1. We can celebrate indigenous people and celebrate Canada at the same time. This reflex to tear down Canada really turns people off left wing politics.

  2. I can't speak for all Indigenous people, but I know this much. Many of us don't give a rip about what white people celebrate.

  3. You got it. I think people on here just get sick of being lectured by white college kids who aren’t actually doing anything aside from virtue signalling.

  4. As a white male, I don't feel I can celebrate this day until all of my canadian friends feel welcome celebrating. Since a large portion of my indigenous friends feel like canada isn't a free nation to them, I will listen until they feel free too. Then we can celebrate together.

  5. Best bet is just no ignore any questions about celebrating Canada day. If others want to remember the negative things that have happened let them. A better use of time would be to come together as a country and celebrate it together. But that doesn't play too well to the woke crows which is all this easy. Once canada day is over everyone forgets until next year

  6. Every country in the history of the world has done shitty things. Basically every country that exists has the borders and size it does because that’s how much physical area they were able to take or defend from other groups over the course of history. Yeah, shitty things have happened here, and they have everywhere else too. Anyone who thinks that Canada is somehow WORSE than most other countries needs to spend some time studying world history. I’m not saying some terrible shit didn’t happen, I’m saying that a lot of people don’t seem to realize that similar bad shit happened for thousands of years all over the world and we aren’t some unique case. We are however unique in the fact that every year people act like we are the only place this happened, and that myself and others are somehow “guilty” of something that started a century or more before I was born

  7. I don’t feel guilty about our history, but we should all strive to make the future more equitable. Right now that doesn’t seem to be happening, at least not at a pace that’s acceptable.

  8. I really don't believe any protester thinks Canada is worse than other countries. Canada being "better" than other places doesn't change the fact that this country was built on stolen land, and Indigenous peoples continue to face systemic discrimination. If people don't want to celebrate because of this dark history and the present day failures, it does not affect you.

  9. They are lucky to live in a country whose very existence can be openly protested without fear of consequence.

  10. I don’t think people truly want to celebrate a traditional Canada Day for two reasons. The freedom convoy ruined the flag and what it means right now. When I was downtown I seen far more orange shirts than red. The second being the every child matters movement which needs to be brought to light on a day marking confederation.

  11. I’m not celebrating Canada for several reasons two big one’s are two friends of mine one committed suicide and one is on suicide watch and it all leads back to this prime minister’s gross mishandling of this country’s economy and investment leaving. My friend would very likely still be here today, if it was not from several job losses(laid off) leading to financial struggles and his family life falling apart adding to the fire. Suicide is a very serious issue especially in western Canada these days.

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