1. Lol you’re totally right, it drives me nuts too. As a B2B SAE for 20yrs I’ve always thought it was kind of snooty when other AEs start spouting their KPMs and ROI, they have acronyms for everything, and they think it’s impressive, but it’s not impressive for CEOs, CFOs, CIOs or anyone! SMH

  2. And wait until you get to the ATL and all they care about are CAC, LTV, and AOV while being concerned with ROI on their P&L statements.

  3. Laughing my ass off rolling on the floor biting the couch smelling the couch need deodorizer but fuck off or the wife is fingering one ass gooch while looking like bill gates with tiny hands reaching over our tiny socks and imitating Kanye beat a young Beyonce.

  4. No better way to sharpen your sales sword! I started out in D2D 20 years ago and still use a lot of what I learned doing it. Probably moreso than any other position I've had since.

  5. I find it much easier to learn an acronym when I read the definition in context, vs exiting to google it. I’ve googled Sdr and bdr several times and I couldn’t tell you what either mean off the top of my head.

  6. See, I have no idea what those mean either. Sometimes it feels like SaaS sales dominate this sub and I have no idea what they are talking about. Just wish they would try to keep me In the loop so I can follow the conversation.

  7. Most sales stuff I can understand. I’ve only got 25 years of sales experience so I’m still learning. Mostly in the biotech/pharm space. Software sales is a foreign language that to me. Really interested in learning more though

  8. For anyone curious B2B sales means “back to back” sales. It means you’re a bad motherf***er who can’t stop closing 😎. These positions are for top tier sales pros only.

  9. I work in B2B biotech and a type of company that exists within the industry is called a CRO, or contract research organization. They are subcontractors that help with the development and testing of the desired drug candidate.

  10. this is a good reminder to sales people - don't use your language with customers. Sales people love to use their internal acronyms and phrases when speaking to prospects.

  11. It’s not about being smart or your age. You said you lurk but don’t know what an SDR is. That’s a simple google search or asking someone in the comments. People are very helpful here.

  12. Harsh reality is we all had to learn them over the years. Dude, acronyms are actually the easiest part of the job, there’s a steep learning curve to tech, acronyms being the Simplest of all lol

  13. Because they think the use of acronyms ad nauseam among biz professionals gets a bit ridiculous? It's hilarious that you're gatekeeping on this hill. Obviously you're not even in sales b/c if you start throwing out a hundred acronyms in a prospect/client call you will lose them faster than Usain runs the 100m

  14. I’m in the same boat OP. Quite annoying. Was amused to find out what SaaS actually meant after reading the comments… looks like most of the people on this sub are my bitch 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 never would I pick up a phone to cold call like a little robot.. thanks for all your hard work though you SaaS boys 😂😂😂

  15. Yes you are. Saas is software as a service and more or less is a field in tech (like DocuSign or Salesforce are companies with this model) So it more closely related to B2B service sales rather than product based/capital equipment

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