1. Establish and maintain a strategy to accomplish this! Make short-term goals for yourself, and build a daily routine that supports your path towards living this new realization. You can do it!

  2. I absolutely love this 💜 I’m about to go on a 3 day camping TRIIP with my honey and this post has me so excited! Thank you ☺️ also best of luck fighting your addiction, I am also fighting an addiction so I feel this trip could help with that.

  3. Psychedelics can have a profound impact on ED and relationships, I am happy you could experience this too! It was one trip that changed everything for me. I was tripping with my boyfriend and at a certain point we both got to a very dark and unpleasant moment talking about our addictions. It was very intens and not at all fun, but we learned so much from it, it made us stronger both on our own and together and it was the moment I could let go of my ED. I still have some minor tendencies I need to be mindfull of, but I am in the best mental space since a long time

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