1. DS1. He looks terrified of existing, like he’s aware he’s in a character creation screen but is completely paralyzed. We, the player, are his sleep paralysis demon, but his nightmare doesn’t end until we sacrifice him to the flame at the end of a long journey.

  2. The og dark souls is the best, it’s the perfect amount of dopey and “yes I just came back from prison how can you tell” muscular I miss (well when you not a beef jerky that is).

  3. As a 22yo balding brazilian man i feel very represented and a strong bond towards bb and demon souls. But ds1 has the best manchild balding hair representation, thank you myazaki

  4. DS1 is the best imo 2nd is probably Bloodborne, dude kinda looks like my dad if he was skinnier and had hair lol

  5. Easily dark souls 3 has the most handsome guy. Bloodborne guys severe widow’s peak always made me feel weird

  6. Ds2’s will always be great to me because you could name him anything stupid like “Poopshit” or something and it would still fit with his face

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