1. I flew over these yesterday. Was about 15 of them off Torrey Pines. Just beyond the breakwater. Very close

  2. CA also already had one of those 1.8 attacks so, someone’s just gonna be that unlucky .8 (happened at lovers point near Monterey earlier this year)

  3. Not disagreeing but kinda crazy that someone in my dorm in SLO got bit by a great white while surfing. Pretty rare occurrence to know the person given 10s of millions of people likely visit the beach each year.

  4. See, I get this thinking, but then I also think, people generally have the same chance of being struck by lightning.

  5. I saw one when I was surfing in Birdrock about a month ago. Needless to say I caught the next wave in

  6. SD is a sharks paradise. Water is so warm during the summer. Look how calm Mr.White is just chillin enjoying the beautiful San Diego coastline. Love it!

  7. Juvenile punk ass teens spending their formative years in SD. They may have chaperone/s. They eat fish here, mostly.

  8. Calculate how many surfers and how many hours each have surfed in the area and then divide in how many great white shark attacks there have been in the area. The resulting number will give you a sense of how much great whites give a shot about eating surfers.

  9. And people swim and surf !! This is crazy, I know logically that the statistical risk is extremely low, but i just can’t…….

  10. I think you mean the less sightings like this we'll see. Overfishing leads to declines of large fish like sharks, tuna, billfish, etc.

  11. Cute little guy, these are pups, under 10 feet, they come to shore looking for stingrays and such to learn how to really hunt.

  12. More will come if we don’t keep the seal population in check. Unfortunately, they’re federally protected. The children’s pool isn’t doing them any favors. They’re also fucking up our fish stock. Wild salmon stock is so much lower and recovery efforts have been in vain due to the now unsustainable seal population.

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