1. it's much beefier and has the option for the rear seat attachment down the line. I agree with spending a bit more and getting the apex.

  2. Next Level Racing Wheel Stand 2.0. It folds down, should be much sturdier, and you can upgrade it later with the seat.

  3. I have the GT Omega version of that and it is amazing for the price. It folds and travels and stores easily. It is very sturdy unless completely telescoped and has optional casters so you can wheel it around.

  4. I bought this a week ago. It's not premium at all or anything but it's pretty solid and doesn't wobble or shift. I use it with a Thrustmaster TMX.

  5. I want to +1 the GT Omega Apex if you have a little more coin. I was given one when a buddy upgraded his setup to a sim Lab. It folds up awesome to stick it in a corner and weighs around 130Lb fully loaded. It has no wobble at all hooked up to a CSL Elite (6Nm) With CSL Elite LC pedels.

  6. I've pretty much decided I'm getting a GT Omega Apex at the end of the month. My issue is trying to find a comfortable and stable chair to match with it. At least until I upgrade to a full rig in the future.

  7. I had the same thing but differently branded. Used in the living room with a chair. Works fine but I quickly moved to a Playseat Challenge. Overall the Challenge is as convenient and more satisfying.

  8. I have one, it's ok but I'd mirror what others are saying and say if you're thinking you'd want something more in the future go ahead and get something better. This will do but it will probably leave you wanting something better in the future.

  9. Had this one with my TMX, upgraded to a Next Level Racing 2.0. I’d suggest spending the extra 100$. The one you’re asking about is a lot less sturdy, and at least for me was more difficult to build. The parts weren’t exactly identical and we had to muscle it together. It does get the job done though

  10. I have this stand right now. I had it hooked up to my g29, but then switched to csl dd, the stand moved too much for my taste so I welded some metal for better rigidity. Overall, great starter stand for a small area.

  11. It's pretty good - you can also find the back half if you want to upgrade to a seat later. It's probably the best bargain for the rigs on the market. I noticed the shifter bracket will bend but still fine

  12. Yes I have that exact one. £58 in the uk from eBay including delivery. It’s surprisingly solid. I don’t get any wobble from it at all. It looked a bit more solid than the other ones available at the same price and had more grippier looking feet. So I’m glad I went for it tbh, can’t beat it for the price.

  13. Definitely go for the GT Omega Apex or NLR 2.0. Both are much more sturdy and can grow into a full rig. I have the Apex and expanded it into a full rig. As a wheel stand, 100% recommend.

  14. I have that, and it's good if you don't intend to fold and unfold every use and instead instead to leave it setup. The reason, os that it's very heavy and wields and would be a major pain ( I lift heavy weights for context and I cannot see the average person folding and moving these things every use)

  15. I have this. It's okay. But I see people saying that there's a similar beefier one - then you should get the similar beefier one.

  16. I had the GT Omega Classic which is similar. I sold it and upgraded to a Playseat Challenge after a couple weeks. I think both will have a similar foot print when folded up but the stand will be smaller when in use.

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