1. One of the major goals of a study like this is to identify which genes, or more accurately, regions of the genome, influence the development of certain traits. Future studies may use these findings to better understand how across development, different conditions may interact with said genes to produce differences.

  2. Could have been something with the same flavor as convergent evolution, i.e.) there's different genetics but they produce relatively similar phenotypes. In fact that would seem probable before this study given the high degree of genetic diversity within what we typically group together as racial groups.

  3. Environmental Variance. Your phenotype is not 100% determined by genetic variance. Some traits are affected by environmental conditions (like height, for example, which is at least 15% determined by the environment in which the organism develops). I'm not saying that this is the case, but could be an explanation. Haven't read the article yet so take what I've said with a pinch of salt (when related to this topic, environmental Variance is a commonly known phenomenon)

  4. The other alternative is that people who look similar don’t have significantly similar DNA, this study proves that’s not the case.

  5. But İ have often wondered about this as far as diseases. Everyone says İ look like my great aunt, who died before İ was born. İf it's likely that our DNA is more similar than typical relatives of that distance , should İ find out about her medical history?

  6. Could have been that their DNA wasn't similar in any obvious way, at least not any more than any other two people of the same race and gender. Two people may look the same to the human brain but the human brain is pretty fallible.

  7. While these individuals carry similar genotypes and facial features, their microbiomes and epigenomes set them apart. Full paper here:

  8. I swear I see it in people, there are different facial features that line up and some people look like the same ‘type’ of person but it’s not family or race I can never put my finger on it. It’s like there are different ‘models’ of the human face within each race

  9. People have approached me numerous times, especially in my 30s and early 40s, asking me if I was Shane McGowan. I have seen pictures of him, and I agree there is an uncannily strong resemblance. One significant difference is that I still possess all of my teeth.

  10. That's an interesting fact! Thanks for sharing. There's a relatively well known woman on TikTok who looks almost just like me. Someone at work brought her to my attention (I'm not a TikTok fan), and if a few surface appearance things were different, she would be my doppelganger.

  11. People can take a DNA sample and render a fairly accurate portrait of the individual, so this is certainly not surprising. It's neat, though. Don't knock it as obvious, when we live in a world with The Flat Earth Society.

  12. I found a woman who looked like the spitting image of my mother, at the same rough age, same hair do, same body shape and similar clothing style

  13. Wasn't this kind of obvious? Like, DNA defines you. Of course if you look identical to another person, your DNA would be even more similar. It's like, your genetic makeup.

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