1. For me, it’s still the scariest one in the series. I think they struck the perfect balance with the exploration, puzzles, enemy encounters, and bosses. You’re right about the vibe of the game. It hits all the right notes when it comes to being scary, strange, mysterious, and bonkers.

  2. Same, I also feel that the puzzles became less interesting, like the Zodiac Puzzle was super cool, and the solution was fun to try and figure out, and it was very riddle esc. And I feel like the puzzles of the other games don’t feel the same. I still enjoy the puzzles of the other games, but it’s not as good

  3. Honestly I first played it right as it came out and the alleyway absolutely blew my fucking mind... I'm honestly not sure anything in the horror genre has ever come close to that. I also remember the level of dread I felt throughout every nightmare transition. The school, the hospital, the 2nd trip to the sewers, nowhere... I was around 15 or so at the time and it felt like a rite of passage. I'll definitely say it was the best horror experience for it's time without a doubt. I even say this as someone that adored Resident Evil around the same time (RE never gave me the same feeling of dread and mystery).

  4. Completely agree! It is the most balanced out of them all. And the levels are very well crafted, especially the school.. gave me the chills even today..

  5. I enjoyed 4. A fun memory I have…do you remember those ghosts of the npc’s killed that would follow you around endlessly in certain parts of levels? There was a cheat I used which gave me an infinite # of🗡I used to impale the 👻and keep em there forever while I could travel unimpedid. That was nice

  6. The OG Silent Hill is by far my favorite. I played it when it was new, so maybe it's that the graphical and technological limitations don't bother me because it was the norm back then or maybe it's the nostalgia. Either way I think it's the best one.

  7. I think given the time period and the thought and effort to intentionally make you feel uneasy was light years ahead of its time. Camera angles, dread, minimal dialogue/storytelling, it was all great. The first alleyway with the hanging corpse and dizzy angles made me walk away when I was a kid.

  8. I agree, especially with the limited technology (which I think makes it better) they did an incredible job, and it was ahead of its time

  9. If you ever speak the words "Am I the only one who..." cut yourself off because the answer is almost always no, and it's almost always a pretty common opinion.

  10. I feel like "Am I the only one who..." is a relic from regular conversation among the immediate group of friends you're currently with, and it doesn't have the same effect when used on a public forum like the internet. It makes more sense if it's an uncommon opinion you're less likely to share among 4-5 people than the internet which assembles everyone and every niche from a much larger pool

  11. Yes, I still fondly remember reading about it in The Official PlayStation Magazine, the photos were just something else and so unique. Just thinking about all this is taking me back to those feelings and memories. I really wish I could do it all again. Then reading the 10/10 review and buying it with no hesitation along with the Official Guide. Becoming absorbed in the game and then ordering 2 copies of the soundtrack and picking up an extra copy of the game too.

  12. Yes. It's definitely the most fun out of the bunch imo, the game is really big for a PS1 game and it has that stephen king vibe. I still think SH2 has the best atmosphere and music, which is still very important to me. But I enjoy playing SH1 the most, save for the nowhere part at the end.

  13. The first is my favorite. Everyone talks about the nurses...show those Gray Children some love, the mumbling sound they make is still stuck in my head after all these years...

  14. I feel the first one is the best out of the first three. Maybe because it was the first one I played or was the only one I played as a kid but I always felt the SH1 was the creepiest one with the best story out of the first three.

  15. I probably should’ve clarified this in the initial post, but I think SH2 has the best story, and also music. But as a video game I enjoy the first one much more. The first one still had good music though, such as Not Tomorrow

  16. I completely agree. SH2’s gameplay was not as fun, and it felt like I was playing cutscene to cutscene, rather than exploring the town, like in SH1

  17. I really love the first one. To me there is no comparison between 1 and 2 because they have different purposes and concepts. Both are great games by their own ways

  18. It is for me, it’s the most scary out of the lot. Always see 2/3 talked about and wanted as a remake/remaster which I know they are good, is odd for me when 1 has never been redone.

  19. I think both one and two almost felt like totally different games and are stand alone both great in their own right. 1 created a great story with complex lore and mythology; 2 was more metaphorical and an artistic representation of the psyche. I think both are great.

  20. I think you’re right, and they are hard to compare, but I personally like the first one more, and think it’s a bit slept on tbh

  21. You are not the only one, I 100% agree. I think the first one is absolutely the best in all aspects.

  22. I feel the same way, mostly because it’s the first one I played and I find that it perfectly reflects everything that Silent Hill represents to me. I still consider it to be the scariest in the series too, and i honestly think the aged graphics add to that. If it was remastered in HD it wouldn’t be the same to me personally.

  23. in terms of atmosphere and music, i love sh1 but Sh2 will forever be the best imo. Its a more personal story of someone being punished for their sins. While most other installments dont really do that as much. I honestly hate the cult stuff too. I just dont care for evil cults and all that type of stuff in stories except for documentaries. Its also the most bleak entry if you consider in water ending. I think im bit of a masochist without the sexual gratification. I just love dark stories of people atoning for their sins and confronting demons. Idea of literally battling the skeletons in your closet in a physical form is one of my favorite aspects of sh2. if anyone has any recommendations for media that focuses on people confronting their past or growing through hell, id love to hear them. A clockwork orange is a personal favorite of mine. Edit: Am i really being downvoted for having an opinion and sharing it?

  24. I agree with you to a certain extent. I love the story of SH2 more, and I think SH2 has the best music. I think it terms of an actual video game SH1 is a lot more fun and replayable. I think the town is more creepy, and the fog mechanic is creepier in SH1, also the snow. I love the vibe of playing it, where as in SH2 I was more concerned with the story. To a certain extent I feel like the storyline took away from the gameplay for me personally, as I was more interested to see where the story was going rather than explore, that’s just me though. And another thing was I loved exploring the eerie mystery town in the first game. I disagree with your part about the cult, I actually think it’s very interesting. The best part about SH2 though is it lowered the stakes, and I think that worked perfectly. It went from summoning a demon in the first one, to a man conquering and facing his personal sins in the second one

  25. The Night House and Hellraiser Inferno are both similar. The later predates SH2 by a year. Jacob Ladder is another and SH took inspiration from it.

  26. It's a toss up between 1 and 3 being my favourites, but I think I'd lean towards SH1 probably because I've spent so much time speedrunning SH3 I think I've taken a lot of the joy out of it for myself. They really nailed it with the original!

  27. I'm replaying the first 4 right now. Just finished 3, and yeah, it's looking that way for me. I came out of 3 pretty lukewarm this time, in my memory it was my favorite. I've always felt silent hi 2 was rather weak gameplay wise.

  28. I enjoy it a lot but can't look passed its age. Brush up the translation, voice acting, and clunky cameras/controls and I might agree with you. I think the atmosphere and music are excellent.

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