screen. You can look over and see how close your front wheel is to your opponent. You can absolutely cream the apex. It’s so realistic you have to wipe the oil and rubber off your face when you finish 😂

  2. Maybe with some but AMS2 runs beautifully in VR. Super crisp resolution and great frame rate.

  3. Really depends on the game. ACC? Sure, the engine isn't suited well for VR so you have to mess around a bunch. But Automobilista 2 and iRacing are just about perfect in VR - ultra-crisp image with great performance.

  4. this guy is right, i spent around 4 days messing with supersampling, refresh rate, shadows, reflections etc to get the performance i wanted in VR in one game, then i had to tweak all of that so i can also race in the rain and thunderstorm, then i hopped onto another game and spent another 2 days tweaking it for this game, then updated nvidia drivers and went through all of that again! :D

  5. I run a Pimax 8KX in ACC (lots more resolution than OP's headset) and it runs fine enough with a 3090. I hold 60 FPS in MP and I'm pretty liberal with high settings still.

  6. I recently got into racing and run the valve index at +200% super sample value on steam vr.. ( so that = +150% up-res for sharpness ) and got VR settings for AC content manager from some YouTubers and it runs perfect with SOL and post process filter Nmod to make it realistic... all good

  7. I'd go the vr route but I find the headsets seriously uncomfortable, I sweat a lot and I can't have them on for longer than an hour. Wish they were something I could use but they don't suit what I like unfortunately.

  8. Get a fan, point it at your face, profit. You can up the immersion if you get one of those fan control systems that changes the RPM of the fan based on your speed in the sim.

  9. I installed a fan inside my Index’s frunk. Now it nor do I get hot. And the headset itself doesn’t even get warm. I love it!

  10. I only race in VR now with the Index, my girlfriend laughs at me cause I don't have a monitor or anything in front of me...looks funny haha. It's a good space saver for your sim rig as well :)

  11. One of the issues that VR still have (and will have) when attracting new users is that it is IMPOSIBLE to describe it.

  12. Someone was kind enough to let me try VR iracing the other day. 10 seconds in and I knew it would be perfect for me, but sadly I felt ill for hours after 15 min play time

  13. I really wish I could do stationary VR. I can do full room VR where you're physically moving and walking around, but I immediately get nauseous if I'm sitting still and everything is moving. Freaking sucks, and no there's no getting used to it when you've had motion sickness all your life.

  14. Only a problem to new users, nintendo had that issue im sure. Im in my 30s and i can’t believe i can throw a headset on and feel like im at the track it blows my mind!

  15. Agree, by far. Automobilista 2 is by far the most underrated sim and it's king in VR (and most other subjects at this moment except multiplayer compared to iracing).

  16. Yeah no. I recently tried out ACC in VR again and it still runs like omega ass. What's worse is that it's a jittery low frame rate mess. In other low frame rate VR applications such as VRChat, yes the frames are low but it is consistent. What makes ACC so horrid for VR is that the frame timings are all over the place and that's coming from someone with a 3080 and a 10500K.

  17. ac with sol and some tweaking is one of the best, if not the best, vr experience ive ever had. even a quest 2 can feel really sharp and clear if set up correctly

  18. I want someone to put on a Hans device to their VR headset for full immersion where you can barely move your head at all. "This VR headset is amazing! I can look straight and about 2 degrees to the right or left just like real life!"

  19. Curious what this looks like before the app you used. I have a meta quest 2 and run it at fullspecs on my 3060 and honestly its left me wanting more. Yea its vr and its alot of fun but compared to my montior its not as nice. I am running a 49inch Ultra wide but still I feel the vr could be way better.

  20. Whatever you do, it's never as nice as a monitor, that's just not where VR is at the moment... Unless you have a really high end set. It's a balancing act to find the right settings in terms of performance. It took me quiet a while to have AC running smooth at 90FPS on my Quest2 It's not the visual quality of a monitor, but I'm happy to do a trade-off for the amazing gameplay I get in return. 🙂

  21. Yea unfortunately we aint at monitor quality with vr yet but it runs smooth af on my 3080, i can finish a race without feeling like puking like previous vr ive tried, im only running at half quality too, im only using the quest app to run the game

  22. Posts like this give me hope. I am about to play VR acc aswell with an Index and a 3080 too. I already have everything just need the time to set it up. I'll see ya on track mate.

  23. I regret my Rift S purchase for simracing. It's fine for games that are made for VR but there are just so many annoying things in simracing that made it too much of a pain.

  24. Would you mind sharing the settings you used to get this quality? I have almost the same setup and have been messing with the settings for hours but can’t get anything that looks like this! Very nice.

  25. Anyone have a thread or guide what settings to optimize when running VR in racing with an oculus quest 2 with a 3080 to make it not look so grainy while retaining frames?

  26. I known exactly the feeling, I’ve been using a quest 2 on iRacing, it was a bit scary the first few laps, now I can’t go back.

  27. Puts triple monitor set ups to shame at 1/3 the price, fucking legendary. It’s 2022 people, time to upgrade to VR. I had someone say they bought triple monitors because they THINK they will get sick playing, it’s literally no different than sitting in your car, it doesn’t play tricks on your mind because in a car YOU are not moving (with feet) the CAR is, chances are if you get sick with VR it’s because of simulated FOOT motion, this is no different than sitting behind the wheel of a car (visually)

  28. I have been using a borrowed Oculus Rift for a few months, contemplating on buying a VR or going with triple monitors. Our son decided to do some upgrading to his system, which gave me the opportunity to go for triples with no costs. I liked the Rift, and especially for Dirt Rally 2, which I did better than I ever did while in VR. But after 3 to 4 hours, the headset felt heavy, our collector/computer room does not have A/C, so the headset gets hot and fogs up, and using a keyboard or button box is hard. So, I think for now, the free triples - plus a 4th for a dashboard/system monitor - is going to be my setup for a while unless an amazing deal for a specific headset comes around.

  29. Right on, i havent tried triple screen yet i just used a 60 inch bravia which is awesome also, its the immersion that gets me, with the bonus of standing on the track in replay mode, graphics will be better eventually we are in the nintendo stages of vr put it that way

  30. If you have an index or vive lookup the mixed reality app on steam. It's a game changer to overlay your actual cockpit into the virtual one.

  31. If I like [email protected]" with 8xAA, for clarity and sharpness, should I just forget about VR for a couple of generations? I don't mind turning visual effects down or off, but I need sharpness.

  32. You're not getting anywhere near that visual clarity in VR, unless you have thousands and thousands of dollars to burn. What you get instead is vastly improved depth perception for 1/3rd the price of a monitor setup.

  33. It's a Quest 2. And depend on the game for the 3060ti. iRacing, AC, Automobilista 2 or Raceroom ? No issues, it will run fine.

  34. Been there, still have a G2 (for sale) I have been a supporter of VR since Rift CV1 not even had a monitor until a friend asked me to use there G9 Odyssey.. no boiled head was a game changer.

  35. How’s your frame rate at full resolution? I’m running a 3080TI and have been thinking about grabbing one

  36. If anyone has input on this. How much better is a quest 2 versus a rift-s. I've been using a rift s and was thinking about upgrading.

  37. I purchased the headset for ACC last week and sent it back within a day. The battery life and charge time were ridiculous. ACCs performance in VR is really bad too, but AC looks and run really smoothly.

  38. if you play on a quest2 you have to connect it by cable to get the best image with less compression, and you have to spend some time adjusting your VR settings. It's not that plug and play, you must at least inform yourself and watch youtuber vr settings tutorials to get the game to perform and look sharp.

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