1. I'd like mozzie to beat me up, my ankles would hurt after hut at least I can say I got beaten up by my sexy mozzles

  2. Agreed, as fast as Ash is she's gotta have some serious quads. I'd love to get choked out via thigh strangulation. It would just be my dream come true i love redheads hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnng

  3. Echo is literal definition of fat weebao that looks at phone 24/7 and stalks other people thru online cams

  4. Make a new tier called “Wouldn’t fight” and just put Blitz. He’s way too nice to fight

  5. Oi you, I'm gonna ask you again. Stop bea'in on me noggin you muppet, or else you'll force me ta ask no' so nicely innit.

  6. Yea but on the other hand, imagine explaining to people that you got your ass handed to you by an angry malteser

  7. Yeah I really tried to think of a way to outsmart this and think of an operator you could maybe win against if you had time to prepare but yeah I really don’t think you’d wanna take any of them… maybe echo? Or Dokkaebi? Computer nerds maybe you’d win? Don’t know much of the lore so maybe echo is buff as shit and I don’t even know.

  8. Haven't played the game in a long time so I forgot some stuff, but isn't amaru a geologist, iana an astronaut, and both had no military training?

  9. Even tho they are nerds don't forget that they are still in the world's greatest crime fighting team, and to get in there you have to be exceptionally strong are strongwilled, it just so happens that besides this they also have a talent in computer engineering so they utilised themselves into that area as well. Also Dokkaebi isn't truly a nerd, she's just faking it to lower people's exceptions, even the glasses that she is wearing is fake

  10. Mans doesn't have to put any effort to nut shot you though. I'm literally a foot taller than him, so all my vulnerable areas are head height for him.

  11. No they aren't also they used to bring new maps every season but that is gone as well. They said they want to focus on core gameplay mechanics more.

  12. How dare you… he’s definition of "that cool old guy" I bet we wouldn’t even want to fight and offer u whiskey instead

  13. I could definitely kick the shit out of Thatcher and Dok. However I would definitely let Cav, IQ, and/or Iana put me in a headlock

  14. Have you seen the thatcher bar fight? You don't stand a chance. And doc, is a doctor and im pretty sure he's seen how to kill a man

  15. Lion got punched in the face by Thatcher, who at the time was probably nearing 57, so I think you could take him to at least E tier.

  16. Pfft. Maestro is easy to beat. Shove a Hawaiian pizza in his face and snap some spaghetti in half, he's gonna have a heart attack and will go down in no time

  17. And with Mozzie, you just have to pick him up under his arms and he is completely immobilized and can do nothing to hurt you

  18. Horny ass comment section. Mozzie and Iana are complete dwarfs and Clash is literally just a cop they all look beatable in a fight

  19. I wouldn't mind Caveira on top of me. Oh and Daddy Doc and Jackal and Lion can just gangb- 🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥🥵🔥

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